More Firsts on THE VOICE Season 14 Knockouts Week 1 Recap

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More Firsts on THE VOICE Season 14 Knockouts Week 1 Recap

Season 14 of NBC’s “The Voice” introduced some more new twists this time in the Knockout Rounds. Coaches were able to collaborate with past winners of “The Voice,” thus, bringing them back for the first time in ‘Voice history where they got the chance to work with their past coaches with current artists.

Blake brought back last season winner Chloe Kohanski whom he stole during the Knockouts last season from Miley Cyrus. She went on to win season 14 of “The Voice.” Kelly worked with season three ‘Voice winner (also past Team Blake artist) Cassadee Pope. Adam Levine brought back his past winner Jordan Smith who is the top selling ‘Voice artist. Alicia Keys had her winner Chris Blue advise her team during the Knockouts rehearsals.

Also, for the first time in ‘Voice history, coaches had a new button called “The Save” where they have the chance to use it on one of their own artists to keep them along with the winning artists on their teams. However, “The Steal” is still enforced and the coaches can lose an artist to another coach via The Steal even after hitting their “Save” button. Blake told the other coaches that he’s been lobbying for “The Save” button for 14 seasons!

Chloe calls “the Voce” like a crash college course in the music industry. Blake said no one is better than Chloe to advise artists at this stage because she has just gone through it. His team had the first pairing of night one of the Knockouts.

JACLYN LOVEY vs. KYLA JADE (Team Blake / Chloe Kohanski)

The Voice 14 Knockouts, Blake Shelton, Chloe Kohanski

Pictured: (l-r) Chloe Kohanski, Blake Shelton (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Blake paired Jaclyn and Kyla because they are equally powerful singers in their own ways. Kyla was singing as a background singer with Jennifer Hudson before “The Voice.” Kyla chose “You Don’t Own Me” song and said she wanted the song to represent “those that don’t have a voice.” Chloe said “there’s such a large presence” in Kyla’s voice. Jaclyn chose “Put Your Records On.” Blake said Jaclyn has a soft, smooth voice. Blake said it’s going to come down to who has the most confidence.

Adam called it in the history of “The Voice” there’s no stranger pairing. “It’s so crazy” because Jaclyn had the sweetest song, an Kyla was equally incredible. Alicia called Jaclyn “so free” and “magic,” and with Kyla, they just “all died.” Blake agree with Kelly when she said Jaclyn’s voice is like a secret. Kyla is starting to own the front of the stage. Blake chose Kyla.

KNOCKOUT WINNER: Kyla. Blake said Kyla made them feel what she was singing is why she won.

JUSTIN vs. KALEB (Team Blake / Cassadee Pope)

Kelly said Cassadee show artists that there is longevity. Kelly said in choosing Justin and Kaleb, she doesn’t want her Country voters to split between the two. Justin said he’s obessed with Cassedee Pope due to her success in Country music. Pope said the Knockouts was first in her season. She said “if I could give any advice it would be to “have a cookie and relax.” Pope called Justin “captivating.” Kaleb is one of Kelly’s Steals (from Team Blake). Kaleb said when Kelly Stole him, “this is the place I’m suppose to be.” Justin sang “Shameless ” by Billy Joel. Kaleb chose Zac Brown Band’s “Free” song. He said he chose the song to show-off the “emotional side” of his voice and he wants to win “The Voice” for his family. Kelly said Kaleb brings a completely different style to Country. Pope called Kaleb a “true artist.”

Alicia said Kaleb is a force to be reckoned with. Adam said there’s “something so purely Country” about Kaleb. Justin had an intensity that didn’t go with the song. He called Kaleb “the real deal” Blake said the Garth Brookes version of the song that Justin sang is intense. But, he got lost between the Brookes version and the Billy Joel version and he let nerves get the better of him. Blake then admitted to “screwing-up” when he let Kaleb go and wil never hear the end of it from Kelly. Coach Kelly said she continues to be impressed by Kaleb. She said the runs that Justin does “is really cool.” Kelly called Blake “stupid” for letting Kaleb go. She chose Kaleb as the winner.

KNOCKOUT WINNER: Kaleb. Kelly said he’s her Country guy “that’s a solid singer.” She added that Kaleb shinned brighter than he ever has on the show. She was saving her “save” for “the right person.”

