Previous Breakup Led to Exit on THE BACHELOR Season 25 Week 8 Recap

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February 15, 2021
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Previous Breakup Led to Exit on THE BACHELOR Season 25 Week 8 Recap

“The Bachelor” has arrived at one of the most pivotal weeks of the season, the Hometown Dates!  Host Chris Harrison made an announcement to the remaining women – Bri, Michelle, Rachael, and Serena P. about what to expect from Hometowns.  They would NOT be physically going to their hometown.   Certain members of their families would be joining them there.

Harrison said Serena P’s family members include her mom, dad and sister.  Rachael has her mom, dad, and sister Trinity there.  Michelle’s mom and dad would be meeting Matt.  Bri’s mom, baby sister, and best friend Bri were there to meet Matt.

Michelle’s date was up first.


They weren’t going to Minnesota.  But, Michelle was hoping to bring pieces of Minnesota to Matt.  They were both wearing grey tops which Michelle pointed-out right away!  They went for a bike ride to start that date off.   Matt said he was excited to spend the day with Michelle being that she was added to the pool of women later in the season.

They went to “Ms. Young’s Classroom” which was an empty auditorium with a screen displaying a live feed of Michelle’s class.  One student immediately asked if Matt was Michelle’s boyfriend!  Lol!  They had questions for Matt.  One child asked what has Michelle taught him?  He replied,  “to be open-minded.”

Pictured: MATT JAMES, MICHELLE / Photo by: ABC/Craig Sjodin

More questions: Is he going to give her a rose?  Matt said he’d have to wait and see.  Another asked how many girlfriends does he have…are they going to have babies?  Matt avoided the girlfriend question, and said he wants a lot of kids.  “Are you going to Marry her?”  Matt said they’re trying to figure that out and he’ll Zoom call him as soon as he knows.

How will Matt inspire Michelle?  Matt answered by being her “biggest Champion.”  Matt said he sees everything that he’s looking for in Michelle and would like to get her family’s approval.   Michelle said her parents were hesitant for her to put everything on pause.  But, she told them that Matt is the reason why.

Michelle explained to her family how she entered the Bachelor mansion and didn’t realize that she was walking into a Rose Ceremony.  Matt said he invited her on a one-on-one date the next day.  Her parents loved that.  Dad was cautious that Matt may be in love with other women.  He asked Michelle what are the qualities she likes about him.  Michelle answered she’s drawn to Matt for taking action to make a difference in his community.

Then Dad asked her if he proposed, would she say “yes.”  Michelle nodded her head.  Dad said he was surprised by her answer in his confessional.  Dad talked to Matt next.  Matt said he likes that he loves how she carries herself, and tells it like it is.  Matt answered Dad that he hasn’t told Michelle that he’s in love with her yet, but said he is falling in love with her.  “There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do for someone that I love.  If that means moving to Minnesota, then I’ll move to Minnesota.  Dad said he’ll trust her decision making and will respect her choice and be supportive.  Matt thanked Dad.

Michelle talked to Mom.  She asked her if Matt is “the one?”  Michelle nodded her head yes.  “Does it seem too fast?”  Michelle said “no” which surprised her because she’s used to taking things slow.   Do you see Dad at all in him?  Would he put you first?  Fighting through tears, Michelle said yes.  Mom said if she loves him, like it’s obvious that she does, then they’ll love Matt too and he’ll be part of their family.

Michelle decided not to let Matt leave without telling him how she feels.  She told Matt that she connects with him like no one she’s connected with.  After meeting her family, she told Matt that she is falling in love with him, which is scary for her, “and real.”  Matt just gave her a smile and kiss.  She was happy with that response.


Rachael asiad her family will be shocked to learn how strong her feelings are for Matt.  Rachael told Matt honesty and communication are important things to her.  She asked, “do you trust me?”  Matt answered “yes” and couldn’t wait to see what was in store because he’s big on surprises.  Rachael had Matt blind-folded as she drove him to his surprise, which was a private plane that had skydiving outfits next to it.  Matt said “it’s the perfect date.”   The sky diving instructors told them that they would be diving 120 miles an hour from 12,000 feet to 4,000 feet.

