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MASTER CHEF: Casting in Los Angeles!

The producers of “The Biggest Loser”, and Chef Gordon Ramsay (“Hell’s Kitchen”, and “Kitchen Nightmares”) are casting for a new “inspirational” cooking show called MASTER CHEF. […]

THE NEWLYWED GAME: Third Season Return!

Hollywood, Ca – GSN’s updated version of “The Newlywed Game” officially marked it’s third season return Thursday at KCET studios in Hollywood with host Carnie Wilson. […]

Mark Walberg: The Moment of Dance Truth!

Former “The Moment of Truth” and “Antiques Roadshow” host, Mark L. Walberg is taking a shot at hosting a new dance show pilot. Contestants are brought-in […]

AVATAR: Blu-ray/DVD Release Reviewed by a Tech Expert!

Reported by: Chris B., Tech Specialist The highest grossing film will be making its first and much anticipated Blu-ray and DVD release on April 22, coinciding […]

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