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Winner Revealed SYTYCD Season 16 Live Show Finale

“It’s really kind of hard for me to talk about sometimes because it’s Bailey. No other contestant has affected me. He makes the impossible, possible. He makes me cry like a baby.”..MORE

Clues Uncovered on THE MASKED SINGER Season 3 Sneak-Peek

Judge Robin Thicke slipped and said they already had a legend unmasked earlier this season when he was speaking about another possible…MORE

Audiences are Back! How Shows are Doing it

Followed by a brief pause, shows that depend on audiences being part of their shows are slowly coming back as “normal” as they can. New season of “The Voice” just…MORE

First Clues Dropped on THE MASKED SINGER Season 4 Sneak-Peek

“Serpent” costume which is the first costume to use animatronics. The most interesting costume has to be “Baby Alien.” This is the first costume that will completely…MORE

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