MINUTE TO WIN IT: New GamePlay and Family Teammate Firsts!

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January 13, 2011
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January 17, 2011
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MINUTE TO WIN IT: New GamePlay and Family Teammate Firsts!

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Updated January 17, 2011

Day two of NBC’s return to filming of hit game show “Minute to Win It” hosted by Food Network chef Guy Fieri brought a first in the game show’s history!

Today, the show welcomed for the first time ever a father/daughter team. With them, the show introduced a new stunt challenge titled “Mad Dog” which requires players to shake out all tic-tac mints from their containers placed on opposite sides on a ruler while holding it in their mouths. The game was played in relay style where one team mate had to complete it, before the next one could start and finish within the same sixty seconds. Another challenge that they had to face was “Ping Tac-Toe” which had them both toss ping-pong balls onto glasses of water to land four in a row.

Another “Minute to Win It” game show first, according to host Fieri, was during a “head-to-head” challenge, the winning contestant got to skip from a level five challenge and go straight to a level six challenge and play for $75,000.

The first “head-to-head” battle pit one female contestant against another one. The player with the best in four stunts got to go-on to excel in the game for a shot at winning the grand prize of $1 million. One interesting challenge had the players race to line-up new staples atop a slanted table and over square pencil erasers to the edge of the table. Then roll a marble within the staples to have the marble drop into a glass of water just at the end of the table. Probably one of the most creative stunts we’ve ever seen on the show to date. Another challenge called “A Bit Dicey” had the two players stack six die on top of each other onto a Popsicle stick while balancing the stick in their mouths.

The winner of the most challenges proceeded in the game and got the bump of skipping a level. Other games included: Speed Eraser, and Caddy Stack.

We have seen the show bring back the two bonuses of one extra life and an extra 10 seconds for contestants games from the holiday episodes. However, these bonuses do not apply to the “head-to-head” competitions on “Minute to Win It”. The bonuses are included in the regular games. Hopefully we will see a $1 million winner because of it!



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