Rachel Pushed Over the Edge on THE BACHELORETTE Season 19 Week 5 Preview!

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Rachel Pushed Over the Edge on THE BACHELORETTE Season 19 Week 5 Preview!

Pictured: RACHEL, LOGAN / Photo: ABC/Gizelle Hernandez; Ricky Middlesworth

“She gave me the rose and I feel like the bad guy.” – Logan

Things are moving fast on this season of “The Bachelorette.” In week four, the men and two Bachelorettes left the mansion to go on a cruise throughout Europe with Paris being the first stop.  The men are now divided into official teams of two – Team Gabby, and Team Rachel.

One advantage viewers get  this season is the interaction that having two Bachelorettes creates.  Gabby and Rachel have candid talks about everything going on in their journeys with each other in small private moments.  This makes the host Jesse Palmer’s job less demanding.  In the past, it would be host Chris Harrison that the Bachelor or Bachelorette would converse with about the goings-on.

As the two groups of men get whittled-down more it’s starting to become clearer of who the front-runners are and who’ll most likely be there in the finale.  For Gabby, it’s Nate, Jason, Erich, and Spencer.  For Rachel, it’s Tino, Tyler, and Zach.  However, at the end of the episode, Logan chats with Jesse Palmer about doing a switch-a-roo of sides.  In next week’s episode, Logan is going to leave Team Rachel and go onto Team Gabby.  That adds one more very strong contender for Gabby.

Pictured (l-r) counter clockwise: Rachel, Tyler, Tino, Ethan, Zach, James, Aven


Pictured: (l-r) Counter clockwise – Gabby, Jason, Erich, Johnny, Michael, Mario, Spencer, Logan, Nate


Rachel will be left with six men, and Gabby’s team will consist of eight.  This raises the question if producers will bring-in more men for Rachel as they did during Matt James’ season when they added four women to his bunch in week four.

Gabby made a strong connection with one of the more quiet men who really, I’m not sure how many people knew he was on the show until Gabby plucked him from obscurity for her one-on-one date in Paris.  That guy was Jason.  During their dinner, Gabby told him about her estranged relationship with her mom.  Thankfully, this didn’t end with her in an emotional melt-down like what happened last week during her date with Erich.

We got another moment of the men ignoring a Bachelorette.  The same thing that happened to Gabby when she went off to the mansion to visit with the guys while Rachel was on her date, where the men weren’t too responsive to Gabby, happened to Rachel this week.  Rachel decided to show-up on Gabby’s group date in hopes to spend more time with some of the guys.  Well, that plan back-fired because none of the men made any effort to speak with her.  She was upset about it and let the men know.  Ironically, her group date consisted of Parisian relationship experts who gave the men tips on how to flirt with Rachel!  OMG! That same thing that they got in trouble for (not doing)  the night before.

The bad-mouthing about Rachel and Gabby that Hayden did earlier in this week’s episode finally caught up with him during the Cocktail Party.  Rachel got wind of this via Meatball (just as promised) and she promptly threw Hayden out of the mansion after he assumed she wanted to talk to him about his sick dog, Rambo.

During the Rose Ceremony as Rachel gave a rose to Logan, the camera focused on Gabby’s expression which showed that she’s somewhat  bothered.  Gabby is someone who definitely wears her emotions on her sleeve.  In the sneak-previews for next week, it suggests that Logan does make the transition from one side to the other without getting sent home.  This seems to push Rachel over the edge and fully wants to quit the show.  There is a possibility that Rachel could be reacting to something different entirely.

Pictured: TINO, TYLER, ZACH, LOGAN, RACHEL RECCHIA / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin


It was the day after the Rose Ceremony that divided the men in the house into Gabby’s men, and Rachel’s men.  The men clarified who was on whose team.  James, “meatball” said he’s lucky that Rachel gave him a second chance after she eliminated him last week.  After he talked to her, she let him back into the mansion to pursue her.

The men who were on the group date last week were trying to figure out why Gabby was so upset that she didn’t hand out a rose.  Hayden came forward and told Quincey and Nate that he told Gabby that she’s “rough around the edges.” He told James that Gabby herself used that same phrase to describe herself.  He said, “my dumbass used the same verbiage that Gabby used to describe herself.” He reacted negatively, “well bitch maybe you shouldn’t use that word to describe yourself then.”

