Police Academy Icon on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 16 Week 7 Recap

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Police Academy Icon on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 16 Week 7 Recap

Pictured: Michael Winslow -- Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

“America’s Got Talent” host Terry Crews dedicated his show opening to families all over.  Simon said he’s “best buddies” with his son and that’s been “one cool thing” out of the whole thing.   This week, we saw a lot of family acts that consisted of brothers, and sisters, grandpa, granddaughter, and parents and children.  The first auditioner of the night was eleven-year-old TD with his dad JD.
“When you have two minutes up there, you want to be remembered for something incredible.”  – Simon Cowell

TEMPLE LONDON (Kung Fu Fam) Martial Arts

JD said his son TD, was “very excited” to meet and perform for Sofia Vergara.  She was flattered!  They performed a kung fu/acrobat-like act.   Sofia called them “perfection” and TD is “a star.”  She loved the synchronization.  Heidi said it was fantastic.  Howie said they’re doing martial arts, but it’s like “martial hearts” because it’s so beautiful,  father and son.  “This is the ultimate place to come for all families,” added Howie.  Simon said he was thinking about him and his son, how he walked through the garden with him after his broken back.  After watching them, “not such a big deal.”  Simon added,  “You’re both amazing.  I’m thrilled for both of you.”   They got four “yes” votes.


Pictured: Hiplet Ballerinas — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

As little girls they always wanted to be ballerinas. But, all the companies all wanted the ballerinas to look the same.  They’re from Chicago.  They focus on exclusivity and welcome all shapes and sizes.  When Simon said ballet can be boring.  They replied that it can be unless “you have the right dancers.”
Simon reacted “well, we weren’t expecting that.”  Sofia said she loved how they all look different.  The tippy-toes and the music.  Heidi said she was “hypnotized.”  Howie said it was more than ballet.  “You guys are nutcrackers.”  Simon said they were really clever because they’ve done something that they haven’t seen before and “it was a really, really good audition.”  They got all “yes” votes from the judges.


She’s been dreaming of performing her entire life, she said, “and this is my big chance.”  She hopped and skated around on a tiny platform on stage.  She got all “X’s” from the judges.
The next act to the “X’s” was a mailman, “Anthony the Molar Man,” who played on knocking noises with his mouth.  More buzzes followed.




Eric is from New Jersey.  All of his teachers knew he had a special talent.  Eric enlisted in the Drum and Bugle Corp.  Said he thought he’d get to play drums and serve his Country.  “There’s nothing better than that.”  He’s a United States Marine musician.  Eric appeared in front of the judges dressed in a chicken costume.  Unfortunately, Eric got “X” off the stage.  Howie asked “is it true that women love a man in uniform?”  Eric said he does pick-up a lot of women in his chicken costume.  Heidi likes the chicken dance, “but no one was dancing,” she said.  Sofia suggested that if he takes the act to kids parties, it would be successful.  “But not for AGT.”



Sarah is 41-years-old and competed on “The Voice” in 2015.  She said she always wanted to be a singer, even at age four.  She said “being here is so game changing.  I’m just going to do my best.”  Sarah told Simon that she wanted to be Mariah Carey when he asked her “what’s the dream?”   Sarah sang “Worthy” which she said is about “overcoming everything the world has on you and being yourself.”

Sarah got a standing ovation from all four judges and the audience.  She was so emotional.  Simon said “you killed that.”  He asked if that song was written for her.  She said, “no, it’s been released before.”  Howie told her that, ,that “song is a  hit.”  Sofia asked “what took you so long to come to AGT?”   Sarah answered “I didn’t think I was worthy…at my age.”  She said the show is amazing and “all I have to be is myself.”  Heidi said “I love you…you have such power in your voice.”  Simon said her voice is “stunning” and she has an amazing personality.  Sarah got four “yes” votes.

