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No Fake Rolexes On THE X FACTOR USA Top 3 – Live Shows Finale Recap

Posted on December 19 2013 by Editor

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No Fake Rolexes On THE X FACTOR USA Top 3 – Live Shows Finale Recap

At the top of the Wednesday night’s show, host Mario Lopez asked Simon what his thoughts were on this seasons’ final three acts. Simon responded with, “This could be one of the closet finals we’ve ever had. Winning is the MOST important thing.”

The X Factor USA Final 3 Season 3

THE X FACTOR USA Final 3 season 3!

Wednesday’s show included three performance each from the top three acts. The remaining three contestants – Carlito Olivero (Boys- Paulina), Jeff Gutt (Over 25’s – Kelly), and Alex & Sierra (Groups – Simon) each sang a final performance, a performance with a major singer who were Leona Lewis (Alex & Sierra), Prince Royce (Carlito Olivero), and John Rzeznik (Jeff Gutt), and their last performances was a break-out performance from the season.

The Top 3 opened the show by singing “We Will Rock You” by Queen.

CARLITO OLIVERO (Boys – Paulina)

The X Factor USA - Carlito Olivero, Impossible

Carlito Olivero performs “Impossible” – THE X FACTOR USA

From Chicago, Carlito was homeless for many months. He said most people’s dreams in the city where he’s from is to dream of working at a hardware store or a nice restaurant and working their up to management. “That’s the only way out,” he said. Carlito performed “Impossible.”

Carlito said in regards to his parents, “this is my chance to show them everything that they did was not in vain.” After his performance, Kelly reacted with “What I have grown to love and adore about you is your heart. You always share your heart with us and that is half of having the X Factor.”

Demi said, “I am blown away by that performance and your story.” Her criticism was, “You’re still in your head. This was a very passionate performance and it gave me the chills. I believe you can win this.”

Simon said, “I really learned that I have to respect you. This is the type of contestant that I love to work with. Someone who can pick yourself up. You are not the best singer. But you make up for it.”

Paulina said, “For me someone can sing Salsa, in English, In Spanish with nothing . You need support tonight, and Carlito you deserve that.”


ALEX & SIERRA (Groups – Simon)

Sierra said that when she told Alex that Simon is on The X Factor, he wanted to audition. When he found out that Simon was their mentor, he cried. Simon told Alex and Sierra that he went for the groups because of them.

After their performance, Kelly was blown away at the rapid growth of the two especially Sierra. She said, “Your vocals – ya’ll sound even better now. Any label will take you right now. They’d be crazy not to.”

Demi said, “I listen to your recordings on iTunes. I’m a fan. I’m so proud of you guys. This is a competition. This is going to be really tight. I’m really hoping you continue to do this.”

Paulina said, “Sierra you have that tone of your voice that makes you unique. That love that you have. You guys grow so much in this competition. You have that x factor guys.”

Their mentor Simon told them, “You are exactly the same on-screen as you are off-screen. I’ve dreamed that I would find a star that could represent America. I think I found it with you two.”


JEFF GUTT (Over 25s – Kelly)

The X Factor USA - Jeff Gutt, Dream On

Jeff Gutt performs “Dream On” – THE X FACTOR USA

He said being in the finals is amazing and it’s why he returned to The X Factor. Flashback to Jeff’s second audition that landed him on the show this season – Simon said, “You’re the one that got away last year. You’re not getting away this year.” Kelly said she thinks Jeff wants this the “worst”. Jeff said, “To me this is much more than about winning this. Its about ending a long journey and beginning a new one.” Jeff performed “Dream On” by Aerosmith.

The X Factor USA - Jeff Gutt, John Rzeznik

Pictured (l-r): Jeff Gutt, Johnny Rzeznik

Demi liked his performance even though she couldn’t hear it. “Jeff that was really, really great. The only problem is that I couldn’t really hear and that was technical.” She pointed out that the audience loved him.

Paulina said, “Maybe we couldn’t hear you here, but they (pointing to the audience) heard you really well.. You have more power with your band behind you. You’re really big.”

Simon said he is the real deal, “For me, this is the very, very first time that I actually believe that you believe that you can actually win the show. A lot of time when we get these rockers on the show, their like a fake Rolex watch. They’re not the real thing. I can’t imagine a record label not signing you up.”

“I got only one word for you Gutt – AMAZING!” said his mentor Kelly.

The X Factor USA - Carlito Olivero, Prince Royce

Pictured (l-r): Carlito Olivero, Prince Royce

After Paulina performed “Boys Will Be Boys,” her artist Carlito performed “Stand By Me” with young Latino singer Prince Royce. After their performance which included some Spanish lyrics, Simon said, “It was the perfect collaboration because that is who you want your career to be like.” Royce said about singing with Carlito, “I identify with him a lot. It’s a special song.” Mario said Prince’s new song “Soy el Mismo” is currently out.

