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Our Year In GAME SHOWS – 10 Memorable Moments of 2011

HOLLYWOOD JUNKET prides itself on reporting live from the sets of classic and modern-day game shows alike such as: “Let’s Make a Deal”, “The Price is […]

THE MOMENT OF TRUTH: Jose Canseco Unaired Episode!

EXCLUSIVE! Back when FOX network had the controversial game show called “The Moment of Truth” hosted by Mark Walberg, it filmed several special celebrity episodes that […]

FACE OFF: Sneak-Peek Werewolf Challenge Episode!

PREVIEW REPORT! Contains teasers! Syfy channel’s reality competition show, “Face Off” will challenge contestants in this week’s show to create wounds inflicted by a werewolf for […]

THE DICTATOR: Sacha Baron Cohen Spoof, Movie Teaser!

Comedic actor Sacha Baron Cohen plays a vulgar, self-centered dictator of a country he so proudly oppresses. In the latest Paramount Pictures teaser, it shows General […]

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