The two dove off separately with the instructors on their backs.  Rachael told Matt that she’s falling for him.  Literally!  Unfortunately, Rachael had a hard fall to the Earth and scared Matt.  He said it put everything in perspective and his heart hurt.  She was okay.  Matt told her “it’s a different feeling when you’re falling in love and that person is potentially hurt.  I didn’t realize how strong I felt until something like that happened.   Rachael said she can’t imagine going through life without Matt in her confessional.  

Rachael was happy to show her family her feelings for Matt and said she’s in love with him.  She hoped that Matt would ask for her Dad’s blessing.  “I see this man as my husband,” said Rachael.  She talked to her mom first and told her that she’s definitely falling in love with Matt.  “The person that I could see myself spending the rest of my life with.”  Rachael said Matt has never had a “bad day.”  Rachael told her mom about her bad fall which left bruises on her face and body.  She said that’s how she would want her husband to react and feels confident about their relationship.

Dad talked to Matt in telling him he doesn’t see how they could get to the falling in love point in their relationship so fast.   Matt said he’s never connected with someone on a level that he’s connected with Rachel on.  “I’m taking this seriously and when I’m with Rachael, that’s all I’m thinking about,” Matt told Dad.  Dad said “it’s unrealistic” in his confessional and was worried for Rachael who might get her heart broken.  Rachael told Dad that Matt has all the qualities that she’s been searching for and hasn’t found with anyone else.  Rachael told her Dad that “she’s different’ and doesn’t think that Matt is falling for any of the other girls after Dad tried to warn her of the other women that are there in the running.  

Ultimately, Dad communicated that they’ll support Rachael in her choice.  Matt told Rachael that he told her Dad that he’s falling in love with her.  He said it’s important for him to ask for her Dad’s blessing.  But, didn’t feel right about doing it until Rachael is the only one left and not four families there.  Rachael was really disappointed to hear this.  The reality of it all hit Rachael after that and she started worrying about the other three women that are there. 


Matt was excited for his one-on-one with Bri.  She was his first one-on-one date. He hopes to take their relationship to the next level. Bri told him that for their hometown, she’s taking it back to that first date that they had where he almost killed her. “Today is payback for that,”  Bri said.  She took him off-roading.  It’s something that she does at home.

Matt told Bri that he was hoping to meet her mom because they talked about being raised by their moms on their first date.  Bri said she didn’t expect to be there and didn’t expect for him to be meeting her family.  She said she wouldn’t be able to give him a “conventional family.”   Bri said for her and Matt being raised by single mothers, she thinks that it’s a good part of why she’s falling for him.

Pictured: BRI, MATT JAMES. / Photo by: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Matt got to meet Bri’s mom and her best friend Bri.  Her mom also brought along Bri’s baby sister who is less than 12 months old.  Mom was concerned because Matt is not only dating her daughter, but other people’s daughters too.  Matt said the level that he connects with Bri, is different than his connections with other women.  Mom asked if he’s in love with Bri.  Matt answered that he’s “falling for her.”  Mom was not thrilled with that answer.  She told Matt that Bri “is a realist.”  She wants to get her hopes up but is afraid of getting shot-down.  She said it’s hard to know if it’s love or lust. 

Mom asked Bri if she’s in love with Matt.  She answered that it’s the first time that someone has looked at her and sees every part of her.  Mom said when you have a connection with someone and you know that they feel it too, it’s not something that can’t be faked.  Bri said she’s scared that she is falling for Matt.  Mom told Bri that she has to make a commitment to herself to be honest and vulnerable.  

Bri talked to Matt in private and said after talking to Bri and her mom, she feels like she’s falling in love with him and wants more time with him.  Matt said thank you for sharing that.  



Serena P. wanted to show Matt where she grew-up and how she became the woman that she is today.  Matt said he’s nervous and wants Serena to see a future with him like he sees it.  Serena, who is from Canada, had a whole room set-up with Canadian culture.That included popular Canadian food that they ate after Serena quizzed Matt on Canadian phrases and words.
After that, Serena beat Matt in a game of hockey.  They went to meet Serena’s family after that.

