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Purple Milestone on THE VOICE Season 18 Finale Winner Recap

Posted on May 19 2020 by Editor

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Purple Milestone on THE VOICE Season 18 Finale Winner Recap

Milestones were made, and a team of super-talented songwriters joined forces with the super talented Final 5 remaining on NBC’s “The Voice” on Monday’s season 18 finale night one.

Host Carson Daly gave a shout-out to the Microsoft Team that’s been virtually connecting the coaches (Blake Shelton, Nick Jonas, John Legend, and Kelly Clarkson) from their homes to Carson Daly every week in “The Voice” sound stage at Universal Studios.

New coach Nick Jonas said the fans at home have made it an unforgettable season for him, and he thanked “The Voice” crew and techs for making it all happen.

The Top 5 artists performed twice on Monday’s show.  The first song was a new cover,  and their second song was a new original single where they worked with another NBC show, “Songland” and it’s songwriters – Ester Dean, Ryan Tedder, and Shane McAnally.

Monday’s finale performances brought some firsts for the show with two songs sung by artists that were songs never cleared for “The Voice” before. Performing “Shine,” the Final 5 performed for the first performance of the night.  

CAMMWESS (Team Legend)

John Legend thought it was a “big mistake” when he let Cammwess go in the Battles.  Legend was “floored” by CammWess’ Knockout performance of “Say Something” and got CammWess back on his Team.  CammWess said he’s dedicating his song to his cousin.  CammWess revealed what a big moment it is to work with John by showing him his wristband from buying John Legend’s “Darkness and Light” album. CammWess said his first concert ever was Prince, and he still had the ticket stub. “Purple Rain ” had never been cleared on “The Voice.” Legend had to “vouch” for CammWess to get the song cleared.  Legend told him to act like it’s the Super Bowl of singing.  “That’s how you win ‘The Voice'” said John.  

Pictured in this screen grab: CammWess singing “Purple Rain” by Prince– Photo by: NBC

Kelly reacted that “it was so hard to not pick you in that one moment because you’re so gifted.” She said what will make him succeed is his confidence.  Nick told him he delivered “an absolutely incredible vocal” and “an amazing way to open the show tonight.”  Legend said he knew Camm wouldn’t let him down because he delivers week after week and comes with so much passion and so much artistry.  He felt comfortable vouching for CammWess.  John finished with “he did a beautiful job with that song.” 

Tuesday night, artists will perform with their coaches and viewers will be able to download and buy the songs on iTunes. The proceeds will be donated to feeding America – . The artists original songs are also available for download starting Monday, night.


Todd said last week, his time on “The Voice,” and “watching it back” just broke his heart.  Blake said he loves Todd’s voice and his passion.  Blake said when he heard the song, “I Can Only Imagine” on the radio, he knew it would be the song for Todd to sing. “It’s too perfect for his wife and his family,” said Blake.  Todd said Blake has helped him the most with his confidence. “He just makes you feel like a great singer.”  Todd said he performed a song that takes him to the core and didn’t realize that he had stopped believing in himself.  Blake told Todd to lose himself in what the song is saying and knows Todd can relate as a man of God.  Blake said Todd is really what this show is all about.  Todd had never sang outside of church and no one knew of Todd before this.  

John said it was so great that Blake’s head got cut off (in the monitor) because of his standing ovation!  John went on to say he liked seeing Pastor Todd’s journey on the show and he gave it back tonight “in spades.”  Kelly stated that she was crying because he’s so moving.  She could see that Todd has a bigger belief in him than just himself.  She told Todd that he’s “very special” and would love to come to his church, while she was choked-up.  Todd happily invited her to his church.   Blake said Todd’s talent speaks for himself.  He sings with so much passion and “so much precision.”  Blake called him “a special dude” and it’s why he’s in the finale.

MICAH IVERSON (Team Kelly) – Original Song

Micah’s original single is called “Butterflies” produced by “Songland”s Shane McNally.  Kelly said Micah has the most perfect Pop sounding voice.  Micah said he picked it because it “sounded like a really poetic, radio Pop song.” He also said the butterflies stuck out in his mind.  

Pictured in this screen grab: Micah Iverson singing “Butterflies” — Photo by: NBC

Nick stated that Micah has “been so fun to watch” and interesting to see an original song to see what his artistry will be like outside of the show,  Nick predicted that Micah would be on the radio soon.  Coach Kelly reacted that the point of the song was to get an indication because he has a Pop/Indy thing going on.  She said he’s made her cry on the show and he’s so fun.  She added that the song couldn’t be a more perfect song and hopes Micah wins.  

THUNDERSTORM ARTIS (Team Nick) – Original Song

Thuderstorm got to work with Ryan Tedder from “Songland.”  Nick said Tedder helped cultivate his sound and now he’ll help Thunderstorm too.  “Sedona” was the name of the original song that Thunderstorm sang. He said the inspiration was growing-up in Hawaii. He was in Arizona and saw a photo of a mountain.  That’s how he came-up with the chorus of the song.  Tedder said Thunderstorm reminds him of famous singer Ray Lamontagne.  He predicted that Thunderstorm will be around for decades to come.  

