Psychic’s Spot-On Details About Sofia Vergara on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 16 Week 5 Recap

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Psychic’s Spot-On Details About Sofia Vergara on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 16 Week 5 Recap

Pictured: Peter Antoniou -- Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

“America’s Got Talent” season 16 auditions had more exciting variety acts with some amazing talent.  The judges got the treat to see some new and cool things never brought onto AGT before, and some not so cool things.

Some of the stand-out acts this week included an original band that combined both bluegrass music and rap; a couple of auditions from twins, one pair were comedians.  Some memorable acts included a clothing cutter who performed her skills on judge Heidi Klum; a very well polished dog act; body builders who displayed lifting weights in an unusual way; a psychic who asked Simon Cowell to “lose” Sofia Vergara’s engagement ring; and a quick change act that was the fastest anyone has ever seen!


Pictured: Positive Impact Movement — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

They are “friends and family” who met at Muscle Beach at Venice, Los Angeles.  They said they wanted to go on AGT to “inspire.”  They all had broken body parts and recovered.  Howie mentioned Simon who broke his back.  The leader said they’d recruit Simon for the next one, pointing at a team member, “you guys are like back brothers.”
The guys’ act consisted of weight lifting and gymnastics.  It was truly original and took the judges by surprise.   Sofia said “that was kind of a surprise” because of their “weird outfits.”  But, when the shirts came off “it was another level of fitness.”  Howie was impressed by them and said they’re just using equipment that people are around each day.
When asked about it, one guy said his mom used to watch AGT and she’d always encourage him to go on the show. He brought her ashes with them on stage so she could be with him.  Simon said what was really incredible was the amount of time they put into the act.  Heidi said she liked it a lot and so many amazing and incredible things to their act that they’ve never seen before.  It was all “yes” votes from the judges.


She said they’re feeling “so good.  We’re going to go for the win.” They’re theme was “Beasts rule Wizards drool.”  It was an unorganized performance that included a lot of people and dogs doing various things that weren’t in sync with each other.  They were all dressed in Wizard apparel.
Sofia loved how the dog “put the fire out.”  Howie said he loves dogs but didn’t find it aspirational or inspirational.  Simon reacted that he agreed with Howie and said they’ve had better and it’s a “no.”  Howie also voted “no.”  Their act did not go through.


Pictured: Alexandra Cote — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

The next dog act was young contestant, Alexandra Cote.  She talked about her dog Gizmo whom she got when she was 14 years old.  Gizmo passed away when he was 8 years old.  It was difficult, she said, because it was her “best friend.”  “My life would be so different If I had never met him.”  She has a new dog she brought onto AGT.
Before performing her act, Alexandra introduced her dog “Tesla.”  During her act, a surprise dog (Luca) joined in.  Simon reacted that “this might be my favorite dog act of the season so far.”  He predicted that they will do really well this season.  Heidi also loved it and said “it was adorable.”  Sofia reacted, “I wanted you to keep going and going.  It was fantastic.”  Howie agreed and said “it was more energetic and in-sync more than any other animal act we’ve seen on AGT in all the history.  They all said “yes” to Alex and her dogs.  Simon went on stage to say “hello” to Tesla and Luca. @AlexCoatDogTrainer


The members of Gangstagrass are all from different places in the country.  But, music brought them together.   All four of them are dads.  Their dads taught them to leave the world better than they found it .  They want to show that they all have “common ground” and said there’s no better place to prove that than AGT.  They want to tour the world.  The goal is to show America that they can “find common ground.”  The leader said he went out to find the perfect people for the group.
Their performance was blue grass mixed with rap.  Heidi said she’s never seen Howie jump up so fast.  He thought this is the batter of what America needs right now.” Heidi said she loved them.  Sofia said “it was the perfect combination for me.”  And they haven’t had anything like them.  Simon liked that it was an original song which “makes a judge different” and it was a great audition, “one that we will remember.”  They got four “yes” votes from the judges.

“Delicious” DUANE DOUGLAS (Wrestling)

Duane is 40-years-old and said he’s always been a fan of wrestling.  “My dream to become a world wide famous wrestler went away” when he realized that he’s not athletic.  So, he said he formed “no contact wrestling.”  He called being on AGT a golden opportunity and wants a show.   His day job is a legal clerk at a court.  Duane’s whole act consisted of making a speech on no contact wrestling and flattering the judges.  He got all four “X’s” from the judges.  Howie said there are people out there that question if wrestling is real. He said “this is 100% real bad!”  Sofia reacted “there was nothing delicious about this.”  He got booed by the audience off the stage.  Simon told Duane, “they hate you.”  It was all “no’s” from the judges.


Jordan and Taylor said they’re the “Moon City Masters,”  who are twins.  Simon didn’t realize that they’re twins! Lol.  They said the want to tour and “make this our job.”  After their performance, Simon Cowell did not hold back and the old Simon that we all remember from “American Idol” days resurfaced.  Simon called it “boring and kind of sleepy.”  He said “I thought that was going to be a lot better.” Heidi said she loves twins and said “yes.”  Sofia and Howie also gave them “no” votes.


The Sklar brothers are also twins.  Heidi told them “I’m married to a twin.”  One Sklar brother said he’s never gotten to finish a sentence in his life (because his brother finishes it for him).  They told the judges that they’re married with kids and they all love their act.  One Sklar brother told Simon that his son told him,  “I hope Simon likes you.”  The two are comedians who joked about their kids and made comparisons about kids and dogs,  Sofia liked that “they were so in sync.”  Heidi said she didn’t really laugh a lot out loud and they’ve had funnier comedians.  Simon thought it was cool to have two twins.   Howie said “they do finish each other’s sentences…I love you guys.”  Simon said, “the fact that there were two of you and  it was unique, different” he gave them a “yes” vote.  Heidi said because the audience was laughing, she went with them and gave them a “yes” vote along with the rest of the judges.


