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Sweet and Sour Scented THE BACHELOR Week 2 Recap

The theme for this date was “Love Lab”. The group visited skilled doctors who tested their retinas and smells The girl who scored the highest in their eyes focused …MORE

Top 10 AMERICAN IDOL Eliminated Olivia and Gianna INTERIVIEW

It didn’t affect my performance. It may have improved our performances because we had something to live for. We had something at the end of the tunnel.” She added that they knew…MORE

Lots of Tears and Adam Lambert on AMERICAN IDOL Top 5 Recap

Keith gave him the ultimate compliment – “you’re like cake batter. Even when it’s not cooked, it’s really good!” Jennifer said she “thoroughly enjoyed every second…MORE

Top 6 AMERICAN IDOL Eliminated Tristan McIntosh INTERVIEW

Was it the right time for Tristan? She strongly believes “yes” and “there wasn’t a more perfect time.” Tristan said it’s season 15 and she’s 15…MORE

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