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THINK LIKE A CAT: First Day on Set!

Posted on September 08 2008 by Set News

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THINK LIKE A CAT: First Day on Set!

Hollywood Junket host was a stand-in contestant on the new cat game show!

Written by: Charity C.

On your mark get set, MEOW! Ok, for all you cat lovers out there, there’s a new Game Show coming out on GSN called “Think Like a Cat”, hosted by Chuck Woolery!

Chuck Woolery

It was nice to see Chuck on stage! He was very cool, funny, and easy-going on set. I actually didn’t get to see live cats, I was a stand-in where I was just used for blocking for the new show. I used a stuffed pink pussy cat named “Wolfie”. My “contestant” name was “Stephanie”. I loved my made-up intro for myself and my little cat Wolfie! When Chuck asked about my cat, I told him I was single and that my cat Wolfie makes me feel that I don’t need a boyfriend. I also thought it was ironic that Chuck hosted “Love Connection” and if he was still hosting that, then maybe he could have forwarded me to casting for that show.

The first round of the show is called “Fast and the Furriest”. Eight cats and their owners put them in a track and race other cats. The cats are motivated at the other side of the track by “Meow Mix” cat food and their beautiful owners. Three of the fastest cats of that round get to go to the second round. The second round is cute because the show has it set up like “Jeopardy”, but they twist everything in cat lingo. For example: “Just Kitten Around”, “Let’s Get Fuzzical”, “Maw and Paw”, “Famous Felines”, “HISS-story”, and “Cat-tistics”. You could also double your points if you pick a block of points that contained “Pick A Litter”! You have to answer a question from a random celebrity. If you are the one that picked, “pick a litter”, you are the only one that must answer the question. You could also consult your cat for help! Third prize winner gets $10,000, one year supply of “Meow Mix” cat food, and they get to donate $1,500 to any animal charity!

The grand prize winner can win one million dollars as well as cat food and contributing money to an animal charity! Isn’t that great! You would get to bond with your cat and win lots of money. So for all you cat owners out there, start grooming and training your cats to be the next winner in “Think Like a Cat”!


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