New BACHELOR Made Up for Rachel & Tino Disaster on THE BACHELORETTE Finale

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September 18, 2022
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New BACHELOR Made Up for Rachel & Tino Disaster on THE BACHELORETTE Finale

Pictured: RACHEL RECCHIA, TINO / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Is “The Bachelor” franchise ushering back in traditional ‘Bachelor format with new lead Zach Shallcross?

At the end of “The Bachelorette” season 19 finale, the last thirty minutes or so of the show was dedicated to the unveiling of the new Bachelor 27 season with Zach Shallcross as the lead.  Zach is a traditional choice, drama-free (seeming), good, upstanding young man.  After meeting his first five women who’ll be competing on his season, host Jesse Palmer asked him which one stood out to him the most to.  Zach refused to tell him even after Jesse motioned to whisper his answer in his ear.  Zach still said “no.”

After that portion of the show was over, it was time for a ‘Bachelor In Paradise” sneak-peek.  The biggest surprise was that Rachel was in this teaser!  Yes, lead Rachel Recchia from this season of “The Bachelorette.”  Keep reading to see how “The Bachelorette” finale all played-out below.


The second part of “The Bachelorette” season 19 finale, like the first part, was set up as a fan viewing party.  The finale episode footage was played back in front of a live studio audience with the leads, Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia, present in studio for commentary on the episode in an interview format with host Jesse Palmer.  A new style that “The Bachelor” franchise has taken on is creating endings to the finale shows that are stretched out beyond the filmed final episode as to limit the amount of spoilers which have become all too common to the Bachelor Nation community.

Another reflection as to how big Bachelor Nation has become is that it’s now common (and expected) for the show to address social media rumors, findings and gossip that plague contestants during the show each season.  Yes, we’re talking about the Erich scandals.  The drama around Erich stirred up by an ex (Amanda) came into question and Erich got a chance to respond.  Though, the Erich black-face discovery was not addressed.  We assumed that may have been due to time constraints and the fact that it was already addressed on social media.  Though, more editing could have been done with the Rachel and Tino breakup which was heavily drawn-out and confusing.  Their drama spilled over from the pre-taped portion and into the live show.  Basically, Tino was caught cheating during what he thought was a break with Rachel after she talked about not wearing her ring.

Pictured: RACHEL RECCHIA, TINO / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

The way “The Bachelorette” season 19 ended was signaled from the beginning.  Rachel had more men reject her rose which hinted to more troubles ahead for this Bachelorette.  Gabby also experienced a brief bump in her journey when several of the men stated that they wanted to pursue Rachel instead.  Things were looking up for Rachel at that time and she seemed to have the more solid men with Aven, Zach, Tyler, and Tino.  The only problem, she sent home two of the men who seemed to be the most into her – Tyler, then Zach.

“The Bachelorette” finale show was lacking so much content that the show devoted the last forty minutes to the new Bachelor who was announced as Zach.  Rachel, who dated Zach, didn’t have a whole lot to say about it when asked by Jesse Palmer.  This isn’t surprising since she was still focused on Tino’s cheating.  Also, part of Rachel’s top 3 men, Aven walked back into the picture by swooping  Rachel away from the live show while Tino was still there.  It was obviously very staged.  The only person who didn’t know about it appeared to be Tino.


Jesse Palmer announced the big surprise (an even bigger one coming-up) that Zach’s season would be starting now!  The stage was quickly transformed to mock the front of “The Bachelor” mansion with a painted mural of the house that was setup.  Five of the women introduced themselves to Zach in hopes of winning the First Impression Rose.  Also, for the first time, noticeably only one of the five women’s last name was displayed on screen.  That was Christina Mandrell. Hmmm…could she be related to great Country star Barbara Mandrell? They sure do look very similar. After some snooping, it’s not documented that she is. At least we couldn’t find any info yet.

As for all five women getting a jump start on Zach’s season Bachelor Nation will also get a jump start at uncovering every detail about who they are! The bigger surprise – the viewers at home voted on which of these five women would get that rose!  Wow! As if Zach wasn’t already nervous enough.  Having the audience decide was probably for the best.  Because by the end of it, Zach couldn’t remember anyone’s name.  Good thing that America had his back.  The viewers chose Brianna!   This also meant that she would be safe from elimination on the first night.  “The Bachelor” premieres Monday, January 23rd.


It was surprising when the live finale got back to Gabby’s story line, her and Erich were still together.  Both men – Tino and Erich proposed to Rachel and Gabby at the end of the pre-taped finale.  We got to see what had transpired in the months after the filming wrapped.  Gabby said Erich had told her about his ex-girlfriend and all of the texts way before it was exposed on social media.

Before all that, the taped portion of the show picked up from where part one of the episode left off.  Gabby stated that she knew with every bone in her body that her and Erich are meant to be together, “But I need him to propose to me.”  She said she wants somebody who want to be with her.   Erich told her that if she ended it right now, he’d be destroyed.”


