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No Drama on THE VOICE Season 11 Knockouts Week 1 Recap

Posted on October 25 2016 by Editor

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No Drama on THE VOICE Season 11 Knockouts Week 1 Recap

The fist week of “The Voice” season 11 Knockout Round had the help of Key Advisers country super-stars, power couple Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. Each teams’ artists were pleasantly surprised and extremely excited to be working with the very experienced and helpful two.



The Voice 11, Knockouts, Josh Gallagher, Sundance Head

Pictured (l-r): Josh Gallagher, Sundance Head

Sundance chose to sing “The Climb” and suggested he sing it acoustically. Blake said if anyone can pull off an acoustic, it’s Sundance Head. Josh chose to sing “My Maria” song. Faith Hill said of Josh, “I like people who do falsettos nailing it like they’re breathing.” Blake thought Josh chose a really tough song.

After their Knockout performances, Alicia told Josh “it’s super fluid and super easy for you.” She called it like breathing and called him “Timber”. She said Sundance’s owning it was “beautiful.” Miley told Josh that it sounds like he’s already made it. She complimented Sundance on making the song his own and said he gave it so much “unison.” Adam told Josh that he’s gotten better and better and the sky’s the limit. Coach Blake liked that their clothes were matching! He said it was Faith’s idea to do the song with just his guitar and he thought it paid off. Blake said he chose who he thought gave a solid performance (technically). That was Sundance.

The Voice 11, Knockouts, Sundance Head

Knockout Winner: Sundance Head. Blake said he needed to reward him for doing something so much out of the box.

Steal: Adam stole Josh. Adam said he has wanted to take a Country singer (star) to beat Blake “over the head with”. Adam said it was “easy” to make that steal.


The Voice 11, Knockouts,  Kylie Rothfield, Whitney& Shannon

Pictured (l-r): Kylie Rothfield, Whitney& Shannon

Alicia was also excited about Key Advisers Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, because they understand soul and Country. She paired Kylie and Whitney & Shannon because they both have a “folksy style and the same energy”

Kylie chose “Hound Dog” – the Big Mama Thornton version. Tim advised her that she wants it to feel like she’s in a club and “swampy”. Alicia advised her to “unleash” on the song and not to back down. Faith said she was “blown-away” by Kylie.

Whitney & Shannon chose “I Won’t Give Up”. They said that song is a reminder of how far they’ve come. They said singing on their own is the most challenging. Tim McGraw said they have to NOT compliment each other with their singing in this Knockout.

After they sang, Miley said she can’t help but “get tingles”. Adam said Kylie played the guitar in an impactful way and loved how she did a “walk-off” on stage. Blake said it’s easy for Alicia to get swept-up by Whitney & Shannon because they’re a duo. But, Kylie’s a duo too with her guitar. Coach Alicia said she loved seeing Whitney & Shannon singing that song. She said Kylie’s growing into something she didn’t know she had in her. Alicia chose Kylie as the winner.

The Voice 11, Knockouts, Kylie Rothfield

Knockout Winner: Kylie Rothfield. Alicia said “Kylie has a lot of growth in her” and she and can’t wait to take her outside of herself.


The Voice 11, Knockouts, Ali Caldwell, Lauren Diaz

Pictured (l-r): Ali Caldwell, Lauren Diaz

Miley said Ali vs. Lauren is a fair match because they’re such power houses. Ali chose “Ordinary Love”. McGraw suggested she give “more sensuality” and more “smoke”.
Lauren chose “Rise Up”. She calls it her life song from raising her son at a young age. Faith and Tim advised that it’s more powerful for Lauren to perform without the piano.

Adam said he loves Ali and to say she could win it is an understatement. He said sometimes she becomes detached. With Lauren, he feels every single thing. Blake said there’s no doubt that Ali will go far in the competition. But, he said Lauren has an urgency and desperation. Alicia said she liked Ali’s strategy of smoothness of voice. She like Lauren’s break-through. Alicia turned to Miley and said “DAMN!” Coach Miley thanked Lauren for letting everyone into her emotion by crying onstage.

The Voice 11, Knockouts, Ali Caldwell

Knockout Winner: Ali Cladwell


The Voice 11, Knockouts, Dave Moisan, Simone Gundy

Pictured (l-r): Dave Moisan, Simone Gundy

Dave chose “Like I Can” by Sam Smith. Adam thought the song was an “ambitious choice” for Dave. Faith told him she could feel Dave thinking. Simone Gundy is from Texas and blanked-out when she saw Faith and Tim. Simone chose “Midnight Train to Georgia’ She said it’s representative of her with her baby and boyfriend. Adam said Simone has it all, “she’s an entertainer.” Simone wants to show her son to pursue his dreams.

Blake said Simone took the opportunity and he’d vote for Simone. Alicia said Dave has a beautiful voice, but not sure it was the right song for him. Miley said Simone’s fighter attitude shines through. Coach Adam said he based the winner of what he saw in this moment. Adam chose Simone.

The Voice 11 Knockouts, Simone Gundy

Knockout Winner: Simone Gundy. Adam said Dave got nervous, and “you cannot not reward Simone” he said.