JACKIE FOSTER vs. MIA BOOSTROM (Team Adam/ Jordan Smith)

Adam has the top selling artist in ‘Voice history in former artist and ‘Voice winner Jordan Smith. Adam stole Jackie from Team Kelly. She chose Adam because he has everythig that she wants to be. She sang “Bring Me to Life” by Everesence. She said it represents her in wanting to be an alternative rock singer.

Blake said they know that “a rock chick can win.” He was surprised by Mia, and chose Mia. Kelly called Mia “a dark horse” and Adam can’t go wrong with either one. She chose her past artist, Jackie. Alicia also chose Jackie. Coach Adam said Mia is the “big surprise” and called it “truly a tie.” He said they’re both amazing enough to be in the finale. Adam chose Mia as the winner.


SAVE: Adam saved Jackie. But, Kelly pushed her Steal button for Jackie before that Then, Blake pushed his Steal for her. Adam said there’s no other place for her considering what she wants to do (Rock). Blake argued that he’s the only one who’s never “kicked her out of the house.” AND he’s pushed for her twice now! Then, Alicia pushed her Steal button. That’s three Steals and a Save. Alicia said she turned for Jackie in the Blinds and in the Battles.

STEAL – Jackie chose Alicia Keys as her new coach. Alicia was shocked and said she thinks she just chose a winner. Jackie said what made her chose Alicia was when she said Rock comes from Blues and Soul.

AUSTIN vs. SPENSHA BAKER (Team Blake/ Chloe Kohanski)

Austin chose the song “Almost Like Being in Love” by Nat King Cole. Chloe called his voice “smooth like carmel.” Blake said Austin’s confidence is incredible. Spensha had a successful career in Gospel. But, moved to Nashville to pursue Country. Spensha chose to sing “Broken Halos” by Chris Stapleton. She dedicated to her friend that passed-away.

Kelly called Spensha unique and can’t wait to buy her album. She called them both “super-talented.” Alicia noticed that Spensha got emotional and went with her. Austin is so pure with his intention, but wants to see a bad boy side to him commented Adam. Coach Blake said “we’re down to the best of the best.” Stylistically, he loves what they both bring to the table. He chose Spensha and said it was evident that she had a connection with the song. He called her one of the most important arists he’s gotten to work with and “can tare down walls in Country music.” Blake used his Save on Austin


SAVE: Blake used his Save on Austin. Blake said if it wasn’t for the Save this season, he’d be so depressed right now.

JOHNNY BLISS vs. MIYA BASS (Team Alicia/ Chris Blue)

Alicia said she chose this duo because they have big perosnalities and voices. Johnny chose “Alive” by Sia. He said it’s a miracle that he’s still here because he came from a rough upbringing and singing is all he had. Miya chose “Castle on the Hill” song for it’s Pop/soul type of vibe. Chris Blue called them both “really solid.”

Blake said Johnny stayed on-point. But, hope he gets back to some fun stuff. He commented that Miya didn’t live-up to what she’s capable of. Kelly also agreed and said her voice has so much potential and she liked that he did something serious. Coach Alicia said the song Miya sang put her in another space. She loved seeing Johnny’s diversity. Alicia chose Johnny as the winner.

KNOCKOUT WINNER: Johnny.   Alicia said Johnny’s voice is unbelievabely powerful and wants to explore the Spanish lyrics side of him more.

DREW vs. JACKIE (Team Adam/ Jordan Smith)

The Voice14 Knockouts, Adam Levine, Jordan Smith

Pictured: (l-r) Adam Levine, Jordan Smith (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Drew chose to sing “Slow Hands” song which allows him to show-off his soulfulness. Adam called it an old feel voice with a lot of moderness to it.. “American Honey” by Lady Antebellum. Jackie first realized that she loved Country after learning the piano.

Blake thought it was an even match and Adam might lean more towards Drew. But, Adam has a “weird fetish” to beat him with a Country artist, and might go with Jackie. Kelly thought they both did a grat job. Alicia said Jackie has a cool tone and she got really powerful at the end. Adam chose Jackie as the Knockout winner.

KNOCKOUT WINNER: Jackie. Adam decribed Jackie’s voice as “impactful but not too powerful.”

SAVE: Drew got Saved by Adam. Then, Blake pushed his Steal for Drew. Blake said Drew is an incredible vocalist and artist. It’s the seond time he’s hit his buttom for Drew. Adam said Drew is amazing and he “has so much inside of him.” Drew chose Adam again.