James overheard it all and was very upset about it.  Hayden said he’s been comparing his ex to Rachel and Gabby, and they don’t hold a candle to her.  He said he can’t believe that any of these guys want to marry either of them.   James said since Rachel gave him a second chance, he felt he owed it to her to tell her the truth about Hayden.

Jesse told the men that Gabby and Rachel are heading to France, and the men will be joining them there.  However, not all the men will be joining them there yet.   Because two of them wou;d be joining them in Paris to “have two incredible dates to start the week.”

Quincey was hoping to get a date with Gabby.  However, Gabby chose Jason.  Rachel chose Tino.  Those two men left immediately to board a plane to meet the women in Paris.

As the women sat in a cafe in Paris, they reflected on the last Rose Ceremony.  Rachel said offering someone a rose only to reject it was the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to her.  She said she thought she had her lowest moment, but “that was my lowest moment.”  She has the fear that some of the men in her group aren’t interested in her and they may want to switch over to Gabby.  Rachel said her date with Tino in Paris might be the most important date she’s had.

Jesse Palmer was in Paris to greet the men in the port city of Avril, France and showed-off his French speaking skills.  He told them that they’d be staying on a ship.


Rachel said she really needs Paris to bring her back on track and Tino makes her feel confident.  Gabby said she chose Jason because he is really shy and waited until he was comfortable to open up to her.  Gabby said she was attracted to Jason because he’s a man of few words and had never been to Paris.  She thought it would be great to experience the city together with him and she hoped he’d break out of his shell.  The first thing they did was get fitted for French beret hats.

Rachel and Tino went to grab crepes and were offered to learn how to make them.  In his confessional, Tino said Rachel is the most stunning girl he’s ever gotten to spend time with and he doesn’t want her to ever be unhappy.

Jason said he was hoping to get Gabby away from a group date and the stars have aligned.  Gabby said she wanted Jason to open-up to her because they don’t have a ton of time.  In the meantime, Tino and Rachel were kissing in the rain.  She said it felt like a fairy tale.

The two couples met-up outside a cafe to catch-up with each other.
Jason told Tino that Gabby is fun and effortless to be with.  Gabby joked that she’s “in love.”  But, they didn’t get into anything deep.  Rachel said it’s been so amazing and she’s so scared.  She wasn’t expecting the day to go as well as it had.  Rachel said she’s feeling strong feelings for Tino and to feel those feelings so early is scary.

RACHEL & TINO:  The couples broke-off again for separate dinners.  Tino asked how Rachel was feeling after the Rose Ceremony.  She said it made her feel insecure.  Tino was empathetic with the situation.  Rachel said her last relationship failed because her boyfriend wasn’t supportive of her career.   Tino said he understood and her passion for her career lights him up and he needs someone with that kind of devotion.  She asked if he wants to have a family and he said “yes.” Tino said this was a conversation that he was really scared of because he didn’t know if she was going to say she doesn’t want a family.  He said his parents worked full time and they supported each other.  He said he’s programmed that there’s always a way to make it work.

Rachel told Tino that this date rose was the easiest one she’s had to give as she gave him the rose.  In his confessional, Tino said he really thinks that he was meant to find Rachel and “make her happy forever.”   Rachel said Tino is amazing and all of her expectations were exceeded.  She predicted that she’s going to fall in love with Tino.

Back on the ship:  The men received a date card.  It read:  “Nate, Kirk, Quincey, Erich, Michael, Mario, Spencer, Johnny.  Love conquers all but not without a fight – Gabby.”

GABBY & JASON:  Gabby said she thinks that her and Jason are more alike than what it seems.  She was hoping to see if they are as compatible as she hopes that they are at dinner.  Jason said he’s typically a private guy and it’s hard for him to open-up unless he’s in a comfortable situation.  He didn’t realize how crazy the house was.  He said growing-up he’d look at his friends and think he wasn’t good enough.  He’d try to prove himself by playing tennis.  Jason said through therapy he’s learned to speak-up for what he wants.  “I have my power again.”  Something he said he wished he had and knew as a kid.   Gabby said she’s had a similar experience.

