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Legit Shook on SYTYCD 15 Top 6 Perform Live Show Week 4 Recap

Nigel said all three dancers have been absolutely incredible, and reminded everyone that the results are based on last week’s votes…MORE

Creating Diamonds on SYTYCD 15 Top 4 Perform Live Show Week 5 Recap

Twitch replied, with a faint voice from his illness this week, that there’s a lot of pressure because both their minds and bodies have been pushed to the limits. But, pressure creates diamonds…MORE

Somebody to Love – Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Preview

The film also showed how “Queen” (once called “Smile”) was the first band to involve audience participation which the band expanded upon with songs like “We Will Rock You” and “We…MORE

Dreams Taking Flight on AMERICAL IDOL Season 2 Premiere Preview

Katy reacted “literally, a star is born.” Lionel told him that he “struck oil,” and woke them up. Luke advised him to smile through…MORE

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