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Top 8 Revealed on SYTYCD Season 16 Live Show week 2 Recap

Nigel said “the routine was dirty.” He agreed that they are the couple to beat tonight. Nigel added that…MORE

Top 6 Revealed on SYTYCD Season 16 Live Show Week 3

“This comment set us back,” Nigel stated and hoped that Lara Spencer realized what she said and retracts it. Gino responded “I’m just here to be the change.” Mary said…MORE

Magic in SYTYCD season 16 Top 4 Revealed Live Show Week 4 Recap

Mary said “it’s called the “flow experience” which is feeling one with the universe. She’s only had one in her whole career. Dtrix said the key to winning…MORE

Extra on SYTYCD Season 16 Top 4 Perform Live Show Week 5 Recap

Nigel said America has a real problem because this was a great hip hop routine by Luther Brown. He stressed that America needs to vote. Mary said…MORE

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