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New Game Changer Button on THE VOICE Season 14 Premiere Recap

Posted on February 28 2018 by Editor

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New Game Changer Button on THE VOICE Season 14 Premiere Recap

There’s a new feature added to the chair this season of “The Voice.” It’s “The “Block Button.” Coaches will now be able to “block” each other during the Blind Audtitons on one, just ONE auditioning artist. This will keep the rival coach from being an option for the artist to pick.

The coaches this season include returing coaches Adam Levine, Alicia Keys, and last season winner Blake Shelton. New coach this season is Kelly Clarkson – the first winner of “American Idol” who shot up into super-stardom not long after her win.

The Voice season 14 Adam Levine on Blake's Block

Pictured: Adam Levine has fun on Blake Shelton’s “Block.” (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Britton is 17-years-old from Sanford, North Carolina. He joined a classic rock cover band at age 13. He sang “Trouble.”

Chair Turns: Blake, Alicia. BLOCKED: Adam

Adam was blocked from Britton, and Blake denyed it being him as the one who blocked him. Meantime, Britton told Adam that he is a fan of his version of “I Love L.A.” with Randy Newman. Adam encouraged Britton to go onto Alicia’s team. “Your voice has so much honesty,” said Alicia and added that there’s something geniune about him. Blake said Britton was “so intense” and played the guitar with so much strength. He heard some Country in his music. Then, Blake admitted to blocking Adam because he wants Britton on his team! However, Britton chose Alicia. It was Alicia’s first artist this season. He said he chose Alicia because he loves her music and voice.


The Voice season 14, Brynn Cartelli

Pictured: Brynn Cartelli (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Brynn said she connected with Kelly Clarkson song “Break Away” at a young age. She sang “Beneath Your Beautiful” and wants the coaches to hear “the soul in her song.”

Chair Turns: Kelly, Blake

Brynn is the first person that Kelly turned for! Kelly told Brynn that she could win with her and she hears pop, country, and a lot of different elements with her voice. Kelly pointed-out that Blake turned at the very last second for Brynn. Brynn is a fan of Kelly’s since she was four years old. Blake stated that it’s Adam’s mission to try to derail him from scooping-up talented artists. But he’s had more success with young females than anyone else and Kelly’s has had none. However, Kelly reminded Blake that she had enough experience to be his mentor on “The Voice” season 2. “He had to phone a friend” she told him. Brynn chose Kelly. Kelly said she’s excited because Brynn is 14-years-old, and it’s season 14.

He’s part of a band called “South Connection” that travels around the world. In the midst, he got sick and had lympnotic cancer. Today, he is cancer-free and he said when he sings now, people can feel him and not just hear him. He chose to sing “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Jouney. It’s his anthem.

Chair Turns: Adam, Alicia

Adam turned his chair within seconds of Rayshun’s audition, and Alicia as well soon after. Adam said 99% of the time, the coaches react that they can’t believe that it’s a white dude. But with Rayshun, they can’t believe it’s a black dude. Rayshun got emotional telling the coaches about his battle with cancer. He said while playing that song, it gave him so much energy and hope. Adam told Rayshun that picking a song that helped him get through that is what makes him special. Adam said he needs someone who can be critical when necessary and make him even better. Alicia told him that his story is really inspiring and make her dedicated to helping make his story come to life. Adam fought for Rayshun with “I’m the guy who’s never going to stop to make sure you get as far as possible on the show. I’m the guy.” Rayshun chose Adam. Rayshun said it did if for him when Adam told him how he can be better.

KYLA JADE (Team Blake)
Kyla is 33-years-old living in Nashville. She’s a background singer and has sang for Carrie Underwood. After she helped her mother recover from an illness, she got a job singing as a background singer for Jennifer Hudson for three years. She sang “See Saw” by Aretha Franklin for her Blind Audition. Kyla said Kelly will be able to relate because she too auditioned with an Arthea Franklin song.

