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Microwave Fame on THE BACHELOR Hometown Dates Recap

Posted on February 22 2016 by Editor

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Microwave Fame on THE BACHELOR Hometown Dates Recap


Ben visited Amanda’s family. “If I were sent home, I would be completely crushed,” said Amanda about Ben. Amanda’s mom said Ben could be the right one for Amanda “eventually”. When mom pointed out that Amanda’s main focus is her two children, Amanda responded that it’s because when she went through her divorce, she was embarrassed which is why her focus turned to her kids.


Ben went to Portland to visit Lauren B. She said she’s already in love with Ben, but haven’t told him yet. She’s waiting to “get approval” from her family before telling Ben that she loves him. Ben told her sister that there’s something about Amanda that he can’t put words to and then cried. Of course her sister was over the moon about his genuine emotion. Then Lauren told her sister that Ben is “her person” and that she’s 100% in love with him. Next, Lauren’s dad grilled Ben. Ben responded that the world stopped when he met Lauren. Her dad said he felt that same about Lauren’t mother when he met her.


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Ben arrived to Husdon, Ohio to visit Caila and her family. He said his relationship with Caila is deeper and can possibly totally fall for her. They visited a toy factory to make a mini dream home for themselves with their names on it even! Then, Ben took a page out of “An Officer and a Gentelmen” by carrying Caila in his arms through the factory.

After Caila’s mom introduced Ben to all of the Filipino food for dinner, Caila’s dad asked Ben right away what it’s like dealing with “microwave fame.” Ben’s response was “it’s tough, it’s a lot more exhausting than I imagined.” During some private time, Caila told her father and mother that she’s in love with Ben. Mom told Caila not to hold back and tell him right away, while dad was a little more cautious for Caila. However, while they were alone, Caila did NOT make the move to tell Ben how she feels.

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