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MINUTE TO WIN IT: Preview of Summer Episodes!

Posted on June 29 2010 by Set News

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NBC’s “Minute To Win It” hosted by “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” food network host Guy Fieri is wrapping their third round of thirty-one more shows to bring viewers new episodes during the summer months. We were on set for much of the filming. Here’s a sneak peek.

“Minute To Win It”s new formula of doubling-up players has proven to be for contestants either a blessing or a curse. The team is either in sync with great communication and are successful in their games, or one contestant is over-confident while the other one becomes passive. The last situation creates for contempt for the non-playing contestant after a number of lives have been lost. The number of lives is still three, which can create a problem once two strangers are sharing lives in a bad game.

New episodes, new games with more double partnered game plays start July 7th!

Summer viewers can look forward to the ongoing evolution of “Minute To Win It” as the show introduces a slew of more new games for contestants. They include: Pop Top, Ponginator, Dental Top, Temper Tantrum, Office Tennis, Flying Gumball Saucers, and Marble Grande. Some games involve two players such as Temper Tantrum where contestants wear aerobic digital meters on their feet while lying on their backs. Between both players, they must rack-up a combined 420 or higher on the meters. Office Tennis has two contestants hitting a paper ball back-and-forth to each other with clip boards to a waste basket destination.

In a press conference call earlier this morning with Guy, he revealed that the games are “lotteried” and that there are 6-8 full-time “game wizards” in a room full of everything on earth from foods to knick-knacks creating the games in a studio next to the stage. Not all get through. Guy is still waiting to hear back if his “Ring-A-Ling” game will show-up in the sixty-second circle.

Upcoming themed episodes will be twins, and an office episode sponsored by “OfficeMax”. Contestants are a real life “Pam and Jim” from another NBC show called “The Office”. Games to expect to see in this episode are: Office Maximus, Clipper, Office Fling, Office Tennis, and Coffee Topper.

The NBC “Minute To Win It” website has a video feature where fans can upload impressive videos of themselves playing the games at home, at work or wherever they may be. One such fan who uploaded a number of videos to the site was picked to play on the show! If you’d like to play in the sixty-second circle, make a video and upload it here:

Some celebrity surprises are also to be expected. Fieri would not reveal any by name, but he did hint that some are from the NFL. Fieri also stated that celebrity games are not made easy for charity. When Kevin Jonas played in the circle one month ago, his games were randomly picked. Fieri mentioned to one of the game creators that he thought they were very difficult games. Jonas proved to do extremely well and earned $500,000 for his charity.

“Minute To Win It” returns to NBC Wednesday, July 7th at 8/7 c.


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  1. sandyE Says:

    LOVED the summer premier with the TWINS! It was one of the best episodes yet! I can’t wait for the rest of the summer season. I’m definitely tuning in every Wednesday!!!!!

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