Precision Outside the Box! AMERICA’S GOT TALENT – Radio City Week Three Recap

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Precision Outside the Box! AMERICA’S GOT TALENT – Radio City Week Three Recap

Four New AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Semifinalists Announced:

On Wednesday, August 07, 2013 at Radio City Music Hall, four more acts from the top sixty joined the season eight semifinalists for a chance at winning one million dollars Here


$1 million and a headline show is what another twelve acts are competing for, for the chance to win in this year’s finale! Host Nick Cannon got right into the nights acts. First up was an act with a balloon large enough to fill the massive Radio City Music Hall. Also on the judging panel are: Howie Mandel, Melanie Brown (Mel B.), Heidi Klum, and Howard Stern.  Only four acts will be saved and move into the next, live  round.

AEROSPHERE ARIAL BALLOON SHOW – Acrobatics  (Eliminated)

Howie could do that!

They are a couple that are an eighth and seventh generation of circus performers. They grew up in the circus. The inspiration for tonight’s act came from her Grandmother. They are a family act. The son and wife are typically on the ground. Tonight is the first time one of them will be joined by another acrobat. She said they are “pushing things to the very edge.”

At the end of their act, Nick Cannon said, “We’ve never had anything like this indoors before.”

Mel B. loved their performance and said, “That was just mesmerizing and beautiful to watch. It’s a show I’d take my whole family to.” Heidi said, “It’s exciting in a sense where on America’s Got Talent this is the only place you’re going to see this.

Howie wasn’t impressed by the moves. He Said, “I think I can do it. I do! It didn’t look that difficult to me.” Mel B. counter-attacked by pointing out they were performing without a net and that their act was dangerous.

Howard was impressed. “This is an excellent use of Radio City Music Hall . There isn’t another act like this. What Howie is saying is – is this something incredible and will I want to see this again? But I do applaud you. You won me over.” Heidi thought it was “beautiful” and was waiting for something more to happen. “but when is it going to get started? When are you going to do some amazing act? Then it was over.” she said.

She said her act was very dangerous and there was a lot that could have gone wrong.

Watch AeroSphere’s stunning acrobatic performance high above the crowd Here


CHICAGO BOYZ – Gymnastics  (Semi-Finals)

From the inner city to the big city!

Most of them are from the projects. Their coach, Tim Shaw, was raised in the same environment. “Coming from the inner city and to the biggest stage in America is something that I get teary eyed about.” – Tim Shaw

Howie said about their performance, “You young men are absolutely amazing. You’re amazing people. You’re life is great. Your entertainment was great. It scared the bageebees out of me when you were throwing that little guy around” (a stunt with the youngest member).

“You are great. I have to give you the standing ovation and you deserved it. If one little moment goes wrong, the whole act goes burzerk. You really deserve to go far is this,” Howard said.

Heidi was impressed with the boys’ time management skills. She stated that they only have ninety seconds to perform their act that thought that Chicago Boys use every second very well. “You never drop the ball. You are impressive,” said Heidi.

Mel B. said, “I absolutely love you. Your dedication, your commitment. You’re thoroughly entertaining.”

Watch the Chicago Boyz acrobats perform an amazing “Human Jump Rope” routine that defies gravity Here


MITSI DANCING SCHOOL Dancers  (Eliminated)

Breath-taking and precise!

Mitsi said when she came to America she had to leave her daughter behind in her country and she didn’t see her daughter for seven years. She’s been teaching dance for seven years. “This danced is so precise. Everybody has to be in the exact position,” said Mitsi’s daughter who performs in the act. Some of the dancers said Mitzi has taught them since they were three years old.

Once on stage, the youngest member of the group said, “It’s great being on this show and being on this stage. It’s amazing!”

Howard responded to their act, “The dance of a thousand hands! Tonight is the night of precision. You guys are hypnotic and intelligent. It’s brilliant.”

Heidi admired their beauty, stating, “You girls are all so beautiful. It is a visual piece to watch you girls dance and perform. This is definitely a show I’d like to watch with my family in Vegas.”

Mel B. commented that the act is “So mystical and so amazing to watch. I’m glad you have the hand thing going. Flawless!” Howie agree, “It is beautiful and something we never see. I love it. It’s breathtaking.”

Watch Mitsi Dancing School’s precision, poise, and expert dancing electrifies the audience Here


KELSEY AND BAILEY – Dog Act (Eliminated)

New York loves them!

