Our Year In GAME SHOWS – 10 Memorable Moments of 2011

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January 3, 2012
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Our Year In GAME SHOWS – 10 Memorable Moments of 2011

HOLLYWOOD JUNKET prides itself on reporting live from the sets of classic and modern-day game shows alike such as: “Let’s Make a Deal”, “The Price is Right”, “The Voice”, “America’s Got Talent”, “Minute to Win It”, “Baggage”, “The Sing Off”, and our list is ever growing and changing as the landscape of television game shows changes- ushering some out, and introducing new ones in.

While on the set this past year of 2011, I put together an editor’s special list of the most memorable moments on the sets of some of these shows that I have witnessed first-hand. This list won’t include some of the news from sets that’s been reported by the site’s other reporters. Hollywood Junket story links are accompanied with each moment listed below. Not in any particular order.

1- “Let’s Make a Deal”, a contestant was found sleeping in the audience by show host Wayne Brady. After Brady brought him onto the stage to play, this contestant actually won a bed set! If that’s not irony, I don’t know what is. https://hollywoodjunket.com/2011/12/06/lets-make-a-deal-not-so-fast-getting-selected-and-what-to-expect/

2- “Lingo”, a contestant gave the answer of “P—y” (that describes the female genitalia) to one of his clues that was “It comes with cream”. The host and audience were all shocked. https://hollywoodjunket.com/2011/04/05/gsn-lingo-quick-wit-word-solvers/

3- “The Voice”, Christina Aguilera said “scootched the pooch” while trying to mock Blake Shelton’s “screwed the pooch” statement to Adam Levine. https://hollywoodjunket.com/2011/04/11/the-voice-the-facebook-to-foxs-myspace-american-idol/

4- “The Voice” – Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and Cee Lo Green singing theme song to “The Golden Girls”, Thank You For Being a Friend during down time on the set. https://hollywoodjunket.com/2011/04/11/the-voice-the-facebook-to-foxs-myspace-american-idol/

5- “The Sing-Off” Watching “Dartmouth Aires” perform “Pinball Wizard” by “The Who”. “The Pentatonix” performance of Kanye West’s “Love Lockdown” is a very close runner-up. I was backstage when they performed and didn’t actually see them. https://hollywoodjunket.com/2011/10/04/the-sing-off-host-nick-lachey-no-judging-in-future-episode-spoiler/

6- “The X Factor”, my experience crashing the press line on the set in Los Angeles to interview Simon Cowell. https://hollywoodjunket.com/2011/05/08/x-factor-first-day-on-the-set-exclusive/

7- “The Sing-Off” judges dancing to the show’s theme song while going to a commercial break. https://hollywoodjunket.com/2011/08/16/the-sing-off-season-3-groups-to-watch-set-report-sneak-peek/

8- “Killer Karaoke a contestant fell off the Cactus maze stunt set. He didn’t get hurt. https://hollywoodjunket.com/2011/10/14/killer-karaoke-cheap-shock-tv-heckling-overdrive/

9- “America’s Got Talent” Kinetic King’s wildcard stunt of a grand scale of domino’s that he perfectly executed. It was very thrilling to see it live in-person! https://hollywoodjunket.com/2011/08/16/americas-got-talent-kinetic-king-in-wildcard-show-tonight/

10- “Minute to Win it” watching Aron Ralston, real-life hiker who cut off his arm (“127 Hours” movie) play the game. https://hollywoodjunket.com/2011/02/17/minute-to-win-it-from-127-hours-to-60-seconds/



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