Night of Last Chances on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT in Las Vegas – Night One

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July 17, 2013
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Night of Last Chances on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT in Las Vegas – Night One

After judging a great deal of acts to send to Las Vegas, the judges have to decide who is good enough to move on to the live show rounds in New York at Radio City Music Hall. Hundreds of acts made it, but there are only sixty spots to fill. The first day in Las Vegas brought a lot of nerves for most and divided the weak from the strong.


First up were the danger acts that included David Ferman, Brad Buyers, Alexander Magala, and Sam Johnson.


After David Ferman performed, Howard Stern said, “Great ideas and talent, but no showmanship.”

Watch David Ferman as he rides a six- foot unicycle surrounded by fifty stun guns, while juggling three of them Here


Brad Buyers pulled a cart with a hook in his nose. Heidi said “That’s disgusting.” Howard said “That’s crazy stuff.”

Watch as Brad Buyers pulls Nick Cannon on a cart with only a hook in his nose. Here


Alexandr Magala displayed his sword swallowing and pole dancing talent. He said if he moves the wrong way, the sword could cut anything inside of him. “You are a little bit nutty,” said Heidi about his act.

Watch deli worker Alexandr Magala take his sword swallowing to crazy new heights during his pole dancing act. Here


Sam Johnson said he risked his life during his audition in New Orleans for his son. “Working at minimum wage, there’s no chance in sending him to college,” Sam said. During his act, Same doused a top hat with gasoline. Then lit the top hat on fire, and poured gasoline on his head, then put the fiery hat on top of his head. He said the next stunt he will do will make the judges forget the last two.

Watch Sam Johnson cover himself in gasoline, put on a flaming top hat and juggle as he rolls across a tight rope. Here


Red Panda faced the judges with a sore back. She performed her balancing multiple bowls trick on a seven and a half foot unicycle. After dropping a couple of the bowls during the first shot, she tried again and succeeded. She was extremely emotional while in front of the judges after her act. “I’m devastated. I feel sad,” she said.

Watch Red Panda attempt to catch five bowls on her head while riding a unicycle Here



Forte opera singing group had to get a replacement singer when there original guy pulled-out of the Vegas trip. They said they found the new guy through videos online and said “he’s a great opera singer.” Howard reacted, “The new guy is a strong singer and made the other two seem weak.”

Watch Forte perform Andrea Bocelli’s “The Prayer” Here


Pictured: Opera singers auditioning for AGT.


Brandon and Savannah (16, 14 years old)
“We’re performing a cover song and that’s a big risk because we are really coming out of our comfort zone,” said Brandon.

Watch Brandon and Savannah sing “Little Talks” Here


American Hitmen (former Marines) performed “House of the Rising Sun.

Watch American Hitmen sing “House of the Rising Sun” Here


The kids category brought 2Uniuqe, Lil Demon and Melody Cabelloro, along with dancers Ruby and Jonas, and D’Angelelos and Amanda. Sister rappers “2Uniiuqe” and “Lil Demon” (11 years old) performed.


Lil Demon

Watch Lil Demon show his moves to Pitbull, see if it moves him all the way to New York Here



Watch 2Unique sing “Party In the USA” written by Jessica Cornish, Lukasz Gottwald and Claude Kelly Here


Melody Caballeros

Watch how Melody Caballeros takes her contortion act to a new level by spinning while balancing on her mouth Here


Competeing couples dancing teams came-out with the missions to beat each other.

Ruby and Jonas (9 and 10 years old) are ball room dancers. Her brother is competing as D’Angeleo and Amanda (12 and 13 years old). D’Angeleo wasn’t worried about the competition and said, “We’re older and better.” His sister, Ruby said, “We’re better dancers and cuter,” which she also told the judges.

Ruby and Jonas danced the Tango with one slip-up. Ruby was crying because they had a slip. Jonas said it was slippery.
“You did a really good job. You were amazing,” Mel B. said as she hugged her on-stage. The coach told Ruby that it’s not about he slip, it’s how to recover from it, and that it happens to all dancers.

Watch D’Angelo, Amanda, Ruby and Jonas to see if they have what it takes to dance on the same stage as The Rockettes. Here


Howie said, “We are going to have to judge and only fill a few spots.”


