PUSS IN BOOTS: Hayek & Banderas at CANNES FILM FESTIVAL Together!

Posted on May 11 2011 by Editor

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DreamWorks Animation brought very large boots to the Carlton Pier of the Cannes Film Festival in the festival’s first major event to promote it’s new animated feature and spin-off to “Shrek”, “Puss in Boots”.

Stars of “Puss in Boots” who lend their voices to the film, Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek were at the pier to climb the boots and talk about their work on the movie.

Hayek stated, “It’s not the typical spin-off where it’s just the same world and just a different character that you’re focusing on. It really has it’s own space and style and feel and sensation. It’s different. I think that they’ve done an amazing job on it.”

Courtesy:Paramount Studios

Banderas said that he and Hayek hadn’t actually physically worked together on the movie yet due to their traveling schedules. However, according to Hayek, audience will never know it. “We’ve known each other so long and were’ so connected. Even though we do it (voices) separately I can feel him (Banderas) in the room.” With the film still in production, she also stated that they will have the chance to work together on it soon.

Banderas noted the mood and intellectually at the Cannes Film Festival is what Cannes is all about. “It’s like going to the ballet at night. Seeing the people laughing and stopping the movie with applause 14 times. It was very rewarding. It was like a relief. There is a space for humor here too. That’s important,” said Banderas.

“Puss in Boots” will be released in theaters November 4, 2011.


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