Pictured in this screen grab: Thunderstorm Artis singing “Sedona” — Photo by: NBC

John said the word “mesmerizing” applies to all of Thunderstorm’s performances.  “His guitar playing was just masterful,”  John added.  He finished by stating that Thunderstorm is a powerful artist and he loves listening to him.  Nick said he was “incredibly proud” of that performance.  And the growth he’s shown.  He stated coming to the highest point in writing that song by himself.  Nick stated that Thunderstorm gave the best performance on the show.


From Arizona, Toneisha Harris prepped for her finale performance.  Blake told her he was very excited for having the only female in the Top 5 this season. Toneisha still had her audition pass from “The Voice” season 2 and showed it to Blake who reacted, that now they’re in the finale.  Blake told her “we need you on this show.  You’re so talented.”  She sang “Faithfully” by Journey.  Toneisha said there were times when she had to choose between music.  She said this is a moment that she wasn’t sure she’d actually get.    Blake said Toneisha is born with a gift that he’d put up against some other powerful vocalists.  “The Voice” has given her the opportunity that life held back from her.  Blake told her son that Toneisha was going to the finale “no matter what.”  

Daly called it a “great performance.”  Kelly told her she’s one of her favorite singers on the planet and has tones in her voice that reminds her of Chaka Khan.  “You intrigue me” because she doesn’t know where she’s going vocally.”  Kelly said “I’m so here for it.”  Blake said Toneisha has turned the finale upside down and has “completely changed the game.”  He told her she’s had the best performance of the entire season.  

TODD TILGHMAN (Team Blake) – Original Song

Todd got to work with “Songland”‘s Ester Dean and Shane McAnally.  The original song, called “Long Way Home” was co-written by Ester.   Shane said the guy that brought them the song was on “The Voice.”  Todd said he’s been married for 21 years, and has eight  kids.  He’s paid his dues.   Shane said he’s wanted Todd’s voice his whole life. Todd replied “make me famous!”  

Pictured in this screen grab: Todd Tilghman singing “Long Way Home” — Photo by: NBC

Coach Blake told Todd that he’s such an incredible talent and he’s torn with the original song part of “The Voice.” Blake said Todd can take an original song and breathe so much life into it that it sounds familiar.  

CAMMWESS (Team Legend) – Original Song 

Ryan Tedder, who has worked with Taylor Swift and John Legend, worked with CammWess’ original song “Save it for Tomorrow.”  CammWess wrote the song and it’s about pushing things off until tomorrow.  The message is not necessarily a a healthy one stated Camm.   Ryan disagreed and said no good decisions are made after midnight!  Ryan told Camm to raise the keys in his voice.   John said he’s been trying to get Camm to raise the keys for the past few weeks.  John told him how cool it is for Camm to start his career with this original song on “The Voice.” 

Daly noted that he could hear John’s influence.  John said he could hear that song on the radio now and CammWess is ready to win.  


Micah said before he came to “The Voice” he worked for a Fortune 500 company and left to pursue music.  He later ended-up working at his brother’s restaurant but was furloughed when Covid-19 happened.  Micah said he really wanted to be on Team Kelly from the beginning. Micah sang  “Chasing Cars” song by Snow Patrol. It was another first song cleared for “The Voice.”   Kelly said Micah really flourishes in the  Pop/Alternative lane. 

Kelly reacted that Micah “is so magical.” He makes every song sound like it’s effortless and it’s so impressive.  She said better than some people on the radio.  Kelly added that she’s glad that Micah picked her.  

TONEISHA HARRIS (Team Blake) – Original Song

Shane McAnally worked with Toneisha on her original song.  Blake said “its illegal in most states to sing as good” as Toneisha sings. Her song was called “My Superhero.”  Her son was diagnosed in 2011. She started writing the song after he got out of the hospital.  Blake compared it to “Go Rest High on That Mountain” by Vince Gil.   Shane told Toneisha that she has so many great pieces in the song and wants to make sure they get heard.   

Pictured in this screen grab: Toneisha Harris singing “My Superhero” — (Photo by: NBC

Kelly was crying.  John said Toneisha’s story is “so amazing.” He said everything happened the way it was supposed to happen.  She had to go through that with her son so she could write that song and perform it during this time.  It’s fitting for the whole nation for what everyone is going through right now.  Blake said “maybe Toneisha hasn’t heard that we’re suppose to be social distancing” and she just touched millions of people. He told her great job sis.  


Thunderstorm said he knew he wanted to sing at age 14 when his mom put him on the stage.  Nick said he did devise a plan and felt it in his gut that they’d work together.  Nick ended-up Stealing Thunderstorm.  Thunderstorm said his chosen song “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong, is about no one pays attention to the beauty we all have to offer to each other.  Nick said Thunderstorm is “really the soul of this show.” He represents so much with his voice and there’s a young person at home watching him getting inspired by Thunderstorm.  

The coaches were moved by Thunderstorm’s performance.  Coach Nick reacted he’s so grateful for him singing that song During this time, people are trying to find ways of staying connected with each other.  Thunderstorm brought that message to the world.  