First up of the comedy group was Jimmy Failla (36 year old cab driver).
The judges said he rushed his act too much.

Jimmy Failla drives cabs, but tries to drive the Judges into laughter. See if he delivers Here


Smooth E, who is David Schwartz
Heidi said – “He is not as strong as the others.”

Watch how Eric Schwartz uses his Jewish heritage to make our Judges laugh Here


Taylor Williamson (26)
The judges were laughing, Mel B said “He was funny.”

Watch Taylor Williamson make the Judges laugh in Vegas, but is it enough to make it to Radio City Here


John Wing (53 years old).
He said he’s a recovering drug addict. Wing said, “You never stop having a dream. Just because I’m 53, you don’t give up on that.”

Watch John Wing tell jokes about Oprah and his dad to make people laugh, but is it enough to move him along in the competition Here


DANCE Category



They said, “Normally we’re dance instructors. The kids back at home are very supportive.” They performed break dancing against visual screens as backdrops. “They were not anywhere as good as the last time,” Howard said. The other judges disagreed.

Watch the Hype dance trio perform to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody. Here


Art Spark (ages 15-26)

Howard said – “The idea was fabulous, but what about the dance?”
Mel B said, “the teenagers are watching this. My teenage son would think they are ridiculously good.”

Watch as Art Spark shows their moves to an original movie trailer. Here


Archbishop Molly Step Team – a stomp band

Howard said, “Their first audition was great. This was equally fun, but the same routine.”

Watch the Archbishop Molloy Step Team use timing and energy in their dance. Here


Kid the Wiz (17) was next.

He danced around the balancing of a base ball cap. He dropped the hat.
Howard said – “What he does is difficult but there were some mistakes”

Watch Kid the Wiz and see if a hat act could be the biggest thing to hit the AGT stage Here


Dylan Wilson (17)
Learned all his dance moves off the internet. Dancing is my life. This competition is everything to me. This is my chance to get out of my small town and follow my career. He danced while wearing a Howie Mandel T-Shirt

Watch the return of Dancing Dylan Wilson and his amazing robotic dancing. Here




Tavi and Antonio

“Everything has led up to this moment in our lives. We have to go to N.Y.,” they said.
Mel B. said – “It wasn’t a trick.”

Watch Tavi and Antonio and see if this loving act make the Judges fall in love with them. Here


Brandon Rosario

Watch Brandon Rosario to find out if he will be working the pole at Radio City. Here


Duo Resonance

They said they added a spinning trick at the end. They wanted to spin more.

Watch Duo Resonance as they spin and balance each other as only extreme contortionists can Here


Timber Brown (28)
From a broken home. Father was a drug addict. Mom was an alcoholic. He auditioned in L.A.
His act consisted of tricks on two poles. Howie said he didn’t think “he hit the mark that we need for Radio City Music Hall.

Watch Timber Brown’s double poles dancing to Tim McGraw. Here


Kristef Brothers
Both moms were dance teachers. “We want to make you smile and laugh when you see our act.” One of them said, “If I didn’t have this act I’d d be dead or in jail.. I get to perform with my best friend.”
Do you think the comedy takes away from the skill? – Howie They answered “We want to see that there are many shades.”

Watch Kristef Brothers they are fun, colorful, and have amazing strength Here




Deanna DeCippoa

39 year old dog rescuer. There were some technical difficulties. So, she had to come back. I thought that the nerves didn’t serve here well – Howie “I disagree” – Howard “this is it for me I feel like – Deanna

Compare to the original version performed by Rascal Flatts Here


Skyilyr Hicks (13) _ Singer Songwriter
Dad passed away. Music let her release emotion built up inside her.

Watch Skilyr Hicks perform her original song “Second Chance. Here


Selena McKenzie

Watch Selena Mykenzie Gordon sing “A Broken Wing” Here


Cami Bradley (25). Says she never thought about auditioning for a show like AGT.
She sang while playing the piano.

Watch Cami Bradley sing “Summertime” written by George Gershwin and DuBose Heyward. Here


Watch AMERICA’S GOT TALENT season 8 episode 8 “Vegas Week, Night 1” aired on Tuesday, July 16, 2013.


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