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Nigel Talks New Judging Process on SYTYCD NEXT GENERATION

Posted on July 10 2016 by Editor

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Nigel Talks New Judging Process on SYTYCD NEXT GENERATION

FOX’s “So You Think You Can Dance” (SYTYCD) is breaking new barriers proving that today’s youth are not just texting, Facebooking and gaming. They’re committed, talented and driven. During a recent phone interview with SYTYCD Executive Producer, creator and judge, Nigel Lythgoe gave us his thoughts on the Next Generation season so far.

New Judging Process:

SYTYCD judges, derulo, abdul, lythgoe

Pictured (l-r): Jason Derulo, Paula Abdul, Nigel Lythgoe

The voting this season will be in the hands of America from the first week, unlike previous seasons where judges Paula Abdul, Nigel Lythgoe, and Jason Derulo would choose which dancers would go home for the first few weeks of the live shows. With the eliminations left in the hands of the viewers, how will the judges be involved this season? Lythgoe answered “basically, we’re going to let America decide.” He stated that America will decided on both the young performers and the All-Stars working together. There will be solos and duets that the dancers will be judged on.

This season will include a fourth judge – Maddie Ziegler from “Dance Moms” and Sia videos. Lythgoe said “having more judges, we’ll try to move quickly…I’ll be the harsher judge. Sometimes, America goes with the judges.”

Sytycd Maddie Ziegler

Dancer Not in the Top 10:

After this season’s auditions, the fate of the young dancers were left in the hands of the All-Stars who decided who would compete in the Top 10. Lythgoe said he was especially disappointed not to see dancer Sage make it to the Top 10. “He was exceptional” Lythgoe stated.

The Inspiration of Lil Phoenix:

SYTYCD season 13 Lil Phoenix

During last season’s SYTYCD finale, previous SYTYCD dancer Cyrus brought onto the stage a young hip-hot dancer “Lil Phoenix”. This is where Nigel exclaimed that he could see the possibility of dedicating a full season to young dancers like her. When Lythgoe saw Phoenix audition for this season, he told her she was “almost” the inspiration of this season’s Next Generation. We asked him if Phoenix wasn’t the inspiration, then what was?

Lythgoe said FOX loved Lil Phoenix and Cyrus performance. “I didn’t know I was instigating a series…I have to say, these kids are remarkable. This is the future of dance.” Lythgoe went on about his many efforts to keep dance alive and bring it to the forefront . This includes his Dizzy Feet Foundation and National Dance Day along with SYTYCD. He said he wants dance to be around long after SYTYCD and “Dancing with the Stars.” Lythgoe noted, “dance was once gone in America and my country. Now it’s back!”

Next Generation Follow-Ups:

The young talent that audiences have gotten to know this season on SYTYCD are not a whole lot younger than some of the 18-year-old dancers America fell in love with on previous seasons of the show. So, will there be another season years from now dedicated to following-up on these 10-13 year-olds? Lythgoe answered, “It would be wonderful to follow-up if I’m around in ten years!”


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