New Winner of 4-Chair-Turns on THE VOICE Season 22 Blinds Week 2 Recap

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New Winner of 4-Chair-Turns on THE VOICE Season 22 Blinds Week 2 Recap

Pictured: (l-r) Andrew Igbokidi, Camila Cabello -- Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Singing competition show “The Voice” is back for new season 22 and with it a new coach – Camila Cabello who was with the show last season as John Legend’s Key Advisor. Cabello also rose to fame after competing on “The X Factor” within a girl group that Simon Cowell formed called “Fifth Harmony.” She makes this point very clear over and over again on “The Voice” in her pursuit of winning over artists.  She’s also a major threat this season because a lot of the younger artists have been choosing to be on her Team.

John Legend was discouraged and regretful of recommending Cabello for coach this season after she’s been beating him out of winning the most four-chair-turns.  He noted that he was the former winner of that title!

THE VOICE Season 22 Sneak-Peek HERE!

This season on “The Voice” is proving to be a game played better by the female coaches – Gwen Stefani and new coach Camila Cabello.  The men, Blake Shelton and John Legend are trying to catch-up.  Gwen uses the fact that the last time she was on “The Voice” she won to her advantage.  Her win that season was with 15-year-old Carter Rubin.   After the end of Tuesday’s episode, it’s becoming clear that Team Gwen and Team Camila will be full before Legend’s and Blake’s teams.



Andrew is from Nigeria and now lives in Hot Springs.  His whole family is in the medical field and he has been accepted into four different medical schools.  He said music is something that he can not ignore.  Andrew sang “When the Party’s Over.”

Chair Turns:  Camila, Gwen, Blake, JohnGwen said she’s never seen the mixture of genre that he did.  She said, “the way that you made them really emotional, I saw all that.”  Camila noted that John was the last to turn.  John asked Andrew what he wanted to do with his music.  He told them that he’s been applying to medical schools and has gotten into four. But, this is his chance to pursue music.  John said Andrew has the ability to stand out on “The Voice” and he can help him do that.

Pictured: (l-r) Andrew Igbokidi, Camila Cabello — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Camila told Andrew that she really believes in him, and he put so much emotion into it.  She can help him polish his skills.  Blake said if it’s not Country then he sticks out like a sore thumb. He told Andrew that there is nobody like him on his Team.  Blake tried to make a Country connection because Andrew is from Arkansas.  But, Andrew chose Camila Cabello.

Coach:  Camila Cabello.  Andrew’s mom’s reaction was shocked because she said “he wanted John!”  Camlia said Andrew is a gifted, talented singer.


Cara’s grandfather had alzheimer’s and she was able to see the power of music while singing to him.  She has her own clients now whom she sings to.

Chair Turns:  Blake, Gwen

Cara chose the song because everyone at some point in their life can relate to the song. When Camila told Cara she should choose Blake because of the song writing and said she feels that Cara is like Blake, Gwen was shocked and offended.  Blake said he heard a twang coming out of her voice and it was “ringing” his bell.”  He said he heard something in her voice that he hasn’t heard all season.  Cara said her gut was Gwen.

Coach: Gwen Stefani.  Cara said she had Blake and Gwen as her top two.  When Gwen talked to her, she said something clicked.


Billy is a pharmacist who formed a band with some of his fellow pharmacy students while in school.  His genre is Country music and he likes old Country as well as the new artists.   Billy said he has opened for Luke Combs.  Billy sang the song “She Got the Best of Me” for his Blind Audition.

Chair Turns:  NONE

Blake told him that he has a “great Country tone” and great pitch.  He said he couldn’t get over the diction and that’s what kept him from hitting his button.  Gwen said there were moments when she heard really good star quality and she liked his voice a lot.  John said he has good quality and it sounds commercial. He said all his voice needs is “a little polish.”  Blake said Billy’s voice sounded “messy” and just “needed to be cleaned-up.”


Valarie is 41-years-old from Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Her daughter said she sings 24/7.  Valerie said she’s raised her children and wants to show them that you can still pursue your dreams.  Valerie sang “Giving Him Something He Can Feel” by En Vogue.

Chair Turns: John, Gwen

John gave her a standing ovation at the end of her audition.  Blake was happy to hear she is from Oklahoma.  Camila said she didn’t turn around because “there’s a better coach than me.”  Gwen said “it never gets old for me to hear the talent.” She liked Valerie’s timing and it was “kind of lazy.”  Gwen said she’s an “Oakie too.”  John said he’s been to Oklahoma and he was the first one to turn for her.  He said he’s heard many versions of this song but she made it sound fresh.  Gwen added that she won the last time that she was there!