Kelsey’s Mother said, “Bailey is Kelsey’s best friend and Kelsey is Bailey’s best friend.” Kelsey said before her performance, “I’m nervous. Bailey on the other hand loves the attention. If Bailey had a choice, we’d be packing our bags and moving here (to New York).”

Mel B. was blunt and to the point by saying “I like you and your dog but not what you just did.” Howie said, “I didn’t like the act. It bored me. It was terrible!” His comment was followed by “boos” form the audience. Howie then said, “But, let me just say the N.Y audience is the best audience in the world.”

Howard said, “Let’s put some common sense into this thing. It isn’t an act that people are going to be talking about tomorrow. I don’t think this is memorable enough. Last year was the year of the dogs. I don’t know if this is going to go over quite like last year.”

Kelsey responded that her do act is just as good as the others.

Don’t miss the “America’s Got Talent” tour which will be at the MGM Grand on October 3, 2013.

Watch Kelsey and her cute little dog Bailey dance together to Katy Perry’s ”Hot and Cold” Here


BRANDON AND SAVANNAH – Music Band (Eliminated)

The Spice Girls would have worn that!

Brandon said, “We were always the artistic kids in school,” comparing their school similar to that in the movie “The Breakfast Club”. He went on to say, “Last summer we were playing at camps for like ten people. Now we are playing at Radio City Music Hall.”

Mel B. said to Savannah who was were a small, tight crop top showing off her mid-driff and tight mini-skirt with high socks, “- You need to put some more clothes on.” Howie said, “You have a performance like someone who’s been doing this forever. You don’t flinch. You owned it. you delivered!” Howie told Mel B. that the Spice Girls dressed like Savannah. Mel B. responded ‘Yeah’, but she wasn’t 14 years old. “I have a daughter who is 14.”

Howard told them, “You guys won the stage tonight. You delivered! Sometimes your voice goes off. Tonight, it didn’t happen. You’ve got real talent. You guys will get signed as a band to a record label. There’s no question.”

“You guys rocked Radio City Music Hall like true professionals!” Heidi said.

Savannah and Brandon reacted, “This is a cool experience. So surreal.”

Watch Brandon and Savannah sing “Radioactive” Here



Put Nick through!

Part way through their performance, Howard “X” them! Their act ended by revealing that Nick Cannon had been placed inside a box on stage. Howard commented, “Nick you were the best part of it. I didn’t get this whole act. Tonight I thought I was watching a dance act. I just feel like you blew a big opportunity tonight on the stage of Radio City Music Hall.”

Howie said he didn’t mind all the dancing, “I was watching her dance and dance. There are two tricks in magic – you watch someone disappear and you watch someone get cut in half. I saw an old trick done in a new way.”

“I disagree with Howard too. I’m shocked he didn’t like the dancing. I feel you distracted us with the dancing. I was entertained, said Heidi.

Mel B. was not as easy to please, “The best part was Nick in the box. There was too much going on and I didn’t know where to look. I liked the Nick in the box!”

Cannon said, “I think we did a great job. The audience here was on their feet. Maybe you could have made my pants a little longer” (referring to an earlier comment Howard made to him about his pants being too short).

Watch illusionists Leon Etienne and Romy Low bring their magic to the AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Stage at Radio City Music Hall with a little help from Nick Cannon. Here


DEANNA DELLACIOPPASinger  (Eliminated)

One word – Flawless!

Deanna said, “I never fit in until I was singing.” She’s a dog rescuer. She continued, “This show has given me a renewed sense of faith.”
She sang “I Want to Know What Love Is”

Howard reacted, “You did something very smart tonight. You can sometimes come off a bit old fashioned. You did a nice arrangement. You toned it down a little bit. I got to hear you really sing this time. You were a real singer tonight. Good job.”

Heidi said, “I think you nailed it tonight girl. You showed America what you can do and what you’re made of.” Mel B.’s critique was simple and to the point, “I have one word for you – Flawless!” she said.

Howie said, “Here’s the thing. Sometimes there are moments – you made a choice of your song ‘I want to know what love is’. I promise you by this time tomorrow night you are going to know what love is!”

Deanna said I want to personally say “Thank you to the judges to you and to AGT because you really renewed the faith to a girl that gave up on herself.”

Watch Deanna Dellacioppa sing “I Want to Know What Love Is” Here


DAVID “THE COBRA KID” WEATHERS – Stunt  (Eliminated)

Waiting to Bite!

David explained his act, “The slightest mistake you can lose your life. The snake I’m performing with tonight is so dangerous it’s not allowed in N.Y. City.”

