Mr. and Mrs. Shelton Fight Over Same Artists on THE VOICE Season 22 Blinds Week 3 Recap

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September 27, 2022
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Mr. and Mrs. Shelton Fight Over Same Artists on THE VOICE Season 22 Blinds Week 3 Recap

Pictured: Blake Shelton -- Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

In the third week of “The Voice” season 22 Blind Auditions, there was one BLOCK left and it was Blake Shelton’s.  He saved it until the end of Monday night’s episode. There was a lot more friction between newly wedded husband and wife, Blake and Gwen as they both turned around for the same artists.  Gwen said married or not, they’re in a competition, and she’s back to win it again.  Gwen won the last season that she was on the show with 15-year-old Carter Rubin.

More stand-out vocalists displayed their skills as they auditioned to be on a mega star’s team – Team (John) Legend, Team Blake (Shelton), Team Gwen (Stefani), or Team Camila (Cabello).  Artists came with really unique sounds, and some who really held their own, but were not chosen by any coaches surprisingly. It just goes to show that this show is never predictable.  Artists who left the biggest impressions were a 15-year-old Country singer and a four-chair-turn who was the last artist of the night.

One commonality on Monday’s episode was that really young singers continued to stand-out the most to the coaches and the ones they really went to battle for to get on their Teams.  Monday’s episode started with an audition where Blake and Gwen went head-to-head with each other to win over a young artist.  This would be repeated throughout the episode. 


KIQUE (Team Gwen)

Chair Turns: Gwen vs. Blake

Gwen said she’s “here to win.  You’re going down Shelton!”  John helped to argue for Gwen for Kique to choose her.  He reminded Kique that Gwen was part of a best selling Ska band.  He chose Team Gwen!


Hillary is 34 from Pennsylvania. She said in her late 20s, she thought she had it all figured out with a great job, a dog and cat.  But, on March 30, 2015 she had a house fire, lost her cat, dog, and all of her belongings. She was homeless and lived in a hotel for a while.  In early 2019, Hillary started focusing on things that made her happy which is why she started singing again and started a band.  “Easy on Me” by Adele was her audition song.  

Chair Turn:  Blake 

Camila reacted that an Adele song “is a hard pick” because you know you’re going to be compared to her.  She said she can’t wait to see what other song choices she’ll have.  After Hillary told John Legend that her and her fiance’s first dance at their wedding will be his song, he asked her to bring out her fiance, which she did.  Gwen said she didn’t turn because she felt really sorry for Blake and knew if she turned Hillary would pick her.  Hillary told Gwen that she’s right. Blake said he detected some twang in her voice and didn’t know where she was coming from but knew that he wanted to be a part of it. 


Manu said she was on THE VOICE KIDZ and The Voice Columbia.  She’s from New Jersey.  When Manu’s parents first arrived in America 18 years ago, they couldn’t speak English and took janitorial jobs.  Her mom said to see Manu now on “The Voice” means everything they went through was worth it.  She sang “Shallow” by Lady Gaga

Chair Turn: None

Blake said he was waiting to hear a part in there that had some finesse, some softer moments.  He said she stayed at a 10 the whole time.  John said she didn’t put an artistic flare on the song that they’ve heard a ton of times.  “You already have the natural gift of being a great vocalist.”   John said “she could come back in six months and be on ‘The Voice.'” 

MARILYNDS (Team Legend)

Pictured: The Marilynds — Photo by: Tina Thorpe/NBC

Lindsey and Casey are sisters 30 and 34, who are “The Marilynds.”  The name came from the state of Maryland.  They wanted to pick a more feminine spin on the name.  They were both “Miss Maryland” in different years.  They formed their duo ten years ago.  They sang “What if I Never Get Over You” by Lady A.  

Chair Turns: John, Camila

While introducing themselves, they were teary eyed.  Camila told them good for you for feeling your feelings and taking it in because a competition show changed her life. Camila said working in an all girl group for six years, she knows how to harmonize.  John said he’s been harmonizing since he was a kid. Although he’s not a Country artist, he’s worked with Country artists such as Lady A. 

Gwen said she loves harmonies and can’t wait to see more from them. Blake said the idea of singing with his sister “horrifies” him so he can’t relate to anything that they’re talking about.  He said John is more of a Jazz and R&B artist.  Camila hit her spotlight to tell them that she has no doubt in her mind that she would be a great coach for them. Then, John went over to steal her spotlight.  They chose Team Legend.