GRAMP AND MAEVE (Tap Dancers) 

A cute grandfather and granddaughter tapping duo auditioned.  The judges loved them.  Howie told them that it’s not a milion dollar act, and they’d have trouble selling tickets.  It was a “no” from him.  Howie continued to be critical of other acts that followed.  Simon said “we’re going to call you Hannibal.”




Pictured: Michael and Angelina Novikova — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC


Six years ago their brother and mom danced there on AGT.  But, got “X’ed” out in the second round by Howie.   Simon asked if their mother was there.  Their mom came onto the stage and said Howie “is really, really rude.” She told Howie that he was really hard on her son.  She said it was hard on her as well and her son was there to support her.  Simon was glad that she was there to tell Howie how he crushed their family.

Then, her son and daughter danced their spicy Salsa routine.   Heidi loved it.  “Perfection” she said.  Sofia said they were great and adorable.  Simon said he didn’t have anything negative to say, “you’re so sweet both of you.”  Simon asked if Howie had anything to say to mom.  He apologized and asked her to accept his apology.   The daughter said they forgive him and “everybody makes mistakes.”  They got four “yes” votes.  After they left the stage,  Simon played a joke on Howie by hitting his buzzer.  The mom came out again and yelled “I’m coming for you!!”


He’s a professional acrobat.   He performed on a pole. Then blindfolded himself.  Simon said “it’s obviously difficult, but I was bored.”  Howie agreed, “I’m not saying he’s not talented.”  Howie said he didn’t understand why the blindfold made it harder.  Sofia and Heidi voted “yes.”  Howie and Simon voted “no.”  He did not go through.


ENRLICH (Variety)

Pictured: Ehrlich — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Enrlich came from the Philippines.   He got there nine days ago.  Enrlich said his friends and family supported him in getting there. “It’s a dream to be here.  The biggest stage in the world.”  He performed a floating, glowing baton act to a version of “House of Rising Sun.”  Sofia reacted that it was so much fun and different than they’ve seen. Howie called it an art form and it was “beautiful.” Heidi called him “mesmerizing to watch.  You are incredible.  Really Unique.”   Enrlich said he’s a fan of hers.  Heidi said she’s a fan of his now.  Simon said “the fact that you have the guts to do what you’ve done, you’re going to be amazing!” Sofia gave Enrlich the first “yes.”  He got all four “yes” votes.

Another father and daughter dance duo, GENE & ISABELLA came onto the stage who the judges loved and voted them through to the next round.   Then a married couple, “THE OWL & THE PUSSYCAT” performed an acrobatic act.  Sofia said it was nerve wrecking and beautiful at the same time.  They also got all “yes” votes.


“Hello Sister” are sisters in middle school who’ve been playing music since they were very young.  They are – Gabriella, Scarlett, and Grace, ages 15, 12 and 14.   They are from Orlando, Florida.  Their original song they performed for their audition was about middle school.  They said being on AGT is a dream come true.  “Hopefully, one day we can become rock stars,” they told Simon when he asked what their dream was.   Two of them played guitar while the other one played drums.  Only one sister sang the whole song while the two others chimed in randomly.  Their style was similar to 90’s grunge bands like Nirvana or “Garbage.”

Heidi said she loved the energy.  But, they didn’t sound as amazing as it looked.  The audience booed. Howie said he didn’t disagree with Heidi.  “They’re great musicians, but the singing and the vocals were too soft.”  Simon said the way they sang through auto-tune “which is so boring right now.  I think we need these girls in the competition.” Sofia said they were amazing and  liked that they are a family.  Howie said “the musicianship far outweighs that performance.”  The audience booed again.  Howie then said, “I feel like you’ve got more in you…I’m going to give you one more chance.” Then voted “yes.” Heidi also decided to give the girls another chance.  They got four “yes” votes.