Heidi admits to being confused, “I don’t know about this. I’m always worried that the snake can hop over the fence. I don’t know what I was looking at. Was I suppose to wait to see it bite you? I don’t know what I was watching. I was confused,” she said.

“You were watching a man handle a snake! That’s what you were watching!” said Howie. “I don’t like snakes. I didn’t like it at all,” said Mel B. “It is crazy what you do. You bring the danger. But we are scared watching it. You don’t know what you’re going to do that was the plan?,” asked Howie.

Howard jumped in to help the other judges confusion. “I’ll settle this. The problem with your act is that it’s up to the snake. The snake was wiggling around. The snake didn’t attack you. The problem is it’s unpredictable – the snake. It didn’t work out that great for you.”

Cannon assured that “This was a serious act. We had the ambulance waiting outside.” David responded, “The danger factor is there.”

Watch David the Cobra Kid as he attempts to kiss a fifteen foot Cobra Snake Here


JONATHAN ALLEN – Singer  (Semi-Finals)

America embraces Jonathan!
Allen said, “When I came out to my parents they couldn’t accept me. I haven’t seen them for two years. He said he’s been living at hotels and eating at restaurants. “I know who I am. I feel like this is what I’m suppose to be doing for the rest of my life.” – Jonathan Allen

Everyone was on their feet at the end of his act. “Your twenty years old. I love you and I think all of America is voting for you right now,” said Mel B. “Its’ scary because only four people can move on. You deserve to move on. There is no dream that is impossible. I hope that your family accepts you back,” said Howie.

Howard reacted to Jonathan’s choice of singing a Broadway song rather than an Opera one, “I’m glad that you moved out of Opera. It shows some diversity. I think Brandon James… We like you. We’re rooting for you but your act has to be stronger.”

Heidi said, “I love you. I was expecting you to sing opera but you sang Broadway. I want you to move forward so badly. Pleas vote for him.”

“Thank you America. You’re my family,” was Jonathan’s closing comments.

Watch Jonathan Allen sing “The Impossible Dream” Here


KENICHI EBINA – Dancer  (Semi-Finals)

He’s not saying he’s a genius!

Ebina talked about his early inspiration – “One thing that inspired me was the movie Back to the Future’. When I was twenty years old, I came to America. I watched Michael Jackson videos. I slowed it down and practiced every move.”

By the end of his virtual looking act, he received a standing ovation by ALL of the judges. Heidi commented first with, “I like it. It’s very interactive. Today, you brought us the whole picture. You are very precise. You were always spot-on. You get me very time with the head.”

Mel B. yelled, “That was off the hook! But ridiculous edgy; fun; cool. I love you a lot!” Howie said, “I’ve never done this before. but America, I am begging you – Kenichi has to win. Not everyone knows but Kenichi was every character on that screen!”

Howard The word genius is a word that we don’t want to throw around too often. I gave you a standing ovation tonight because you are genuine. You are the whole package. You are fantastic! Bravo Sir!”

Watch Kenichi Ebina dance his way into a live video game Here


JIM MESKIMEN – Comedian Impressionist  (Eliminated)

Mrs. C. is in the house!

I learned from my mom (who is actress Marion Ross from “Happy Days”) that you have to have a strong work ethic and if a career isn’t happening, you have to make your own career. I would love to make my wife and daughter proud.”

Mel B. said “Well done, great job!” Heidi loved his impersonation of Robin Williams – “Especially when you do Robin Williams. Very entertaining.” Howie said, “not only do you have great stage presence, you have the ability to adjust. People don’t realize how tough that is.  I’m a huge fan of your moms. You did good.”

Howard said, “I do want to say to Ms. C., I do love how you dealt with Fonzy. I love your voice. I think you’re spot-on. Some of the material kind of falls short.”

Jim responded to the judges critiques with , “I’m just so honored to be here in front of this crowd. I’m just so lucky to be here.”

Watch impressionist Jim Meskimen embody America’s choice of celebrity Here



Tears in their eyes.

The all woman choir are all spouses of active duty military that are from all branches of the service. They got a standing ovation from all of the judges. The audience was chanting “USA”. On member of the choir said, “This is what inspires us is the response we’ve been receiving from America!” With only seconds left of the show, the judges all gave a quick version of their reviews. Heidi said, “You were perfect in my eyes. You picked the perfect song. You’re all heroes.”