Tuesday night’s season 18 finale show, which was the first ever live remote one, opened with host Carson Daly announcing the upcoming super-star performances of the evening coming from Bon Jovi, Lady Antebellum, Jonas Brothers, and former coach Gwen Stefani.   The coaches also performed with their Team’s artists.   Before that, the Top 5 performances for Monday’s show was replayed after Daly got some finale reactions from the artists. 

CammWess reacted to being in the finale that he’s so happy to be coming through for his family and proud to bring it home for Team Legend.  Micah Iverson said “it’s been a lot of work” and he’s grateful.  He said he’s excited to bring it home.    Toneisha Harris said she has many emotions, but mostly “excited about bringing it home.”  Daly asked Thunderstorm Artis how it feels to be possibly winning “The Voice.”?  He answered that it feels so surreal, “so crazy” and he can’t be more excited.  Todd Tilghman said his reaction to being in the finale and possibly winning is just “thankfulness and gratitude.”  He said typically things like this don’t happen to guys like him.

The live show opened with a mash-up of the coaches, past coaches – Shakira, CeeLo Green and Bebe Rexha with the Top 9 artists singing “Let My Love Open the Door” song by Pete Townshend.

John Legend gave a sign-off performance from his piano at home to commemorate the coaches this season “Everyone Knows Your Team” during their last Happy Hour.

Flashback performances from “The Voice” coaches from past seasons were played before the commercial breaks.

The Jonas Brothers performed “X” song in a music video style fashion where they were seen as screen shot images on cell phones which was shot under “stay at home orders.”

Next, Todd Tilghman treated viewers to a performance of “Authority” song by John Mellencamp with coach Blake Shelton which was pieced together through tech. “The Voice” virtually brought in Todd’s best friend JoJo and Eric to help support him.

Pictured in this screen grab: (l-r) Blake Shelton, Todd Tilghman — Photo by: NBC

To help essential workers, coaches donated money to their chosen charities, along with MicroSoft. John Legend did a special performance from his home on his piano which was played on a monitor for a room full of medical staff.

Next, Country group Lady Antebellum performed “Champagne Night” via a music video style visual. It was a song developed on other NBC music show, “Songland.” After that, coach Nick Jonas praised his artist Thunderstorm, then the two performed “You’ll Be In My Heart” by Phil Collins. Thunderstorm’s cousin Bryce and best friend Jonathan were brought-in virtually to support Thunderstorm.

Pictured in this screen grab: Lady Antebellum — Photo by: NBC

Blake and Gwen Stefani dedicated their Country song “Nobody But You” to Food Bank workers in Blake’s home state of Oklahoma.

Pictured in this screen grab: (l-r) Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton — Photo by: NBC

Olympian swimmer Anita Alvarez and Hurler coach John Shuster came on and had some fun with coaches John Legend and Blake Shelton. They also talked to Daly about the postponement of the Olympics to next summer.

John Legend and CammWess sang “Rocketman” by Elton John. John said he already compared CammWess to himself, and now they got to sing together. Best friends Xan and Stephen came on virtually to support CammWess. After that, Kelly Clarkson performed her new single called “I Dare You” which was dedicated to Frontline Foods and workers.

 Pictured in this screen grab: (l-r) John Legend, CammWess — Photo by: NBC

Blake Shelton and his artist Toneisha Harris performed “Don’t Stop” by Fleetwood Mac. Toneisha’s sister Ashley and Aunt Patricia cheered-on Toneisha through the screen. Next, Kelly Clarkson and Micah Iverson performed “I Run To You.” Micah said the song is perfect for the times because it’s been “disaster after disaster.” Two of Micah’s biggest fans who are his cousin Sarah and friend Rob joined them to support Micah. That was followed by Bon Jovi performance!

Past season artists performed a montage of “What the World Needs Now.” This included season 17 winner Jake Hoot, Alexa Cappelli who is now a “Covid-19 Block Party Star,” Ricky Duran, Britton Buchanan. Nick Jonas performed “Until We Meet Again.”

Bon Jovi performed “Limitless” song in the home stretch just before the winner of “The Voice” season 18 was to be announced.

Pictured in this screen grab: Bon Jovi — Photo by: NBC


The artists thanked their coaches before the winner was revealed by Carson Daly. CammWess told John it’s meant the world for him and hoped to be able to shake John’s hand one day. Micah told Kelly that she’s been a thoughtful mentor. Thunderstorm said it’s been a blessing to work with Nick and can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

Daly read the name of the artist in fifth place. That was – Micah Iverson (Team Kelly). The finalist in fourth place was CammWess (Team Legend). The remaining artist were Todd, Toneisha and Thunderstorm. Unfortunately, Blake’s audio went-out while talking to his two artists Toneisha and Todd. Nick told Thunderstorm that he’s been “so incredible during the entire show.” He told him he’s a star, he loves him and is proud of him.

The WINNER of season 18 is: TODD TILGHMAN from Team Blake!

Pictured in this screen grab: Season 18 Winner, Todd Tilghman — Photo by: NBC


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