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Nick Viall’s Regret on THE BACHELOR Season 21 Fantasy Suite Week

Posted on March 04 2017 by Editor

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Nick Viall’s Regret on THE BACHELOR Season 21 Fantasy Suite Week

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The Bachelor 21 hometown dates, Nick Viall, Raven

Ex-girlfriend Andi Dorfman (from THE BACHELORETTE season 10) surprised “The Bachelor” Nick Viall at his hotel room in New York City. They chatted while the last four women vying for Nick’s heart, were lined-up one-by-one against the city scape in preparation for the Rose Ceremony which, evidently, was to take place atop of a building rooftop. The final four were: Raven, Corrine, Rachel, and Vanessa.


Bachelor 21, Andi Dorfman returns

When Nick offered Andi a drink. She gave a definite “YES” and said that their chat would require some Whiskey!

Nick revealed to Andi that he might be “dumping 30” girls. Andi was shocked. Nick said he wasn’t going to get engaged if he’s not in love. He then reminded Andi that the last time she knocked on his hotel room door, she broke-up with him on national television. He said “I’m not going to get engaged just because I’m the Bachelor”. On regards to the Fantasy Suite dates, which were already upon Nick this week, Andi ultimately advised Nick that he has every right to sleep with any of the women in the Fantasy Suite only if he sees himself being with them at the very end.

Then, Andi dropped the million dollar question – did Nick regret asking Andi on national television why did she “make love” to him if she wasn’t in love with him during their Fantasy Suite date. He said he did regret it and any pain that the incident caused her. Nick stated it was his “single biggest regret when it comes to you and I.” Andi sincerely told Nick to not let the damage that they did to each other hold him back and to not let it keep him from anything now. “This is your one chance. Don’t let something you said two years ago hold you back.” Basically, she wants him to find love.

The Bachelorette 10,  Andi Dorfman, Nick Viall

THE BACHELORETTE Season 10, Andi Dorfman, Nick Viall


The ladies had to bare the gusty, chilly winds of New York City while Nick thanked them for their time on the show thus far. Then, down to the roses. He gave the three roses to (in this order): Raven, Rachel, Vanessa. Corrine immediately caused a scene by breaking-down crying. Raven (standing to Corrine’s left) went-in to comfort her while Rachel (standing to her right) moved away.

As Nick said his goodbyes to Corrine, she said she was sorry if she did anything to make him upset. He assured her that she did nothing wrong. As she wept for a brief moment in her limo ride home she said “I feel like my heart is never going to be repaired…I just want to feel loved. The way it’s suppose to be. The normal way,” and wished for “a normal relationship.”

The Bachelor 21, Corrine Olympios eliminated

Pictured: Corrine Olympios

Corrine swore to be done worshiping men and supporting them. “I will never kiss-up to a man ever again in my life. I’m done!” Then she said “I want to go to sleep,” and laid-down in the limo for a nap.


During his flight to Finland, Nick was still worried that he’d get his heart broken once again. “Falling in love at the risk of getting hurt is scary.” He stated again that he was seeking clarity.

In a place that only gets a few hours of light every day, on the plus side, in Finland, they will get to see the Northern Lights. As he reflected on the women left, Nick had his doubts about Vanessa since there were still a lot of outstanding questions that they have to “figure out.” He said with Rachel, there have been no words of affirmation of love. But, him and her have always had a strong connection from the beginning. Nick is waiting to see if Rachel will get to that place where he hopes she shares her feelings.

Bachelor 21, Nick Viall, Raven, hometown date

Pictured: Nick and Raven during hometown date.


From the first date, he’s had a strong relationship with Raven that they’ve built over time. Since he’s not sure where her heart is at, he decided to go out with Raven for his first one-on-one date in Finland.

Raven stated in her confessional that she’s never told any boyfriend that she’s in love with them. Raven feared loving someone more than they love her.

In Nick’s confessional, he said he loves that Raven is the perfect combination of “salty and sweet,” and every time he’s with her, he falls more and more for her.

Raven expressed to Nick that she was really nervous about the Fantasy Suite. Nick said he was more concerned about the relationship and not so much about the sex. Raven confessed that she’s never said “I love you” to a boyfriend. She told Nick that in her last relationship she thought that she was in love but wasn’t. She never felt “safe enough” to tell him for fear of the feelings not being reciprocated.

A big revelation (the first one) was when Raven told Nick that she has stronger feelings for him than she did for her last boyfriend. Nick was really happy to hear that! Raven told Nick that she started having strong feelings for him during their last one-on-one date that only grew when she saw Nick with his parents. She told him it was easy to see him as a partner, as a dad, and “too easy how comfortable I felt with you.” She added, “every step of the way, you have made it really easy for me to love you.” Then she told him that she loves him. “It would be the worst thing that I could do to not tell you that.”

Nick called it one of the best professions of love ever (and not just to him, but in general). Raven interpreted from Nick’s reaction that he loves her too. She said the key ingredient to opening her up is that Nick makes her feel safe. But, going into the Fantasy Suite is a bigger deal for her since she’s never had an orgasm (second revelation) and only been with one man. After she told him about never having an orgasm, Nick reacted, “I wasn’t expecting that.”

Nick was unsure about what this week would bring and said “I want to have a clear head about it and not sleeping with the women would help me get to that point.” Raven expected that the Fantasy Suite night would seal the deal with her and Nick and called it a night she will remember forever.

TO BE CONTINUED: Before viewers could see how Nick and Raven’s date ended, the show was cut short. Next week viewers will see the last hour to this episode along with a two hour show of “The Women Tell All.”


Bachelor 21, Nick Viall, Women Tell All


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