Coach:  John Legend.  John said Valeire did a magnificent performance of that song and he’s glad that she chose Team Legend.


Julia said her husband’s support allows her to follow her dreams.  She said “the Voice” is the biggest stage that she’s ever seen.  Julia said she sings for fun and to her family and friends. She’s there to prove to her son that if you set your mind to it, you can do absolutely anything. She sang “Let’s Stay Together.” Her voice had a Gwen Stefani undertone, which is probably why Gwen turned for her.

Chair Turn: Gwen

Julia is 23-years-old from Orlando, Florida.  Camila said she has an Ariana Grande quality to her voice. Camila said the song wasn’t super exciting which is why she didn’t turn.  Julia chose the song because she’s engaged and sang the song to her fiance.  John loved the song choice and loved the settle change that she made on the song. “Your voice is unique and cool,” he told her.  Gwen said she thinks Juila is her favorite singer.  She loved Julia’s tone. Gwen predicted that Juila will be “blowing everyone away.”  Gwen said he has an artistry voice and loves that style.

KATELYN & DEREK DRYES “The Dryes” (Team Blake)

Pictured: The Dryes — Photo by: Tina Thorpe/NBC

They met on a blind date. Katelyn’s mom said she had to talk her into going on that date. Katelyn said working with a coach could totally change their lives and working with someone from a different genre could help them with Country. They sang “Islands in the Stream.”

Chair Turns:  Blake, Gwen

Gwen pointed out that her and Blake are also husband and wife.  “That song would be my dream if Bake and I could do that song one day,” stated Gwen.  Camila said she doesn’t know a lot about Country and she’s excited for their journey.  Blake joked that “The Dryes” is way better than “the moists!”  When Katelyn asked Blake why he turned, Blake answered he was in on just Derek’s voice before he even know Katelyn was there.

Gwen said she loves that they have “so much character” and it would be really fun to work with them.  She said whatever genre, doesn’t matter.  She said she’s collaborated with all kinds of musicians.  Blake called Gwen the Dolly Parton of her genre.  Everyone really liked that. They went with Blake.

Coach: Blake Shelton.  Blake said he’s excited about The Dryes because it’s going to be a blast working with them.  He said it’s the first time in Voice history that a married couple was trying to get another married couple on their Team.


Ava is 18-years-old from Santa Barbara, California.  She grew up living next door to her cousins and they’re like her siblings.  She lost her brother at age 13 when he drowned.  After that, she took a break from music.  Ava came back to music in high school and the first song that she wrote was about him.  Ava called it a “pivotal moment” and made her want to make music a priority.   She chose to sing “Baby One More Time.”  Ava sang it in a soulful rendition.

Chair Turns:  John, Camila

Camila asked why she chose to do that song that way.  Ava said she’s Country and a little soul.  Camila said everything about her is right up her alley and even John would tell her that. John said it took Camila a long time to turn.  “I was convinced already,” John said.  He told her that she has such an open lane for herself.  She’s poised and confident.  Gwen said she had a regret for not turning.  Blake said when her coach screws-up then he’ll have a chance to Steal.  John argued that Camila just graduated from high school and hasn’t competed on “The Voice.”  Camila brought up the point that she’s done all this before on “The X Factor.”  She’s been through it all, and the live shows on that show.  Ava chose Camila.

Coach: Camila Cabello.  Camila said she liked people that make unexpected choices and if she had a record label she’d sign her to her label.


Madison, who is 25-years-old, does videography.  She likes telling stories which is why she also does music.  Originally, she didn’t want to be a singer.  Madison sang the Rock song “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” song by Guns N’ Roses with a Country flare.

Chair Turns: Gwen, Blake, CamilaCamila decided to turn at the very last few seconds of Madison’s audition.  Camila said she’s in a marriage sandwich (referring to Blake and Gwen)!  Blake said he hoped that was a Country version of the song.  Madison said she likes the twang and “yes.” Camila said she was on a singing competition show and she can help her through those nerves of performing live for people.  Madison told Blake that she grew up on folk music.  She also likes Drake, etc.   Blake said if Country comes out of your mouth, this is the team you belong on.

