Mass Exodus on THE BACHELOR Season 25 Week 7 Recap

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February 8, 2021
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Mass Exodus on THE BACHELOR Season 25 Week 7 Recap

ABC’s “The Bachelor” season 25 week 7 didn’t waste anytime on getting into the drama that had already been setup from last week’s episode after ‘Bachelor Matt James got a new suitor in Heather Martin (from ‘Bachelor season 23).


Heather”s entrance  side-stepped the conversation that Pieper was having with Matt James.  Pieper was furious.  Matt told Heather “welcome,” and knew who she was.  Heather told Matt the stories she had heard about him through her friend Hannah Brown (who was on Colton’s season with her) which is why she thinks they’d be a good match.  She said she booked a redeye to get there to be part of Matt’s season.  Matt said he had never met Heather.  However, “it’s not a lot of time to make an important decision.”  In Matt’s confessional, he “said Hannah B would be qualified to pick someone that I could be with.” 

Pictured: MATT JAMES, MICHELLE./ Photo by: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Heather said she thinks they are a match and that would mean that everything she’s been through would be worth it.  Then, Heather had to explain her motives to the rest of the women who were not happy.  Pieper told Heather that “it was super uncalled for” disrupting her important conversation she was having with Matt.  They have only two weeks left and didn’t accept Heather at all.  Heather started crying after all the verbal attacks from the women and left.   Before that, one of the women told Heather, “you’re just ‘Bachelor hoping!” 

Host Chris Harrison went to talk to Matt who was standing outside processing what had just happened.  Matt said he’s got ten women who has sacrificed and invested in the relationship.  On the other hand, Hannah B.’s opinion and stamp of approval puts a lot of weight on things.  He took some time to think about what to do about Heather.

Then Matt went back inside to talk to Heather.  He explained that he was processing all of it.  What she did is what he encouraged everyone to do which is  “to follow your heart and be bold.” He said Hannah wouldn’t have sent her there not knowing that they would be a good fit. 

But after all the time, “I don’t know if it could work,”  Matt said and that’s not what Heather wanted to hear.   Another thing she didn’t want to hear was when Matt told her that he’s falling in love with one of the women there and has to follow his heart.  Heather said she was “really bummed” that she couldn’t be there earlier.  “Time isn’t on my side and my heart is pulling me into that room,”  Matt said. He then walked Heather out.  He said he has to spent that time together to foster those relationships with the women who are there. 

Heather was pretty upset and said she didn’t expect that.  Then, Matt returned to the rest of the women.  He apologized about it and said he was just as caught off guard as they were. “There’s not going to be anyone joining that’s not on that couch!”  He apologized for Heather taking that time away from them.  He then called for Pieper to reconvene and finish their conversation. Chelsea spoke for all the women when she said she loved how Matt handled the situation and thought it was “very attractive.”


Michelle and Pieper already had roses.  Eight women did not. Matt said he has reassurance that he sees his wife in that room and what his life looks like after that is “promising.”  The first rose he handed out was to Bri followed by – Rachel, Serena P., Kit, Jessenia, Abigail.
The women who went home were: Chelsea, and Serena C.

Harrison arrived to tell the women that it’s a big turning-point for Matt with the hometowns right around the corner.  There would be two one-on-one dates, and one group date.  The only women who hadn’t gotten one-on-one’s yet was Abigail and Jessenia.  He left the first date card which was the first one-on-one.  It read: “Serena P., can our love go deeper? – Matt.” 


Abigail was very down about it and said it felt like a “slap in the face.”  Matt said about his choice for the first one-on-one date with Serena P is it’s important because “I worked my way into the friend zone and today’s date is going to be very telling. ” He said he wanted to see if they can get to the next level.  Their date had them practicing “Tantric Yoga.”   

As Serena P. posed on top of Matt , he said he was in the zone with Serena P.  who noted that the instructor kept putting them into sex positions.  Serena said she was super uncomfortable and noted that Matt was more affectionate than her.  Serena P said she was very in her head, “waiting for it to be over.”  

Matt said he liked the experience where Serena said it wasn’t for her and doesn’t want to do that again.  “I’m not someone who’s quick to love,” she told Matt.  

Back at the house:  The next date card arrived.  Michelle read it – Pieper, Michelle, Rachel, Bri, Kit, Abigail.  “Love will always find a way.” – Matt.  That meant that Jessenia got the one-on-one.

Back to Matt and Serena P:  Matt said he was caught off guard when learning that the Yoga date was uncomfortable for Serena.  During dinner, he told her he loved how honest she was when she told him that she didn’t like the Yoga session.  He said he’s glad that she told him the truth and was authentic and real.  Not telling him what he wants to hear.  Serena said there’s no point in lying, “that would be a terrible lie to build a relationship on.”   Serena explained that it’s not about what they’re doing, but it’s the time she’s spending with him.  Matt liked that statement.

Back at the house:  Kit was talking to Abigail who was upset by not getting a one-on-one.  She said she wanted validation especially after getting the First Impression rose, which was never followed by a one-on-one date.

Back to Matt and Serena P: Matt told her that it’s scary because he does have feelings for her.  Serena said she is falling for Matt and would like him to meet her family, even though she can’t believe that she’s saying that.  Matt pulled out the date rose and stated that he is very much looking forward to meeting her family.  Serena P. accepted  She called it the “most meaningful rose yet” because that means Matt will be meeting her family next week.  Matt said it’s a good feeling leaving that date wanting more.


