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POLE STAR: Carmen Electra’s Spike TV Gig

Posted on February 07 2009 by Set News

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Spike TV recently filmed a pilot show titled, “Pole Star”. A network that’s geared towards men, you can guess what this show will be about.

A group of ladies compete in a club-like atmosphere (shot at “The Troubadour” in West Hollywood) to see who’s judged as the best pole dancer.

Carmen Electra host new pilot for Spike TV

Carmen Electra hosts new pilot for Spike TV

The show is hosted by Carmen Electra. Sources said she was speaking very sexy and faintly, “like Marilyn Monroe when she was singing Happy Birthday to President Kennedy” they stated. Comments were made by those who watched the taping that Electra wasn’t completely focused and she messed-up her lines numerously. Complaints were heard in the bunch describing her as, “Stupid @#*!!”

Oh folks, let’s give her a break! She must be doing something right to have survived this long. Anyway, back to the said “strippers”. One particular contestant was so far-out, she didn’t even touch the pole. She did a dance on the floor then expected high praises from judges. Another contestant was said to have been so impressive and outstanding for making her way to the very top of the pole

More on this if the show actually gets picked-up.


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