PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4: Teaser Closes Katie’s Time Gap!

Posted on July 30 2012 by Editor

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PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4: Teaser Closes Katie’s Time Gap!

The “Paranormal Activity” franchise continues! Fans can expect to see the fourth installment released in theaters later this year. But for now, Paramount Pictures is releasing the full first trailer this Wednesday, August 1st only on iTunes Movie Trailers.

In this new teaser it looks like fans who’ve been following the series of films will finally get to see what happened to Katie after she became possessed at the end of Part 1 and killed her boyfriend. Watch the teaser below:

As “Paranormal Activity” followers will remember, Part 3 left us with a young Katie and her sister Kristi being part of a witch coven by their grandmother,and revealing a deeper story that the demon that has been haunting the girls for years has attached itself to the women in their family. Hopefully “Paranormal Activity 4” will expand more on that storyline to reveal why.

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