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The Academy Third Week SYTYCD Season 14 Recap

Robert had a dilemma with his team after Taylor accidentally hit Jennifer in the head during choreography. This caused a cut above her…MORE

Wicked, Insane and Furious! SYTYCD Top 10 Live Show Season 14 Recap

Nigel confessed that Sydney was slightly under his radar. But, he’ll never forget her now. Vanessa wanted to see “more pizzazz” from Sydney. Mary stated that the performance was “fun, fast and furious!”…MORE

Top 10 Live SYTYCD First Eliminaton Season 14 Recap

Nigel said the performance was a great example of how music and dance can unite the world because everyone involved are from different countries. Vanessa reacted…MORE

Top 9 Live SYTYCD Second Elimination Season 14 Recap

Nigel complimented them by saying it reminded him of “one of those great Fosse dancers.” He added “Cyrus, you were eclipsed tonight by Impavido…MORE

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