The X Factor USA - Alex & Sierra, Leona Lewis

Pictured (l-r): Alex & Sierra, Leona Lewis

Alex & Sierra performed “Bleeding Love” with Leona Lewis. Leona said about performing with Alex & Sierra, l”Its been so awesome and cool. Nice, genuine people.” Christmas with Love is the name of Leaona’s Christmas album.

Kelly said to Sierra, “You shy but you come across as a sweet flavor. Simon said, “You respected the artist. I thought it was a beautiful version. Leona changed this show forever, I believe you can change this show forever.”


The contestants made their final pleas for winning season 3 of THE X FACTOR USA by performing their best songs of the season. Carlito performed “Maria, Maria” by Santana. Simon reacted, “You have earned my respect, America’s respect. You’re a pleasure to work with and I wish you the best. Paulina said, “You give it your all. That is why we admire you. You deserve it more.”

After Alex & Sierra’s final performance of “Say Something” by A Great Big World, Kelly said it was actually better than their first performance of the song. “I didn’t think it could get better, but it did.” Paulina said, “You guys are the perfect artists.” Simon said, “You are exactly what a talent show in America needs. Based on what you’ve achieved throughout the competition, you definitely deserve to win.”

Jeff Gutt sang “Creep” by Radiohead. Paulina said, “I enjoyed this performance. There was nothing missing.” Simon, as always, was honest and said, “I’m happy you sang this song because we didn’t hear it properly during the audition. You have a fantastic night. You are a great contender. Kelly said, “The past couple of weeks has been my heart’s joy.”

Simon closed the show with, “It’s been an honor working here. Most importantly, It’s about the three people on the stage.



THE X FACTOR Season 3 Finale - Final 3

THE X FACTOR Season 3 Finale – Final 3


“I want to win this more than I want air in my body.”- Jeff Gutt
Alex and Sierra said everyone is their biggest competition and that they are up against two really amazing singers.

Paulina’s message to Carlito was, “Carlito has been a great experience sharing a life with you and sharing this amazing project that will change your life forever.” Carlito said he loves his city and everyone who voted for him. He advised others, “don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t do something.”

Christmas songs were performed by the top 3. Carlito sang “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”, Jeff sang an impressive version of O’Holy Night, Alex & Sierra sang “All I Want For Christmas is You.”

Kelly said Jeff Gutt is already a winner. She said he’s taught her so much. “I think you are an exquisite and talented man as you are an artist.”

After Alex & Sierra performed their Christmas song, Alex said to Simon, “We owe everything to you.” Sierra told Simon, “Thanks for giving us a chance and helping us with not only the music, but with the emotions.”

Simon said about Alex & Sierra, “They taught me a lot throughout the process. I realized three weeks ago that I wasn’t working with contestants, but with future recording stars.” He also said that they are the same people since day one and haven’t changed a bit. Simon said he thinks Alex & Sierra should win because they are the best.


Before the third runner-up was announced, each contestant commented on winning The X Factor USA.

Alex from Alex & Sierra said he wants to win because “There’s no prize for second place or third.” Jeff Gut said, “It’s right in front of me, all I have to do is take it.” He also said, “I want to show my son that if you want something, you have to fight for it no matter how long it takes.” Kelly said “this is not about winning a TV show (for Jeff) it’s about winning a career.”

Carlito Olivero was announced as the third place runner-up. Carlito said to his parents, “I love you and I’m never going to let you guys down.” Paulina said, “You deserve this and more. This great experience change you forever. This is a new beginning for you. Congratulations Carlito.”

The X Factor USA Season 3 Finale - Lea Michele

Lea Michele performs – THE X FACTOR USA Season 3 Finale

The X Factor USA - Pitbull perfoms

Pictured: Mentors watch Pitbull perform – THE X FACTOR USA Season 3 Finale

The X Factor USA Finale - One Direction

One Direction performs on THE X FACTOR USA Season 3 Finale

The celebrity singers took to The X Factor stage starting with Lea Michele (Glee), then followed by Leona Lewis – winner of The X Factor UK (2006), and Pitbull who performed “Timber”. The finale celebs to perform was One Direction who were also past winners of The X Factor UK (2010).

The head of Sony Music sent out a special message to The X Factor contestants and told them that the winner will be joining star hit singers such as Pink, Miley Cyrus, One Direction, Beyonce, and many more.



The X Factor USA - Alex & Sierra win

Pictured: Alex & Sierra winning Season 3 of THE X FACTOR USA


The mentors were brought out onto the stage to stand next to their acts. Kelly stood next to Jeff Gutt, and Simon stood next to Alex & Sierra. The winner was announced as Alex & Sierra. Simon said, “I feel like Christmas came early.” Alex & Sierra said they were speechless and thanked the voters. “Thank you so much for getting us here and for making fun of my weird faces….I don’t know,” said Sierra. Jeff Gutt who was second place runner-up said to the voters, “I owe you guys everything. I’m not going to give up. I’m going to be on tour and making records.” He congratulated Alex and Sierra. Alex & Sierra won a $1 million contract with Sony Music.

Watch our interview with Alex & Sierra during week 2 of THE X FACTOR USA:


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