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Trash TV In Disguise – THE TEST Sneak-Preview EXCLUSIVE!

Another guest came onto the show to find out if her on-again, off-again boyfriend of 12 years has been cheating on her. She called herself the “Beyonce” of the hood, and wanted to know why her boyfriend would…

Scratching the Surface! THE X FACTOR USA – 2013 Auditions Week 2

The second week of THE X FACTOR auditions included some very interesting auditions along with some runaway talented memorable ones. Three of the days left the […]

The Dead Reanimate In Syfy’s ZOMBIE NIGHT

News reports of “the dead able to reanimate” show apocalyptic type chaos happening in the streets. People are looting local businesses, stealing, and being chased and eaten…

Going to Be Classic! THE X FACTOR USA – 2013 Auditions Week 3

Then Simon told the rapping two “I think you should change the name of the group to diluted. The song was terrible.” It was super entertaining, and they even had Kelly and the crowd up and dancing. I would like to see…

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