Mel B. said, “you made me cry and you sounded so much better than before.” Howie said, “Amazing inspirational way to end tonight’s show.” Howard agree by saying, ” Great ending the show. Well done ladies!”

Watch the American Military Spouses Choir perform “Hero” Here


Wednesday’s Results Show:

In Wednesday night’s results show, the first acts of the night to stand in front of the judges to hear America’s votes were: David “The Cobra Kid” Weathers, Aerosphere Arial Balloon Show, Illusionist Leon Etienne and Romy Low. It was revealed that NONE of the acts made it through to the semifinals.

Pictured (l-r): David “The Cobra Kid” Weathers, Illusionist Leon Etienne and Romy Low, Aerosphere Aerial Balloon Show. – AGT

Howard said, “America most definitely got it right this week. I applaud these three acts to get this far.” Nick asked Howard, “How could you not like Nick in a box?” Howard said “I do. I think those three acts are not as strong as what’s left on this stage.”

Pictured (l-r): American Military Spouses Choir, Brandon and Savannah, Kelsey and Bailey. – AGT

The next three acts brought forward to learn the results were: American Military Spouses Choir, Brandon and Savannah, Kelsey and Bailey. During the whole time that these acts stood there, the audience could be heard chanting “USA!” Cannon announced American Military Spouses Choir as the act going to the Semifinals.

One member from the Choir said, “We’re just so thankful for everyone’s support and want to give a shout-out to all of the Military men and women.” Judge Mel B. responded to the results, “I am so pleased for you ladies. Well done, well deserved and congratulations. I’m so happy for you!”

Pictured (l-r): Jonathan Allen, Jim Meskimen. – AGT

The next batch of acts to hear their fate were: Jonathan Allen, Jim Meskimen, Kenichi Ebina. It was first announced that Kenichi Ebina would be going through to the semifinals. Howard reacted, “There’s a lesson to be learned here. Number one, America got it right. This man (Ebina) has figured out how to take his act and make it big enough for Radio City Music Hall. He’s not sitting around lounging.” Howard said the other acts have to watch out for Ebina.

After a commercial break, it was then revealed who else would be moving-on. The name that was announced was Jonathan Allen. All Allen could say was, “Thank you, thank you America!”

Heidi was extremely happy that Allen made it through and screamed, “Yes, I want to take my shoes off and jump onto the stage and hug you and squeeze you!” Then she did it!

Pictured (l-r): Mitsi Dancing School, Deanna Dellacioppa, Chicago Boyz. – AGT

The last three acts of the night were: Mitsi Dancing School, Deanna Dellacioppa, and Chicago Boyz. Deanna Dellacioppa was the first act to be eliminated. Mel B. was visibly upset by the outcome. She told Deanna, “It’s such a tough competition and you are one of my favorites. Please, please, don’t stop singing. Please don’t.”

Pictured (l-r): Mitsi Dancing School, Nick Cannon, Chicago Boyz. – AGT

The final two acts of the night up for elimination were Mitsi Dancing School and Chicago Boyz. It was up to the judges vote. Nick Cannon announced, “In no particular order America voted them in fourth and fifth place.”

The first judge to vote was Mel B. She said, “Mitsi Dancing School, every time you perform it’s beautiful to watch. Chicago Boyz, you put your heart and soul into it. These acts are so different. Since now I have to make a decision, it’s a very easy decision for me – Chicago Boyz!”

Howard was next. “Something that both acts share is they both have precision. Chicago Boyz have been fantastic every time I see them. Who do I get most excited about? Who really turns me on? Nick, I’m putting you through. No, It’s Chicago Boyz for me.”

Howie voted, “I’m wondering if they’re (fans on Twitter) separating them (Chicago Boyz) from the accident. When you look at Mitsi dancers, the precision…The best moment was The Chicago Boyz.”


Watch AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 8 Episode 14 – Live from Radio City, Week 3 Performances. Originally aired on Tuesday, August 6, 2013.


Watch AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 8 Episode 15 – Live from Radio City, Week 3 Results. Originally aired on Wednesday, August 7, 2013.


Next Week’s Acts:
Twelve more promising performers take the stage at Radio City Music Hall. Next week’s acts will include: 3 Penny Chorus and Orchestra, Aerial Ice, Cami Bradley, David Ferman, Jimmy Rose, Champions Forever, Senstion, Taylor Williamson, Timber Brown, Chloe Channell, Tummy Talk.


Plus see all the acts from AGT’s second week of live performances in our article On Pins and Needles! AMERICA’S GOT TALENT – Radio City Week Two Recap


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