Coach:  John Legend.  John said he rarely gets groups on his team.  “When they’re together they sound wonderful.” 


SOLsong (Team Legend) – John Legend said every once and a while “The Voice” Gods gift him with someone that no one can take away from him.  He said “his voice is super cool.”

KARA McKEE (Team Legend) – Blake said she is so far out of John’s comfort zone “you tore down a wall today.”   John said he knew that song and she took some cool and smart liberties of making it her own.  Blake said one thing they haven’t seen on the show is John crack.  He’s pushing of that.


Zach, 19, is from Massachusetts.  He’s always loved music and his dad was always big on watching “The Voice.” His dad pushed him to be on the show so he can have a beer with Blake. His dad thinks the coaches are going to fight over Zach, who sings everything from Pop, Rock, Country, and older music.

Chair Turns: Gwen, Camila

Camila asked if Blake and John were drunk from not turning. Blake said “yes, a little bit.”  Gwen said she reacted that “he’s an artist.” Camila said she’s looking for a voice that doesn’t have to be technically perfect. But, she can work with it.  She has psychological tips for him. “I genuinely feel I can help you because I’ve been in your exact position.”  Gwen said out of all the coaches there, she’s been doing it the longest. She was in a band for nine years before they were first on the radio.  Blake argued for Gwen in stating that there’s only one coach there who has never won “The Voice!”  Lol. 

Coach: Camila Cabello.  Camila said she thinks she’ll be able to help him.

LANA LOVE (Team Legend)

Lana sang “Candy” for her Blind Audition.

Chair Turn: John

Lana said she’s 30-years-old and lives in Glendale, California in the back of a dog rescue.  She grew up prancing around the house all decked-out. She loves musical theater.. nothing’s changed she said. Lana plays the piano.  Her first song she played as a child was Phantom of the Opera.  Lana was raised by her mom and grandma after her mom divorced. Her grandma passed away last year.  

Lana told John that she met him at the Apollo theater and said to herself that she’s going to work with him one day.  Gwen said Lana showed so many different sides to her voice.  As a ‘Voice audition’ that’s so strategic.  John said she did a cool Pop version to a Mandy Moore song.

DAYSIA (Team Gwen)

Pictured: Daysia — Photo by: Tina Thorpe/NBC

Daysia talked about her mom’s support for her singing.  When she was 12-years-old, her Aunt called She lost her mother when she was hit by her boyfriend’s car.  She moved in with her Aunt.  “My new way of coping is through music.”  Her uncle urged her to sing and told her that she has a gift.  Daysia sang “Crazy” by Patsy Cline.

Chair Turns:  Blake, Gwen

Camila asked Blake what genre of music that was.   He joked that it was Justin Bieber.   After finding out about Daysia’s young age, Camila reacted “That’s crazy. You sound like a grown ass woman.”  Blake warned that Gwen isn’t going to roll over on this one and there’s going to be a fight.”  He said “it’s awkward for me to fight with her in these situations.”  Gwen said “I’m going to fight” and there’s no one on her Team like her.  She tells a story and speaks from the heart.  Gwen said she has a lot of experience outside of the show.  Blake joked that he wakes up there (at “The Voice”) and sleeps there.  He said he’s a little bit intimidated by Daysia. 

Coach:  Gwen Stefani.  Gwen loves Daysia’s jazzy tone and how she doesn’t really fit into a lane.  “She’s a star”  Gwen predicted that she just got the winner of ‘The Voice.’  


Conner is 6’3″ tall.  Connor is 23-years-old and now lives in Nashville, Tennessee.  He got into music very early and started a band by the time he got to high school.  His band’s name is Barefoot because they play barefoot on their videos for YouTube. He’s a fan of Blake Shelton and knows the whole “Fully Loaded” album. Of course Connor was hoping Blake would turn.  Conner sang “Ain’t Worth the Whiskey.”

Chair Turns: None

Blake said Conner’s chorus was really good but he could hear some cracks and said it sounded like nerves to him.  “Continue to become more and more comfortable.”  Camila almost hit her button because his tone sounded like you’d hear on the radio.  She said good tone is a gift. Gwen called him tall and cute.  Blake told her “easy now.”  John said he was waiting to hear him hit big notes, but he faltered.  Blake said the hardest thing for him to coach is people who can’t get over their nerves.


