MINUTE TO WIN IT: JACKASS Compete On-Set Exclusive!

June 8, 2011
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June 9, 2011
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MINUTE TO WIN IT: JACKASS Compete On-Set Exclusive!

SET REPORT! Exclusive!

Tonight’s episode features two of the stars from MTV’s popular stunt series, “Jackass”, Steve-O and Ryan Dunn who also happens to be a personal friend of show host, Guy Fieri. Fieri mentioned that Dunn took him for a ride in his “Daft” (Dorset All Ford Types) car.

Fieri and Dunn - friends.

Fieri stated to the audience during the filming of this episode that the “Minute to Win It” casting staff had asked two hundred celebrities to compete on the show. None of which were prepared to say “yes” to perform the complicated stunts on the show. However, his friend Ryan Dunn has was more than prepared in which his antics on “Jackass” had prepared him for.

Both Steve-O competed for his charity the “National Down Syndrome Congress”, and Dunn for “The Teammates for Kids Foundation”. The total amount won by the duo will be split and given to the charities.

The “Minute to Win It” games that they played in the 60-second circle were: Mad Dog (they both played); Bobble Head (Steve competed); A Bit Dicey (Steve again); Speed Eraser (they both played); Just Hang-On (Steve); and Defying Gravity (Steve).

They also played a stunt called “Egg Roll” which got thrown out due to an uneven floor surface, and was replaced with “Speed Eraser”.

Steve’s niece and sister were seated in the audience to cheer them-on. His niece said that she helped him to prepare for the show and that he is good at “bouncy” games.

Dunn said that he practiced for the show for six months. He actually didn’t want to dot he stunts at first when Fieri called him one year ago!

Steve-O promoted his “Too Much Information” comedy tour while on the show. He also revealed that he attended clown college. Steve stated that after a tour, he was not accepted for employment and that it was harder getting into than Harvard!

Ryan said that he wanted to do “Minute to Win It” because he wanted to be able to do something without failure being the only outcome.

Steve-O compared being on “Minute to Win It” to “the last stunt in Jackass 1”. He said that his craziest stunt wasn’t as bad as MTWI. That stunt was jumping out of an airplane without a parachute over an ocean.

Steve-O and Dunn also teased audiences with the possibility of a new “Jackass” movie in the near future.

Watch how the “Jackass” team does on “Minute to Win It” tonight on NBC at 8/7c.



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  1. Decomposed says:

    How sad. Dunn died this morning in a Pennsylvania car crash.

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