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Party Like a Bad Girl! – BAD GIRLS CLUB: MEXICO Star Sued on TV!

Posted on May 19 2013 by Editor

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Party Like a Bad Girl! – BAD GIRLS CLUB: MEXICO Star Sued on TV!

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A recent episode of reality court show “Judge Alex” that was shot during the new season 9 had reality show star Rimanelli (“Rima”) Mellal from “Bad Girls Club: Mexico” season 9 which airs on Oxygen network, defending her name and honor when she stood in front of Judge Alex E. Ferrer as a defendant against a club promoter.

The club promoter had been promoting Rima as a special celebrity guest at his club’s themed event called “Party Like a Bad Girl.” Rima stated that she was dedicated to making her appearance at the club, however, had elective surgery the same week of the event. Rima did not say what the surgery was, however, just that it would relieve her of some pain she was enduring. Judge Alex confirmed that it was a surgery that she could have waited on in which she said she already had waited to have for months before the event.

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The dispute was over $800. There was no written contract between the reality show star and club promoter, and there was no head count taken the night of the event. Rima said she offered-up another “Bad Girls” girl to take her place once she discovered she was not recovering quickly enough to make the event. She was being sued over the cost of flyers made-up with her name on them, the cost of the venue and for loss revenue from her no-show. The club owner had an excuse of why he did not take her up on the offer. Fans of “Bad Girls Club” will not be disappointed in this “Judge Alex” episode that will include a little something at the end of the trial that “Bad Girls Club” fans love to watch!


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Fans can look for Rima’s case on the new season 9 of “Judge Alex” when it airs September – May 2013 on syndicated television. Check your local listings.

Pictured: Rima from her bad girl days on “Bad Girls Club: Mexico.”

FUN FACT– Judge Alex Ferrer presided over the 1998 real case that was based on the movie “Pain and Gain” murders and embezzlement. In a USA TODAY article, Ferrer recollected, “It was a bizarre case. It was a very difficult case,” said the star of the syndicated Judge Alex. “It was the most difficult case I ever tried. But at the same time I knew from the beginning, somebody’s going to make a book and a movie out of this because it had everything: It had violence, it had sex, it had dark humor.” READ “Pain and Gain” movie review here.


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