Pictured: Ansley Burns — Photo by: Tina Thorpe/NBC

Ansley is 15-years-old.  Her brother said Ansley has taken the drivers test five times.  Ansley said when she heard Kelly Clarkson’s song “Cry Pretty”  on the radio in the car she started singing the song and her mom recorded a video to put on social media.  It went viral and Kelly Clarkson commented on it.

Ansley’s grandfather got to record with Hank Williams Sr. Ansley said she’s on “The Voice” to hope to work with Blake Shelton.  “Unchained Melody” is the song she sang for her Blind Audition. Blake told Gwen he’s not pushing his button anymore today.  Then he pushed for Ansley.

Chair Turns: Blake, Gwen (BLOCKED)

Blake BLOCKED Gwen!  Ansley freaked-out after Blake got on stage to take a photo with her to compare their extreme size differences!  Blake asked her if she heard that song from LeAnn Rimes.  He asked her if she yodels because of the high pitch she displayed at the end of her audition.  She answered “yes.”  He said “Ansley you’re stuck with me.  I’m your coach and there’s nothing you can do about it!” Camila told Ansley that she’s so happy for her and she has a beautiful tone of voice.  She asked her what kind of music she wanted to make.  Ansley answered “Country.”  Gwen said because she’s so young she has so much growth to do and Blake will help her with that.  John said when an artist that has as much range as her, America just falls in love with them.  

Pictured: Blake Shelton — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Blake said he’s so excited. He loves that she sounds youthful and the fact that she covered such a classic song shows him where she wants to go.   With that, all of the Blocks had been used.


Manessah said as a child she was insecure because she didn’t have her father in her life.  When she started singing, she found her identity in it, she said. Her sister said singing has helped Manessah overcome so many obstacles. She called “The Voice” the biggest opportunity of her life.

Chair Turns: None

Gwen said some of the stuff she was doing was vocal acrobats. John said her bravado is so interesting. But when it’s so big and spacious, it pulls you off the note. If she polished it, that was all that was missing.  Camila told her to sink into the emotion of the song more and she’s a gifted singer.  

BODIE (Team Blake)

Pictured: Bodie — Photo by: Greg Gayne/NBC

Bodie is a dad of three who is from Ladera Ranch, California.  It wasn’t until his mom was a pastor that he started to lead church worship. He was diagnosed with Alopecia and he lost all of his hair when he was very young.  Because of it, Bodie experienced extreme anxiety and used music for a therapeutic place.  At the end of high school, his hair started growing back, but white.  He met his wife his Freshman year of college.  Bodie said it’s hard to justify his music with the kids now.  His wife called Bodie auditioning for “The Voice” as an awesome opportunity for the world to see how talented Bodie is.  Bodie said he grew up on Gwen and they’re both from Orange Country and have similar styles.  He sang “You Found Me” in a different style.

Chair Turns:  Blake, John, Gwen, Camila

Blake got upset at John and yelled, “stop pushing your button when I push my button!!”  Bodie is 29 years old.  Gwen told him that he’s “fire.”  Blake said he’s desperate and he hit his button first.  John plays that card and gets everyone on his Team.  He said they’ve been getting more Rock sounding artists.  He can hardly get anyone on his team. mostly because Camila doesn’t stop talking.  “I love your voice.  Everyone’s going to remember you. The way you look, the way you sound”  He told him he just needs to pick the right coach.  “Come on, let’s win this thing.  Gwen said he has an incredible tone that’s rare.  The alternative side is a cool place to go.  She said she’s won The Voice already and it’s her time to give back to somebody like you with a dream.

John said his presence was so robust, and he gave the song his own personal stamp and he really does stand out.  Blake chimed in again and said “I want you on my Team.  Let’s win this show together!”  Blake’s last plea worked!  Bodie chose him.

Coach: Blake Shelton.  Blake said Bodie is the light at the end of the tunnel.  He may have saved this season 22 Blind Auditions, said Blake.  



Pictured: Austin Montgomery — Photo by: Tina Thorpe/NBC

Blake said he’s unlike anyone they’ve seen before. Camila said “old soul,” Austin had to “go with an older person.”   Austin told Blake he’s heard all the old music from his grandparents, best friends.  Austin said it was surreal to meet Blake and shake his hand. 
The coaches each have three spots left on their Teams.

