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Oh Sit!- The CW’s Sittiest New Game Show!

Posted on June 06 2012 by Editor

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Oh Sit!- The CW’s Sittiest New Game Show!

EXCLUSIVE! Set News Report!
Game show fans, if you’ve ever wondered to yourself what it would be like to cross shows “Wipeout” with “American Gladiators”, wonder no more! Because the CW is introducing it in the form of “Oh Sit!”.

It’s musical chairs gone wild, hosted by comedian Jamie Kennedy, Jessi Cruikshank, who sit above the stage in a sports-casters-type booth on a platform far from the wet action and Tanika Ray who is the field reporter and interviewer once a contestant leaves the game.

There are 12 contestants in all, six girls and six guys, who have to hurdle over and under massive obstacles (some involve diving into ice-cold water) to make it to center-stage to sit into one of ten chairs before the live band stops playing. One such band was called “Chitty Bang”.

What viewers won’t see on “Oh Sit!” Behind-the-scenes news!

Some obstacle names include: “Holy Sit”, and “The Car Wash”. Players must run around what is a full 360 degree race track and attacking these obstacles as many times as it takes until the music stops. At this point, most contestants are so worn-out that they can barely make it to a chair. Claiming a chair that each contains a different monetary value, means getting across a moat that is a river and making it to the circular island (or stage) that holds only enough chairs for ten players in the first round. The result is two contestants are automatically out. One more exits once scores are calculated and chair values are revealed. Each round after that, two contestants are eliminated.

The obstacles are worth 100 points each in the first round, 150 in the second and 200 points in the third round. Chairs can be valued anywhere form zero dollar amount to $10,000. With such extreme chair values, a contestant’s fate on this game show can easily rest upon it and not on their physical achievements (the more obstacles completed equals more points). This is one of the reasons we are calling this show the “sittiest” new game show.

But, then there’s also the hosts who mock the show with humorous dialogue in a similar way as commentators on ABC’s “Wipeout”. In one episode, Kennedy has a crush on one of the female players with a big chest. He flirtatiously said she was a “healthy girl”. Conversations that would contain a certain bad word, is replaced with “sitty” by hosts. This word ran amuck especially during show breaks.

Course points are calculated by 12 judges who are each assigned a contestant. They sit in the stands with the rest of the audience and track their player with a map of the course and add their player’s points.

During the running of the course, contestants can sabotage each other by pulling each other back or pushing one another into the water. One thing that is absolutely off limits is pushing a player from behind. One player was eliminated for it after making it to the final four.

In the final round, the three remaining contestants must compete for only one chair that is atop a hill or “mountain” on the stage. This requires players to scale the side of the hill and be the first to reach the very top.

Another reason it’s the “sittiest” new game show- whomever reaches the top of the mountain, wins the game even if they bypass some of the obstacles in getting there. Apparently in this game show, that’s okay to do.


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