March 1, 2023

Who’s Next to Go? THE BACHELOR Season 27 Week 6 Recap!

Zach said at this point, he has a connection with all of the women there.  And every day his relationships are getting stronger.  Kat said she wanted to make-up time that she "lost" with Zach yesterday.  Then, Charity called Kat to talk alone...MORE
February 27, 2023

From Self Taught to Champion on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: ALL STARS Winner Revealed!

That meant it was between Avery and Aidan.  Light Balance Kids thanked the judges and the Super Fans. She said they were dancing on stage making what they want to do "the most." Howie said it was huge for their country and...MORE
February 21, 2023

London Calling and So is Zach via Zoom! THE BACHELOR Season 27 Week 5 Recap

Brooklyn compared it to "someone breaking up with you over the phone."   Zach spoke to the women via a large monitor.  He said "this has been very unique and strange," and they made the most of it."  He described it as very...MORE


February 13, 2023

Blame it on Instagram, THE BACHELOR Season 27 Week 4 Recap

Anastasia was genuinely confused as to why someone said that about her.  When she returned to the group, Kylee told everyone that it was her that told Zach about it.  Anastasia said it was taken out...MORE
February 9, 2023

New ‘Ding Dong’ Save Feature Added to THE MASKED SINGER Season 9 Sneak-Peek!

"The Masked Singer" season 9, like season 8, will have themed episodes with two masks being revealed at the end of each episode.  There's only one catch, the sleuth panelists have the power to actually SAVE, that's right! Save a mask using a new feature added...MORE
February 7, 2023

Two Self Eliminations on Zach’s No Drama THE BACHELOR Week 3 Recap

Finally, Brooklyn told Christina that they didn't want to hear about her date anymore, and it was starting to seem that she was being "malicious."  Hmmm....maybe Brianna was on to something last week after all! In Bailey's alone time with Zach, she...MORE
February 6, 2023

Returning Contestant Gets Simon Cowell Upset on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: ALL-STARS Week 6 Recap

He said having the gumption to come back again, and again makes him an All-Star.  Sethward said no matter what the judges say, he thinks he deserves to be there.  He said he's there to...MORE
January 31, 2023

First Date Bombshell on THE BACHELOR 27 Week 2 Recap

Zach said it was a big week with "bad bitch energy" and he's feeling like a "bad bitch" himself.  During a toast to all of the women, Zach singled-out Christina to tell her how much he liked...MORE

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