The Voice 11 Knockouts, Courtnie Ramirez, We' McDonald

Pictured (l-r):

Alicia paired Courtnie and We’ because they’re both very talented 17-years old. They were both excited to see Tim and Faith Courtnie said she’s a Country girl at heart. Courtnie chose “If I Were a Boy” by Beyonce to sing for her Knockout. We’ chose to sing “No More Drama” by Mary J. Blige because it’s a testament to what happened to her being bullied. She also listens to Mary J. Blige with her mom whenever they’re having a bad day. Alicia said the winner will be dependent on who she is going to “feel.”

Miley said every time, Courtnie outdoes herself and the new confidence in We’ is incredible to watch. Adam said Courtnie is coming into her own right now and they both “killed it”. Blake told We’ “give me some of that.” We’ has a charisma about her that makes her special. Coach Alicia was amazed that they are both 17-years-old.

The Voice 11 Knockouts, We' McDonald

Knockout Winner: We’ McDonald. Alicia went with We’, she said, because her voice, look and name are all “unforgettable.”

Blake mentioned a suggestion to Alicia for ‘Voice producers if for only one time the coaches could keep both of their artists.


The Voice 11 Knockouts, Jason Warrior, Riley Elmore

Pictured (l-r): Jason Warrior, Riley Elmore

Riley chose “Haven’t Met You Yet” by Micael Buble. Adam said Riley goes from a guy with a great voice to a guy that could win the show. He advised Riley to believe in himself. Tim agreed that Riley needs to work on selling his performance. Jason chose to sing “I Want You.”

Adam said Jason is out of this world. But, Riley has a distinctive tone. Blake said Riley still needs to work on his stage presence. But, Alicia said she liked it! She said Jason is hitting crazy notes that women can’t hit, and feels blessed that he’s there. Miley said the way that Jason interacts with the crowd is what it takes to be a super-star. She likes Riley’s sweetness. Coach Adam said when he hears Riley sing, it always shocks him and takes him back to a different time. Adam said he picked the person that is the most unlike anything that they’ve ever had on the show. That was Riley!

The Voice 11 Knockouts, Riley Elmore

Knockout Winner: Riley Elmore.

Steal: Blake stole Jason Warrior and asked Adam “what’s wrong with you?” Blake told Jason that he could win this! Blake also said he stole Jason because his range is amazing an he’s not afraid to try new things.



The Voice 11 Knockouts, Bindi Liebowitz vs.Courtney Harrell

Pictured (l-r): Bindi Liebowitz, Courtney Harrell

Courtney Harrell chose “River Deep, Mountain High” by Tina Turner. Bindi Liebowitz chose to sing “Son of a Preacher Man” by Dusty Springfield.

The Voice 11 Knockouts Courtney Harrell

Knockout Winner: Courtney Harrell


The Voice 11 Knockouts, Billy Gilman vs. Ponciano Seoane

Pictured (-r) Billy Gilman, Ponciano Seoane

Billy chose to sing “Fight Song” for his Knockout Round. He was advised by Adam and key advisers Faith and Tim to “connect” with the audience. Adam told him it’s not good enough that he’s a great singer. He has to connect. Ponciano chose “I See Fire” by Ed Sheeran. Adam said if Ponciano can win this Knockout Round, then he can win “The Voice.”

Blake told Ponciano “that could have been a song that you wrote. It’s unbelievable.” He said, with Billy “you have so much that you want to prove and I felt it in your performance.” Alicia told Billy that she felt an attentiveness. “Great job guys.” Miley said she loves that the show stays focused on the voice and thinks Billy’s voice is amazing. She agreed with Blake that Ponciano could have been singing an original song. Coach Adam said he admires Billy’s perseverance and Billy has “a special gift.” Adam chose Billy as the winner.

The Voice 11 Knockouts, Billy Gilman

Knockout Winner: Billy Gilman. Adam said “Billy is a kid that’s going to win this whole thing.”


The Voice 11 Knockouts, Belle Jewel vs. Christian Cuevas

Pictured (l-r): Belle Jewel, Christian Cuevas

Alicia said she paired Belle and Christian because “they are both unique in their vocal style and I want to see how their individualism stand up.” Belle chose to sing 1980s song “Don’t Dream It’s Over” by Crowded House. Christian said Alicia has helped him develop the “real emotion” behind his music. He chose to sing “Superstar”, the Luther Vandross version. Tim McGraw was impressed by Christian’s voice. Faith thought he was great, but needed to know how to interpret the song. Christian said he’s ready to show them a part of him that they’ve never seen before.

Miley said she got nervous for Alicia and loves everything about Belle because she knows what kind of artist she is. Miley told Christian that she felt like he was looking at her and was falling in love with him. Adam said he’s “obsessed” by Christian’s voice. Blake reacted that he’s mad at Alicia that she put these two together. Christian vocally “explodes and it’s undeniable,” he said. Alicia said they both delivered their songs, and Belle is “so dope.” Alicia really wanted Christian to respect the song. “It didn’t come easy to you. You had to work for this, and you did.” Alicia picked Christian as the winner.

The Voice 11 Knockouts Christian Cuevas

Knockout Winner: Christian Cuevas. Alicia said she picked him because Christian had a lot to prove with the song. She said she was “blown away” and “he earned that Knockout.”

Steal: Miley Cyrus stole Belle Jewel (before Belle made her farewell speech). Miley said “fashion and style, that’s a part of art,” and is inspired by Belle. Miley said she looks forward to picking songs out for Belle.


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