The group date started with what looked like the “After Party” portion.  Matt told the women “let’s make the most of this last group date together.”  He told them that he’d like for them to leave everything out on the table.  Bri talked to Matt first.  She said there have been things that she’s been wanting to tell him and talk to him about.  She had to resign from her position at work to be there.  Bri said she knew that going in and thought it would be worth it.  

Her mother was a single mom who had to make a lot of sacrifices.  She said her job wasn’t just a job “it felt like a dream.”  But being there with Matt, made it extremely worth it.  Matt thanked her for sharing and couldn’t imagine what that was like for her.  Matt loved that she was there for him.

Pieper told Matt that she is falling in love with him and would like him to meet her family.  Michelle told Matt that she didn’t think that feeling how she feels for Matt was possible.  Abigail said she wanted more time with Matt, and this week was hard for her.  She told him that she’s opened-up to him about her biggest insecurities.  She said they want a lot of the same things and share the same perspectives in life.  She asked him if he can picture a future with her. 

Matt answered that from night one he was instantly drawn to her and she’s everything that he’s looking for.  “I was so comfortable in our relationship, that I explored other relationships.” He said he did grow strong feelings for other women, and he’s following his heart which is drawing him in a different direction.  “You deserve someone who’s going to put you first.” She replied that she appreciated him being honest.   Then, Matt walked her out.   He told Abigail that he was sorry and wished that he had more time.

Matt rejoined the women and told them that he just walked Abigail out.  He said he didn’t expect for the conversation to lead that way.  At this point, he’s not going to “lead anyone on.”  After that exit, the women were a little shaken knowing that the same thing could happen to any one of them.  The next woman he called to talk to was Rachel.  

It was a little disruptive for Rachel who talked to Matt right after Abigail’s exit.  Matt asked Rachel if her mom is going to “grill him.”  She said she doesn’t see that happening and she’s “never felt like this and it’s really terrifying.” She said she’s been searching her whole life for someone like Matt.   Matt told her that when he’s not around her, he’s thinking about her and she just makes him smile.  

Kit was really nervous after Abigail left and said she wanted to find out if she and Matt are on the same page.   Kit told Matt that she wants to finish school and travel.  She wants someone who will allow her to grow in her own right and having a family wouldn’t be happening until she’s around 25 or 26.  She said he needs to consider if that’s a similar path for him.  Matt laughed and stated that he just wants to be living life and projecting himself forward with someone he likes.  

Pictured: KIT, MATT JAMES. Photo by: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Matt told the group of women that it’s the hardest rose for him to give out because it means meeting their family’s.  He gave it to Rachel.  The other women were clearly heart-broken.  With that, he left with Rachel to finish-off the date with her.  The two went to be serenaded by Aloe Blacc as they slow-danced.  Rachel stated that she was head-over-heels in love right now in her confessional video.  

Kit paid Matt a visit at his suite to talk more.  She told him that she never thought that she could let her guard-down.  She said she has clarity and feels that he deserves someone who is 100% sure of getting down on one knee and that’s not her.  Matt said once you’ve spent so much time with someone, you can’t help but form feelings for them.  He said he’s so attracted to her because she’s so sure of herself and that’s so attractive to him.  He told her that he wants her around.  Kitt said she’s unwavering in this and said it’s the right thing for both of  them.  So, Kit left.  

During her ride home, Kit stated that Matt deserves to move forward with people who know 100% that they want to be with him for the future.  Then said she’s scared that she’s making the wrong decision.  

Women who have gone home so far in this episode: Heather Martin, Chelsea, Serena C., Abigail, Kit (self-elimination). The women were shocked that Kit left.  


Jessenia was nervous with Abigail and Kit going home.  Matt drove-up to Jessenia in a race car on an obstacle track.  However, it wasn’t him driving.  Pro driver Tony Angelo was there to teach them how to “drift.”  Matt said he was hoping that Jessenia takes control in the driver’s seat and is all gas and no breaks.  

Pictured: JESSENIA, MATT JAMES. / Photo by: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Jessenia told Matt that she came there for him and is really happy about being there.  She told Matt that her family would welcome him with “open arms” because they have nothing but love to give.  Then told him that she is falling in love with him and have not regrets going on “The Bachelor.”  Matt noted in his confessional that they were missing that “compatibility” and the feelings he has with the other women.

He stated that Jessenia and him aren’t there.  Matt told her that there needs to be that tangible love that’s driving to an engagement and he’s not there yet.  He said he can’t give her that love and can’t give her that rose.  Jessenia told Matt that she’s grateful for him being honest.  Then in her confessional, Jessenia said she was blind-sided and it wasn’t at all what she expected.  


Bri, Pieper and Michelle were the only girls without roses.  Matt said he was conflicted because knowing that he has to say goodbye to another woman is tough.  

Pictured: PIEPER, MATT JAMES. / Photo by: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Matt told the women that they all look gorgeous and the week has been “extremely difficult.  Hometown dates are not something that he takes lightly and not something he asks of someone that he’s not falling in love with.  

Matt handed roses out to: Bri, Michelle.  That meant Pieper was not chosen for hometowns and was eliminated.   Pieper silently walked out and didn’t acknowledge Matt at all.  She cried once inside the car and said “it was a waste of time.”  She said she’s not someone who blindly follows feelings and emotions.  Pieper stated that she felt like her entire soul was “stomped on.”  

NEXT WEEK:  Matt James meets the families of Rachel, Michelle, Bri, and Serena P.



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