Gabby was dead set on leaving the show as an engaged woman and only to Erich.  Well, that was a good thing being that Erich was the only guy remaining.  When Gabby told Erich that he was the only one left, she didn’t let him know that it was by default.  Jason and Johnny weren’t really into Gabby, so they left.  Before that, Gabby thought her person might have been either Jason or Johnny.  Oh,’s Erich all of a sudden because he was the one left.

Rachel was dealing with her feelings from her breakup with Aven the day before when Aven said he wasn’t ready to be engaged.  She went to see Tino and tell him that he was the only man left.  After they kissed, Tino said it was overwhelmingly the best thing he’s ever heard.

Rachel and Gabby met up to chat about their experiences so far.  Rachel told Gabby that Tino is her perfect match. Gabby said Erich is the only man left for her as well and he’s fought for her, and she’s never had anyone love her like Erich.  She told Rachel that she thinks Erich will propose.  “I think that all my dreams are coming true,” said Gabby.

Rachel said “I can’t believe where we came from to where we’re sitting right now.”  Rachel said she’s so happy that Gabby was able to open her heart and accept Erich’s love.

At the half hour mark of this episode, Rachel and Tino were already getting ready for the Final Rose ceremony.  As Rachel awaited for Tino to arrive, she said there’s no one else for her, Tino is the only one.


After Tino arrived to meet Rachel at the Final Rose Ceremony, she told him at times she thought there was no one there for her. At this moment, she’s madly in love with him and can’t wait to spend the rest of her life with him.  Tino kissed her, and paused.  Tino told Rachel, “I don’t want to break your heart…but this is never going away.”  He told her after grabbing her hand that first night to take her to the stairs, she made him feel so calm and confident. Tino said this journey made him believe in fate.

Tino told Rachel that he’ll love her until the end of time and “I’m so helplessly in love with you.”  Then Tino got down on one knee to propose to her with a ring.  Rachel said “yes.”  Rachel and Tino road off on a white horse.

At Gabby and Erich’s Final Rose Ceremony, Gabby told Erich that he fought for her so hard for a battle that they didn’t know the outcome.  She told Erich that she wants to love him for as long as he’ll let her.  Erich said he had a lot to say and it was hard to articulate.  He didn’t know if he could measure up.  You need someone that can give you 100%, and that’s the reason why I’m standing in front of you because I want to be that man.

Erich told Gabby that the stars literally had to align for him to be there.  He said when he met her he was 100% himself and the way she looks at him it feels like he’s the only person in the world.  He told her he’s head over heels in love with her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her.  Then Erich got down on one knee and proposed with a ring.  Gabby said “yes.”  Erich asked Gabby for her number, then they rode off on a motorcycle.

Pictured: ERICH, GABBY WINDEY / Photo: Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

Back in the live studio, Erich came out to sit with Gabby and they had a long kiss.  Jesse said it’s family TV and Disney.  He asked Erich about watching the proposal back.  He said “it was never super easy.”  Erich said he was tearing-up and they finally got that happy ending and “it was really worth it.”

Jesse asked Erich about what happened when one night he didn’t want to get engaged and what changed.  He said he wanted it so bad and wanted a happy ending.  How surprised was Gabby?  She said she was so nervous on the way to the Final Rose Ceremony.

Grandpa John was in the audience.  Jesse told John about how he’s blown up on Twitter.  Which led him to ask Grandpa John if he would ever consider being The Bachelor.  He said “no,”  Gabby reacted “definitely not…he would need a nap.”

Jesse asked Gabby about the challenges after the show.  She said because their relationship was on camera, there was a lot they had to learn about each other.  Jesse asked Erich about his ex-girlfriend who said he only broke up with her to be on the show.  More specifically, he asked Erich about the text messages that he wrote to Amanda about the show not being real and only going on the show to further his career.  Erich’s reaction was that he was taking the cowardly way out and he didn’t see a future and they “were having fun.”

Pictured (l-r): JESSE PALMER, GABBY WINDEY, ERICH / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Erich said when he met Gabby on the first night, everything changed.  He had only watched one episode prior.  “I love this girl (Gabby) with all my heart.”  Gabby said Erich told her about the text messages long before they were leaked.  “It’s hard. It’s not something that you plan for.”  She said after the show “real life hits you” and their communication has gotten better.

After the break – it was just Gabby and she said she’s so happy and glowing.  She never imagined being with Erich because she joked that she hates men.  The show made her more vulnerable and more open to love.  Erich was set on Gabby from the beginning except when he wanted the First Impression Rose from both of them.

Former ‘Bachelorette’ Becca Kufrin was also in the audience and advised Gabby to make sure that her and Erich are on the same page, and have the same morals.  Michelle Young, also a former ‘Bachelorette, said it’s such a different world and you don’t always get what you expect.  There might be someone who tries to say something.  She advised them to stick together.

Granpa John said he was “tickled pink” for Gabby and Erich.  He said they seemed to hit it off from the start when he joined them on the first date.  He told his daughter and his family that Erich was the one Gabby was going to pick.



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