DIA MALIA (Team Legend)

Pictured: Dia Malai — Photo by: Tina Thorpe/NBC

Dia has 10 nieces and nephews.  She discovered her love for music while she rode with her parents in the car flipping through radio stations. Dia was hoping for John to turn around.  The first time she heard her Dad sing was a John Legend song.  In March 2021, her dad passed away from Covid.  Dia called being able to sing in front of Icons on “the Voice” a “life changing moment.  She sang “Real Love” for her Blind Audition.

Chair Turn:  John

Dia is 26-years-old.  John said he loved her energy and confidence and didn’t have to fight for her. Gwen said she’s unbelievably cute, and loved her notes and tone.  John is a perfect fit for her.  Camila said when Dia came in, it was a burst of energy.  Blake was feeling regret because he was impressed with her performance but also impressed by her presence and she has “star power.”  John said he turned early because he loved how she commanded the stage when she walked out. 

HAILEY JOHNSON, a.k.a. “Little Miss”

Hailey is 31-years-old and lives in Los Angeles. There’s a lot of Hailey Johnson’s which is why she uses a stage name. She said her voice is unique and the genre she plays is Rock mixed with Johnny Cash and Frank Sinatra.  Hailey works as a teacher.  She had given up on being able to do music full time. She said “The Voice” is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  

Chair Turns:  None

Gwen said she imagined someone else in her head.  Blake was shocked when Camila said she didn’t know that Jewel song.  Balke said if he could go back he would and press his button.  He told her she came out and did a great audition and no one turned around.  Blake said “the Little Miss had a bad timing moment” 


BENNY WEAG (Team Blake) – Camila said that was a surprise turn around due to the upbeat poppy music that Benny was singing.  Benny said he was working at the post office two years ago.  But, this year he’s been booking enough gigs to do music full time.  Blake said Benny has a great pocket and can’t believe he’s the only one that turned.    


Chair Turns: John, Gwen

Jillian Jordyn is a big fan of “The Voice.”  She has an original ‘Voice Karaoke’ machine that her parents bought her when she was seven.  John said “she’s dope” and that’s why she turned.  Jillian said she wants to be an influential artist.  Gwen told her she has Julia Michaels energy.  Gwen said when she worked with Julia on her last album, she was a writer. After that, she started singing and became really happy because she’s living her dream. She was influential to Jillian.  Gwen noted that when the coaches turned around, it went a little off the rails with Jillian.  She chose Gwen. Gwen said she’s so young, she’s ready to be molded.

Coach: Gwen Stefani.  Gwen said she sings really pretty.  
Blake said the young talent this season has be exceptional


Hanny is 23-year-old from New Jersey.  He’s first generation Muslim American.  He’s very proud of his Lebanese culture.  There’s a wide history of musical people in his family.  He’s in a band called Latch Key Kids that play alternative and they play 200 plus shows.  He sang “Round Here.” 

Chair Turns: None

Gwen said it was hard to get the emotion from the song because of the arrangement.  Camila loved the grasp and grit.  But, when that’s the only thing that he showcased, that scared her.  If he showed another part of his voice, she would have turned.  Camilia said she wants to keep looking for creative artists.

GRACE BELLO (Team Camila)

Pictured: Grace Bello — Photo by: Tina Thorpe/NBC

Grace is 21-years-old.  She likens herself to Camila because she’s also Cuban. They would listen to a lot of Spanish music.  Her family dances a lot and they are supportive of her music.  She’s singing “Ghost” by Justin Bieber.  She’s added certain notes and putting her own musician into it, Grace said.  She wants to be coached by someone who’s been in the industry a long time.  

Chair Turns: John, Blake, Camila, Gwen

John said there are singers that come on the show who wail with powerhouse vocals and they do well.  Then they’ve had singers who are way more subtle, and he won with one such singer, Maelyn.  Gwen said it’s really rare that someone shows that many sides of their voice, or even has that many sides of their voice. Gwen assured Grace that there’s nobody like her on her team.  Camilia said she guessed Grace likes Pop music since she was singing a Justin Bieber song.  Blake said Camila didn’t know who sang that song!  Really, it was Blake who didn’t know.  

Blake said her voice is “magical” and he would represent her as someone who’s done this for a long time..  And it would be different if she chose him.  Camila said if it was between her and any of the other coaches…then she held up one of John’s jackets that read “Camila is a Legend.”  

Coach: Camila Cabello.  Camila said her voice had an angelic quality that reminded her of Ariana Grande.  John snatched his Team jacket away from Camila and took her tape off. 



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