Melodie’s act was clothes cutting which she performed on Heidi as she cut an oversized T-shirt while Heidi while Heidi was wearing it.  Howie reacted that it wasn’t much of an act and said “no.”   Heidi voted “yes” for herself and Meoldie.  It was “no” votes from the other judges.

LEA KYLE  (Quick Change Artist Magician)

Lea is 25-years-old and is a quick change artist.  She was excited to meet Heidi Klum.  Eight years ago she met her boyfriend who was on AGT last year.  One day, he asked her to perform with him.  It was her first time on stage and she was really nervous.  She loved the audience’s reactions and decided to combine the act with her love of fashion.  “Even though I am extremely nervous, this is my moment and I’m ready.”  She’s from France.  Lea’s dream is to have her own show in Las Vegas.   She said this audition means everything to her.
She received a roaring applause and standing ovation for her act.  Howie got so excited.  He said he’s never seen a quick change artist better than her.  “It’s magic and your presentation is beautiful.”  Sofia was in shock and said she was having a great time while she was doing it.  Simon said typically, there’s two people in this type of act.  But “this was very, very cool.” He added that she has great showmanship.  Heidi said they’ve never had anyone as good as her.  She got Heidi’s GOLDEN BUZZER!!

Pictured: (l-r) Heidi Klum, Lea Kyle — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC


Thomas is 33 from Seattle, currently living in Berlin.  He said the dream is to keep performing as long as he can until his body gives out.  He performed jump roping tricks.  Simon reacted “we weren’t expecting that!”  Howie said I can’t do that but I’ve seen people do that at the gym.  The other judges called him out and said “what gym do you go to?” Heidi said Howie doesn’t even go to the gym.  Howie was the only judge who said “no.”  Thomas went on to the next round.  The judges were calling Howie a “Grinch.” This was the beginning of a long stretch of Howie giving contestants “no” votes.
The next group called “Bob’s Dance Shop” was made up of four dancers named Bob.  They got an “X” from Howie as well.


Tory is 20-years-old who works as a party princess.  She said she’s been singing her whole life and fell in love with musical theater.  Her dream is to perform on Broadway.  After Tory’s audition, Sofia told her she absolutely deserves to be on Broadway.  Heidi agreed and said she should be on AGT too for everyone to hear her.  Simon said she cuts “through the noise” and the most important thing is to know where she wants to go.  Howie said she checks every box and said personally he doesn’t like that kind of singing and it was a “no” vote from him.  Simon said it’s time to stand-up to the Howie’s of this world.  The other judges voted “yes.”


Peter said he’s able to tell what’s on people’s minds and to predict the future.  He said he tunes everything out.  When you’re in someone’s mind it’s like you’re waking up from a dream.  He’s constantly sticking the pieces together.  Peter said it’s a big opportunity to showcase his ability on AGT.  “I hope I make a connection with the judges, and I can’t wait to get in their minds.”  He’s from London.  Peter said when he was nine he bought  a tarot card deck.  Since then he’s been building that into a career.  Simon asked what this opportunity means to him.  Peter answered,  “I know that moving to America it would be a big risk.  I know that I wanted more for myself and  AGT is the key to unlocking that.”
He brought out a doll house with one room for each judge and host with things that they like.  He told Terry to pick one thing from the house and hide it some where while he turned away.  Peter knew where Terry hid the object and which object based on Terry’s astrological sign.  The next setup was more elaborate that included a lot of ring boxes and Simon Cowell hiding Sofia Vergara’s engagement ring inside one of those boxes.  Peter was able to pinpoint where the ring was by reading the memories in Sofia’s mind from the day she got engaged!

Pictured: Peter Antoniou — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Howie said he thought Peter was “very smooth and confident.” Heidi loved it too and said it was “fun.”  Sofia told Peter there was no way he knew about that rainbow and that story was nowhere in the press.  She joked that she got  a bigger diamond back.  Simon said he changed his mind a few times when hiding the ring. “It was elaborate and amazing,” said Simon.  Peter got four “yes” votes.

DOKTEUK CREW (Dance Group)

Dancing is their lives and they said they’re influenced by anime.  “This is our chance to share with the world amazing dancers.” They’ve been dreaming about going on AGT for years.  They’re from South Korea.  They are “amazing dancers.”  Sofia said it’s her favorite thing.
They got a standing ovation from the judges and audience.  Sofia said she didn’t know what was going on but she liked it.  Howie said they are absolutely “on the money” when they call themselves “amazing dancers.”  Heidi said she didn’t understand the three parts happening in the back. Simon said “we have K-Pop. Now we have K-Dance,” and “this is a great, great audition.”  They got all four “yes” votes.

JAYY (Singer)

After Jayy shared her story, and gave a beautiful singing audition, Howie reacted that when people ask him about his legacy, he answers that it’s through his children.  Howie told Jayy he felt like he was listening to her parents and he can hear them through her heart and voice.  Heidi reacted that she could feel everything she was singing and everything that she went through and is ready to celebrate her.  Simon said “it was incredible.”  To be able to sing a song like that with those lyrics with her memory. “It’s extraordinary” and people like her is the reason why they make the show.  The judges voted “yes” for Jayy!   Howie told the judges that Jayy was inspiring to witness it, and “to follow your dream.”



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