Pictured: MATT JAMES, SERENA P. / Photo by: ABC/Craig Sjodin

When Matt sat-down to talk with Serena’s mom, he told her he likes Serena because she’s smart, beautiful.  She challenges him and doesn’t take crap from anyone.  Mom said she was happy to hear that because this process is short.  She said Matt seems like a good guy but doesn’t know if Serena will be ready to get engaged.  

Serena chatted with her sister.  She told her she’d have to catch-up with Matt’s feelings and she is falling for him.  Her sister said for her, there’s something missing because Serena doesn’t seem “smitten.”  There’s no “it factor” she told Serena.  She worries that if she gets engaged, then regrets it.  She thinks Serena is talking herself into this.  

Serena talked to Dad.  Dad told her that “an engagement is a really strong commitment.”  Serena said she was left feeling confused after talking to her sister and Dad.  There’s some doubts and more things to figure out.  Mom asked Serena if she enjoys her time with him? Serena said “yes.”  All good “yes” but she couldn’t figure out what’s missing.  Mom told her that her last relationship “really messed with your head…and you got hurt badly.”  Serena said she’s struggling to trust her feelings. 

Serena said in her last relationship she was so sure.  But, was wrong and ended-up being so heart-broken in the end.  Serena said she didn’t know how she’s feeling about Matt because she’s feeling a lot of things at once.  Serena talked to Matt in private.  She told him how she’s struggling with things in her head and other things not involving him.  In her confessional, thinking of getting engaged to Matt in a couple of weeks does scare her.  She’s not there yet.  


The next day after Matt and Serena’s hometown date, Matt has a sit-down talk with Chris Harrison.  Matt said he’s never felt this way.  Harrison asked if there’s any concerns?  Matt said Serena P., he doesn’t know where she’s at and said she has a lot more questions.  “This relationship means a lot.”  Matt advised Matt to “dive into it” and not to wait.  Matt said something’s off with Serena.   Matt could tell that Serena has doubts.  “I see a life with Serena, raising a family with her.”  He said he could see it on the first night with her. 

Matt went to meet Serena to talk about everything.  Matt told her that she’s the person that he spent the most time with and that’s intentional because she could see sharing a life with her.  Serena said it is important that they have a serious conversation.  She said she’s had moments where she’s struggled and has doubts.  She first became aware of the feelings when she talked to her mom about how Matt has everything she wants in a husband.  But, when it came to talking about her feelings for her, she really struggled.

“I thought it was just fear.  But, it’s more than that.”  She told him that she doesn’t think he’s her person.  Matt was really sad to hear that and sat in silence for a minute.  Then he said “it sucks to hear that.”  He said he felt it after he had the conversation with her family.  “There was something off with you.”  Serena said she’s just not there and doesn’t know why.  She’s been emotionally torn-up over it.  In a reverse situation, Matt asked if she would walk him out.  They said their goodbyes as Matt got in an SUV.  Matt said “that’s not how I saw our journey ending.” 

Matt was scared to think if the other women’s feelings would change.  


Matt told Chris Harrison that Serena didn’t see a relationship with him and decided to leave.  Chris asked if there is a fear that another woman there will do the same thing to him.  Matt said he wants to have open communication so he doesn’t run into the same circumstance down the road.  Matt said he is now having doubts.  “My biggest fear is being down on one knee and being heart-broken.”

Pictured (l-r): MATT JAMES, MICHELLE, BRI, RACHAEL / Photo by: ABC/Craig Sjodin


When Matt entered the room where the three women were waiting for the Rose Ceremony, Matt told them that Serena wasn’t joining them because she couldn’t see herself as his wife.  He told them to consider what comes with his offering of the rose knowing that it’s going to lead to an engagement.  

Roses went to (in this order):  Michelle, Rachael, Bri.  Bri felt disheartened that she got the last rose and wondered where Matt’s head was at.  Rachael is terrified if Matt sees a better future with someone else and she’s never felt this way.  



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