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Product of Genius! THE X FACTOR USA – Four Chair Challenge Week Two Recap

Country trio “Restless Road” formed by mentor Simon Cowell from solo artists who originally were not sent through took to the stage as a group for the first time. The result and response were surprising. Even more surprising was when Demi called Simon a “genius”.

The Strong Survive – THE VOICE Final Battles Recap

Usher said during the Battles Round 2 is when the strong survive. While listening to the two women singing the song, Usher said, “I would want to hear Melissa’s…

Hollywood Week On AMERICAN IDOL Season 13 – Who Survived!

The judges announced to the contestants that there are two buses parked outside. Bus One and Bus Two. Contestants are told which bus they are to get on and that one bus is going to Hollywood, and the other one is going …

Final Judgement – AMERICAN IDOL Season 13 Top 30 Revealed Night Two

Harry told her “We’ve gone back and forth with you so much” he said because she is inconsistent. He then told her that she…

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