MICHAEL WINSLOW (Voicelmintalist)

Pictured: Michael Winslow — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC


Michael is 62-years-old from Orlando, Florida.   Michael is best known for being in the seven “Police Academy” movies.  He said he’s into the hundreds of thousands of sounds now.  When he moved to L.A. he didn’t know what he was going to be or do.  “I just know I wanted to do this,” Michael said.  His voice over work includes “Gremlins,” and “SpaceBalls.'”  When Michael became a widower, he stopped entertainment to raise his kids.    He said, “AGT is my place to show that I still have something to offer….I still have some sounds to make.  There’s still room left for a little more.”

Simon recognized Michael right away.   He told Simon that his son Britain pushed him to come onto “America’s Got Talent.”  His son said, “this is the show you come to be yourself.”
Howie was really impressed and called Michael “a trail blazer.”  Heidi said “you’re incredible…you’re completely nuts and I love it.” Sofia said she loved seeing it in person and “you’re not human.”  Simon said he loves motor racing when all the big champion’s come back to compete with the rookies…”that makes it a proper competition.”  He said the fact that he’s come and set a standard for everyone is wonderful.  Michael got all “yes” votes from the judges.  When Terry Crews asked Michael what does this mean to him, he replied it means that his life has changed again for the better and “got another blessing.”


KEVIN MICOUD (Mentalist)


Pictured: Kevin Micoud — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Kevin is from France.  He’s a 32-year-old mentalist.  He said when he went to university, he learned about the brain and when he told people that he wanted to be a mentalist, people thought he was crazy.  He wants to show his daughters that when you want to do something, you should do it no matter what it is.  Kevin said he wanted to come to AGT which is the biggest stage in the world.

Kevin started off showing the judge’s “mind transmission” using the help of host Terry Crews.   Heidi thought it was incredible.  Sofia said it was “so much fun and a different thing to watch. ” Simon said it was sensational and took this act into the future.  “This is a Las Vegas act,” he told  Kevin.   Howie reacted “I saw Terry Crews’ brain in front of me.” He said ‘yes’ in French –  “oui,” followed by “oui’s” from the rest of the judges.


KYLE “Scarlett Business” (Contortionist)

Is a bounce contortionist.  Kyle performed his act as “Scarlett ” dressed in drag, and ended his act in a split.   Simon reacted “you put on a show.  I like that.  A real diva, so I like you.” Sofia said “how can you do that in those shoes.”  She liked that he was having so much fun and “it was perfect.”  Howie said it was fun and he has the energy, and the stage presence.  Heidi loved it too.  “I love a girl who can do it all…you’re beautiful to watch.”  Scarlett got all four “yes” votes.



Ray is 31-years-old from Charlotte, North Carolina.  He told the judges he’s singing a love song dedicated to his wife, who is in the military and is the reason why he was there.  He said “she’s a brain cancer survivor.  They met in 2016.  They married in November 2018.  She said Ray sang every moment that his eyes were open.  After college he ended up selling cars, but never stopped singing.  Ray said singing helps him get through hard times.  His wife was told she had a brain tumor and went through ten months of chemotherapy.  Ray said he felt helpless and would sit down at the piano and sing her songs.  “Tonight I’m very happy to announce that she is cancer-free,”  Ray told the judges.

Ray sang an original song “I am Yours.”  He got a standing ovation.  Simon asked to meet his wife, and she came out onto the stage.  The judges loved it.  Simon stood up for them.  Simon told her “we’re so happy to hear this.  Congrats.”  She told Simon that Ray had been practicing every day and she never heard “him sing so good.” Howie said they felt his heart, and “that’s what this show is all about.”  Sofia predicted that “everybody is going to fall in love with you.”  Howie said to Ray’s wife, “thank you for your service.”  And thanked Ray for his talent.  Ray got four “yes” votes.  Terry Crews told Ray that his voice “transcends space and time.”


NEXT WEEK:  It’s the final “America’s Got Talent” auditions!  “America’s Got Talent” airs Tuesdays on NBC at 8 pm PT.  The AGT Live Shows start airing August 10, 2021.



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