Gwen said she feels that she’s also a melting pot where she’s bounced around genres.  She pointed out the Country lane she’s currently doing with Blake.  John said he likes what she brings to the show.  Madison chose Blake.

Coach: Blake Shelton.  Blake said there’s not another artist like Madison this season.


Sasha sang “River” for her Blind Audition.

Chair Turns:  John, Camila

Sasha is 18-years-old from Dallas, Georgia.  John asked what artists she looks up to.   Sasha said she likes Harry Styles and H.E.R.  Camila said she auditioned for “The X Factor” because she thought that she’d meet Harry Styles.  Sasha said her Dad is from Mexico.  Camila yelled, “me too!”  Being around her dad’s singing played a role in her singing.  John said he turned for her first and he just did a Spanish collab.  He added that he was the first person that Harry Styles followed on Twitter.

Camila said she’s excited about having a lot of musical diversity.  But, she wants to represent Sasha’s best self.  “It would be so fun to see who Sasha is.”  Gwen said she loves her range and can’t wait to see what she does next.  Blake said he doesn’t know how John can brag about being the first person that Harry Styles followed on Twitter.  She chose Camila.

Coach: Camila Cabello.  Camila said she loves the rock, gritty spirit that she came out with.  John said Camila’s strategy is to talk more, and she’ll win. He said she has been winning a lot.

Pictured: (l-r) Gwen Stefani, Camila Cabello, Blake Shelton — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC


Dominic comes from a huge family.  Dominc’s life changed at the age of 15 when he learned he was going to be a father.  He got his GED and focused on doing his best for his daughter.  He said when his daughter was born, he had to write a song.  His daughter is now in college and is a mother herself.  He said he performs at local weddings.  He wants to show his daughter and granddaughter that it’s okay to be passionate.  Dominic sang “U Got it Bad.”

Chair Turns:  NONE

Camila said he’s a gifted singer.  She didn’t turn because she wanted more texture from his voice. When asked who inspires him, Dominic answered his daughter and granddaughter.  He said he’s also inspired by John Legend who’s been a big influence.  Gwen said she liked the opposite way that he did that song in a relaxed way.  John told him that the way that he sings has a bigness to it and choose a grand song next time.

Morgan Taylor (Team John)

Morgan, who said she suffers from anxiety, sang “Cuz I Love You” by Lizzo.  On her first note, Blake turned, then Gwen,followed by John and Camila.

Chair Turns:  Blake, Gwen, John, Camila

Morgan is 20-years-old currently living in Nashville.  Blake guessed that she wanted to be a Country singer. Morgan reacted, not with a yes or no.  She wants to sing soul/pop.  Camila said she was the last one to turn.  It was 95% of the way and the notes that she didn’t hit, she’s guessing that nerves got the best of her.  She can get her from a 95 to 99.99.  And no one can be 100 because then she’d be a robot.

Pictured: Morgan Taylor — Photo by: Tina Thorpe/NBC

Gwen said she can help her with her stage presence.  John said that song was such a daunting song. But, her fasetto was so compelling and that rap singing part trips people up. “Sometimes it’s better to just change it so it plays to your strengths.”   Blake said “we happen to be on The Voice and I know this landscape very well.”  Morgan chose John.

Coach: John Legend.  John said Morgan was really good and she was kind of shy and quiet but when it comes to singing she’s a risk taker, and she’s bold with a powerful voice.



Tanner is from Huntington Beach.  Gwen made the Orange County connection with him.  She was shocked that it worked in her favor because he chose Gwen over John and Blake!


Sydney is from Ogden, Utah.  She said there’s not many musicians who have come out of Ogden. She credits her dad for her love of music. He used to play the guitar when he put her to bed.   After her parents divorced, Sydney’s mom developed a drinking problem which she eventually recovered from.  Her mom was with her at her Blind Audition.

Chair Turns: Camila, Gwen

Sydney’s voice went very low.  After they turned, Gwen and Camila were surprised that she is female.  John said he was impressed by her range because not many people can sing that low and that high.  Camila said when she heard the guitar, she’s just everything that she’s looking for.  Blake liked the approach to that song.  He said her falsetto was landing “pitchy” for him which was why he didn’t hit his button.

Coach:  Camila Cabello.  Camila said there are so many things that are “really special” about Sydney.