BRYNN vs JAMELLA (Team Kelly/Cassadee Pope)

“Here Comes Goodbye” by Rascal Flatts. Pope said it was her stradegy on the show too was to change songs. Brynn said she’s always wanted to tell stories since she was really young.. Pope said she was “completely blown-away” by Brynn because she put her heart and soul into the lyrics. Kelly said she was fearful of possible pitchiness with Brynn. Jamella said she was “mind-blown” by Brynn.

The Voice 14, Knockouts Brynn vs. Jamella

Pictured: (l-r) Brynn Cartelli, Carson Daly, Jamella (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Alicia told Jamella that she really has “a style” about her. Brynn has a maturity way beyond her years. Adam called Brynn remarkable, and went with her. Blake commented “interesting song choices”. Kelly responded to that as “creepy!” Blake said Brynn’s bravado is one of the most incredible things he’s heard. Coach Kelly said Jamella has an emotoinal connection that you can’t teach. She was impressed by Brynn’s vocals. Kelly chose Brynn.

KNOCKOUT WINNER: Brynn. Kelly chose Brynn because she has something really “strong and super unique”. Kelly predicted that Brynn will be the youngest one (at 14 years old to win the show. Blake said he’s been very picky with his one Steal that he has left.

JARON vs. PRYOR (Team Blake/ Chloe Kohanski)

Jaron chose “Grenade” by Bruno Mars for his Knockout Round. His grandfather got him into Motown music and didn’t “dive-in” to music until age 18. Blake said Jaron wants to be a Pop singer, but has a soulful side. Pryor chose Billy Preston’s “Will it Go Round in Circles” song. Blake said he was glad Pryor chose this song because it shows him what direction Pryor wants to go as an artist and it shows off his vocals. Chloe advised them both to make themselves “extremely desirable” during their performances.

Kelly said Pryor reminds her of Janis Joplin. Alicia was impressed by Pryor’s diverse range. She told Jaron that he needs to get the crowd to get into him. Adam said “there’s a character that’s attached” to singers like Adele, Bruno Mars, etc. He went with Pryor. Blake said it seems Jaron is trying to release nervous energy by moving so much on stage. Blake said it paid off that Pryor amped it up towards the end. Blake chose Pryor as the winner.

KNOCKOUT WINNER: Pryor. Adam predicted that Pryor will be a finalist. Blake said there’s no denying that Pryor is one of the front-runners in the competition.

CHRISTIANA vs. TERRENCE (Team Alicia/ Chris Blue)

Alicia paired them against each other because they are both “distincticly unique artists and have their own interpretations of how music sounds.”

Christiana was star-struck by Chris Blue. She chose “Elastic Heart” by Sia and called it a song of “resiliency.” She was diagnosed as not singing again after a case of throat infection. Alicia told her to explore more Jazzy influence. Alicia said this performance gives Christiana an opprotunity to explore who she is as an artist. Chris Blue advised her “to just go there”. Alicia told Christiana she has the following singers styles in her: Ella Fitzgerald, Anita Baker, Drake. After hearing Christiana, Blue commented, “I felt like chocolate under a hot lamp. She has a way of sucking you into every single word.”

Terrence said Christiana has a chance of winning “The Voice”. He chose “Tell Me Something Good” by Rufus and Chaka Khan. Terrence said him and his father had jam sessions when he was growing-up and this performance pays homage to his dad. Chris advised Terrence to stop being the “nice guy” and “bring it out!”

Adam said Christiana she’ll “find her way” and is “one of the best.” But, couldn’t believe what was going on with Terrence’s high notes. Kelly said she had “total church giggles”. Perfect style and where he took it. Kelly said Christiana is “insane” and called them both equally talented. Blake thought it was more of a challenge for Chrisi in the first verse. He favored Terrance. Coach Alicia told Chrisitana is so special. It’s shocking that she’s only sang worship songs before this. Alicia said this is the original Chaka Khan key ad she’s be “struggling.” Alicia called them both “magnificent”. She chose Terrence as the winner.

KNOCKOUT WINNER: Terrence. Alicia pushed her button to use her only Save. Then Kelly pushed to Steal. Kelly fought for he stating that she grew-up singing gospel, church music. Then, Adam pushed to Steal. Adam said she deserves all three of them to be turned around.

The Voice 14 Knockouts, Christiana

Pictured: (l-r) Christiana Danielle, Carson Daly (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

SAVE: Christiana chose to stay with Alicia.



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