Chair Turns: Blake, Kelly

Kelly called her “spectacular,” and told Kyla that Aretha is one of the reasons she became a singer. Kelly said she’s the better pick over Blake since she’s won a similar competition. Blake said the first time that he won the show was with an Alicia Keys backup singer – Jermaine Paul. Alicia confirmed that. Kyla picked Blake due to getting her first opportunity from Winona Judd.

His day job is as a pool technician. He sang as a kid in his grandparents church. Blasie started playing the guitar and took ministery courses and started his own ministry called “Cliffside.” His goal is to become a Christian artist. He sang “Wanted” for his Blind Audition song.

Unfortunatley, Blaise got no chair turns. Kelly said his voice got pitchy in places. The coaches said Blaise’s nerves got the better of him.

Kelsea, who’s 21-years-old, said she’s always sang from a young age. Her grandfather was part of a Mariachi band which is how she came to love music. However, he got sick and passed before her Blind Audition. Kelsey dedicated her audition to him. She sang “Like I’m Gonna Lose You.”

Chair Turns: Adam, Kelly, Alicia

Adam called her “stunning” the way she sings and looks. Kelly said she could make a record right now and have a career. She wants to show her how to “stay on” but not give it all away in the competition. Alicia told Kelsea she believes that they can win “The Voice” together. Kelsea chose Alicia as her coach. Alicia called Kelsea the “total package.” She chose Alicia because she still works with Chris Blue (Alicia’s artist that won “The Voice” season 12) and shows that she’s dedicated.

DREW COLE (Team Adam)
Drew works as a bartender inside of a movie theater. He had a viral video on YouTube where he was serenading his friend’s dog. He got a call from a music manager after that. Drew still plays bars and small venues trying to get his big break. He listens to Maroon 5 and would love to work with Adam Levine. Drew sang “Sex and Candy”

Chair Turns: Adam, Blake

Adam turned his chair instantly. Blake said Drew is THE voice. Adam pointed-out that he did a cover of that song in a similar way and hoped that he had something to do with that. Drew confirmed “yes.” Blake told Drew that he’s won the show with a variety of aritsts an he pulls the focus off of himself an onto the artist. He spotted the cowboy hat on Drew’s head and said he’ll probably go with “Ace Ventura down there (Adam).” But, would like to be his coach. Drew chose Adam.

D.R. KING (Team Kelly)
There was no back-story package shown before D.R.’s audition. D.R. sang “Believer” for his Blind Audition.

Chair Turns: Kelly, Blake

Kelly said his runs were sick and has way more than what they just heard. D.R. said he was a school teacher. Kelly praised that because her mom is a retired school teacher. Then D.R. said he wasn’t “fulfilled” teaching. Kelly said her biggest deal is believability and “you can’t teach that.” Adam said D.R. has a special quality to fill the room that way he did. Blake called D.R.’s voice “explosive” and whatever version he sings it will sound like D.R. King. D.R. chose Kelly. Kelly said she loves that he took a song that they know and made it his own and “sang the crap out of it.”

KALEB LEE (Team Blake)
Kaleb is a father and wants to show his kids that it’s important to follow your dreams. He stepped-away from music when his daughter was a newborn. He and his wife recently adopted a little boy from Nicauarga. Kaleb said he thought he had to have one or the other. But, now realizes that he can have both. He sang “Never Wanted Nothing More.”

Chair Turns: Kelly, Blake

Kelly said she knows enough about Country music. Blake said Kaleb’s style reminds him of the red Texan. Blake said his voice would stand-out on Country radio. Kaleb has been in the corporate world for the last seven years to take care of his family. He brought his kids on stage. Then, still fighting for Kaleb, Kelly started singing Country. Kaleb chose Blake. He said his kids are huge fans of Blakes.

19-years-old who grew up listening to R&B and Gospel music. She was teased in school for her being plus size. She sang R&B song “RedBone”

Adam said there’s so much magic in her voice, but got away a little bit. Kelly called her fabulous.

Justin is from Buffalo, Texas with a population of 1200. He grew-up on a farm which his family has owned for over 100 years. He decided to join the cheerleading team in high school. Justin moved to Austin, Texas and started writing original music. Justin sang Country tune “Tomorrow.”