Pictured: Tanner Fussell — Photo by: Tina Thorpe/NBC

Tanner is 28-years-old from Nashville.  Tanner does landscaping. He formed his first band in college.  Tanner lost his best friend Will who was also in his band about a year ago.  He sang “Anymore” by Travis Tritt for his Blind Audition.  Tanner had a Rock/Country sound that only Blake Shelton liked enough to turn around.

Chair Turn: Blake

Blake was glad to see Tanner’s long hair because he thought it was a mullet.  Blake said he has a Rock edge too like Pearl Jam.  John said what he liked the most about Tanner was his yodel/Country.  Blake said “that growl gives him an edge.”

EVA TULLMAN – Team Blake.  Blake said she has potential and expects awesome things from her.  He was shocked that no one else turned around.  “It’s time to remind them (other coaches) that I am the king.”


Emani is a 22 year old professional wrestler.   His wrestling character is “very mean” but in real  life, he said he’s like a teddy bear.  Emani said when he sings, he just gets to be himself and music is his number one passion.  He said he’s a “very vibrant, flamboyant person.”  He sang “All My Life.”

Chair Turns: NONE

Blake said “this is terrible.  This is not what anyone wants. Emani was very upset and Gwen went to the stage to give him a hug.  Emani said “this was my one chance.”  John said “this is NOT your one shot, this is A shot.”  He told him he wants to hear him open up more and perform.  John said there’s something inside of him that wants to get out and that performance didn’t show them that.


Kayla is 30-years-old from Arizona and grew up in Hesperia, California.  She said, growing up there, a lot of the kids would go to abandoned buildings.  She would photograph these buildings.  Her photography turned into music.  Kayla’s mom said when Kayla gets behind her guitar and starts singing, she really shines.  Kayla said her voice sounds like an old recorder…”like you’re listening to something back in time,” she said.

Chair Turns: Gwen, John

Gwen called her a cross between Fiona Apple and Stevie Nicks.  Kayla said growing up she annoyed her family listening to Gwen.  Gwen said she likes someone who is super original and challenges her heart by the way they sing. She said they could be a really good match.  John said he and Gwen turned around at exactly the same time.  He said she sounds so authentic and she’s a great vocalist.

Coach: Gwen Stefani.  She loves Kayla, her voice and her song choice. “She has a really good spirit and attitude,” said Gwen.  Blake said Kayla did his long time favorite song and decided to stay out of it when he saw Gwen turn. But, he said it gives him some relief to know that John isn’t doing any better than him at winning over artists.

DESTINY LEIGH (Team Gwen) – Gwen was the only coach that turned for Destiny.  Gwen said she’s really deeply connected to her soul and she’s still a little raw and has some room to grow.  Blake said Gwen is the one to beat.

Pictured: Eric Who — Photo by: Tina Thorpe/NBC

ERIC WHO (Team Camila) – Camila loves this song and his voice “you have a beautiful tone,” she told him.  Camila added that Eric has a creative presence.


Pictured: Parijita Bastola — Photo by: Greg Gayne/NBC

Parijita is 17-years-old and is from Nepal.  Her parents came to the United States twenty-five years ago.  They tried to bring her sister but they weren’t able to.  Her sister ended-up going to private school in Nepal.   They were separated for eleven years.   She was able to maintain a connection with her sister through letters.  She said her Beyonce influence became a big part of who she is.  Her sister is still in Nepal and sent her a video message before her audition.  She sang “Jealous” by Labrinth.  She said she’ll be thinking about her sister who loves R&B music.

Chair Turns: John, Camila, Gwen, Blake

The coaches were shocked that she’s 17-years-old.  Camila said that’s her favorite song that someone has sung so far and she did it “Masterful.”  Camila asked her what kind of music she wants to make?  She said she’d like to integrate her Nepalnesse heritage into her music.  Gwen said she’s so in touch with her heart that it’s incredible and she has a lot of experience to offer.  Parijita said “The Voice,” since season one, has always been part of her family. They would close their restaurant early on Mondays to watch “The Voice.”

When Parijita mentioned R&B. John said he knows a coach (himself) that would be perfect to work with her.  Blake said he knows good and well that he’s in over his head.  But it doesn’t mean that he isn’t as big of a fan of hers.  He said he’s also been on a singing competition show.  Camila laughed and made fun.  Parijita handed-out necklaces from Nepal to the coaches that she gifted to them.

Coach: John Legend.  He said he’s been losing a lot. ‘But it’s time to build up Team Legend. He called her magical and it was such a flawless and beautiful performance.



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