Chair Turns: Alicia, Kelly, Adam. BLOCKED: Blake

Blake realized he was blocked soon after Kelly and Alicia turned. Adam and Kelly got up and celebrated Blake’s block with a dance. Alicia admited to using her block on Blake to get Justin. Justin said he was obsessed with Reba McEntire. Alicia said she’d like to help him bring the best out of him. Adam said he won’t be mad if Justin doesn’t pick him because he’s happy knowing he can’t pick Blake. Kelly fought for Justin by telling him she lives on a farm and is a Country girl, as well as telling him Reba’s kids are her kids. Justin chose Kelly.


DAVISON (Team Adam)

The Voice 14, Davison

Pictured: Davison (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Davison sang the Bee Gees’ “To Love Somebody” for his Blind Audition. Davison is from Little Rock, Arkansas. He got chair turns from Blake, and Adam. Blake told Davison there’s something so vintage about your voice that it’s magical,” and he’d be honored to be his coach. Kelly called his voice like vinyl. Adam said Davison emboided the whole point of what the show is and his voice speaks to all of them. Adam told hime he was listening to R&B records. Blake told Davison that he will be “the center piece of Team Blake” and that’s his word. Davison chose Adam

Davison said he chose Adam because “the way he was describing me to myself, he KNOWS me.”

Jaclyn is 16-years old who sang “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis.

Chair turns: Blake, Alicia.

Alicia told her no one on this show sounds like her, and called her style “simple and pure.” Blake said no one in this world sounds like her. “Your voice makes me feel every word,” said Blake. He added that he had visions of a unicorn while listening to her. Blake added with a show filled with power-houses who can blow the roof off this place, “what you do is more powerful than that.” Alicia said she’ll keep it geniune and it’s all about Jaclyn. Jaclyn chose Alicia as her coach.

Sophia sang “What a Man” song. She likes the soul country. But, got no chair turns. Blake said he didn’t hit his button because he couldn’t understand what she was singing.


Molly likes Country music. But, said she’s gotten more into the Americana realm. She’s gay and being from a Southern baptist religious background, she thought it was a sin. Molly moved to Nashville in 2010 where she hits the daily grind. Her parents are proud of her. Molly sang “Heavenly Day”

Chair turns Blake, Kelly

Blake pushed his button soon after Molly hit her first notes. Kelly said Patty Griffith sang that song, one of her favorite artists and she knows Country, Americana which is Molly’s style. Blake said “my life is Country, and I stay in one lane.” Kelly said she can’t help that she loves all genres of music. Adam stood-up for Kelly amongst the arguing between Kelly and Blake. Kelly told Molly, like Chris Stapleton, Molly is captivating and should be on her team. Molly chose Kelly as her coach. Kelly said she’s excited because they connect musically.

Dylan said the music he does now is more abot the lyric and the story. He wants to become a folk, rock musician.

Chair turn: Kelly

Kelly was the only coach that turned. Kelly said she loves the texture of his voice and he has a lot more in his arsenal.

PRYOR BAIRD (Team Blake)
Pryor is 35-years-old and has toured from age 18 to 26. His day job is as a contractor and currently lives in Nashville.

Chair turns: Adam, Alicia, Blake, Kelly

Kelly said the fact that he’s soul, yet rocking-out makes him unique and wants him on her team. Adam said home is on his team. Blake recognized the singer, and called Pryor an incredible singer. It sounds like you smoked cigarettes and drank a bottle of whiskey before coming out her – stated Blake. “You were born with that weathered sound,” which makes him rare and why he needs him on his team Blake exclaimed.

Alicia said listening to him, there is such a power and range. “I’m the only one who can sing somewhere in the vacinity of where you sang,” she stated. Adam argued that he understands the guitar (as Pryor was clutching his) being an extension of himself.

Pryor picked Blake as his coach. Blake said Pryor had enough of a kinship with him which is why he thinks Pryor chose him. Pryor said it was kindred spirits with him and Blake.


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