Gabby told Jason about her estranged relationship with her mom.  She said when she left for college, her mom washed her hands of her.  So, Gabby said through therapy she’s learned how to allow people to love  her.  She never had an example of receiving it as a child.  She said it’s really rare to meet a man who appreciates therapy.  Gabby brought up what Hayden said about her being rough around the edges and that as her worst fear.  That she’s too rough and tough.

Gabby gave Jason the date rose outside with the view of the Eiffel Tower in the distance.  Gabby reacted in her confessional that she couldn’t believe that she’s so lucky.


Pictured: GABBY, SPENCER, JESSE PALMER / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Gabby met the men at a boxing ring.  They’re practicing the art of French boxing or “savant.” She was accompanied by trainers.  The men would have to share why they’re the perfect match for her. The winner of the date would join her for dinner and have the chance to receive a rose. The men trained and warmed-up in the boxing ring.

Rachel joined the group date to have a bit of interaction with the men before her own group date the next day.  When the men arrived back out to the ring, there was an audience along with the rest of the men who were there to watch.  It was Nate vs. Erich.  Rachel noticed that none of the men who were in attendance watching made eye contact with her.  It was upsetting for her.   Logan was trying to make contact with Gabby and said it’s been a while since he last saw her alone.

After the fights, Gabby awarded the prize, a boxing belt, to Spencer.  Rachel sat and looked-on alone and cried that none of the guys made an effort to come over to talk to her.


Gabby said she finds it attractive that Spencer comes from a military family. Gabby said growing up in a military family is special.

The men were talking about not seeing Rachel since the Rose Ceremony in Los Angeles. Obviously they didn’t know she was at the boxing match.  Rachel was reflecting and said that she feels more insecure being a Bachelorette than when she was a contestant on Clayton’s season because he made her feel more wanted than what these men make her feel.

Rachel decided to go talk to her group of men.  She told them that they made her feel hurt and unseen.  She told them how no one made contact with her and her feelings were extremely hurt.  The men were in shock and had no reaction.  Rachel said in her confessional that she hates getting to the point of where she wants to leave.


Pictured: RACHEL RECCHIA, LOGAN / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

At the start of the group date, they observed a French couple making-out.  Flora and Boris who are experts in all things romance.  They were to have the men experience “the art of romance.”  Rachel said the men were going to be taught the art of romance and pursuing your partner.  She said they would be put to the test French style.   The men had different challenges with Rachel showing-off their skills (or no skills) of flirting and writing a sweet note to her.  Tyler got emotional while reading his note to Rachel.  She was happy that the men put-in a lot of time and effort with their notes.  Rachel got to choose one of the guys from the date to have dinner with that night.  She chose Tyler.

Rachel said she feels that there could be something there between her and Tyler.  Points went to Tyler for being proactive and writing that letter the night before after Rachel talked to the men after she felt ignored by them earlier.  Rachel asked him more about his poem that he read to her.  He explained that in his past relationship he bought a house for him and his girlfriend.   At the last minute, she broke up with him.  Tyler said he learned how he could have unconditional love and wants to feel that again.

Tyler said he wants to be someone’s rock in life and he’s okay with cooking and taking care of the kids if need be.  Rachel said he made her feel that this process is working for her and “it’s such a good feeling.”  Rachel gave Tyler the date rose.

In the meantime, Logan talked to Jesse Palmer.  He said every time he’s in the same room as Gabby and Rachel, he has feelings for Gabby.  He said he never got to talk to Gabby again after the first night. “Then Rachel gave me a rose.”  Jesse told him that he accepted the rose from Rachel knowing that he was expected to date only her.   Logan said he needs to see if there’s feelings there from Gabby.


Logan planned to express his feelings for Gabby to find out if she has the same feelings for him.  He said “the heart wants what it wants.”   Hayden shared some photos of his dog with Rachel. He said he was nervous going into the Rose Ceremony not having a lot of time with Rachel.  He told her about a brain tumor that his dog Rambo had.  Hayden said his dog only has a few months to live and he wouldn’t be there with her if he didn’t think they could further their relationship.  Tino abruptly interrupted.  Hayden was upset that Rachel quickly got up from their conversation and was doubtful that Rachel is the girl for him.

James went-in for the calling-out of Hayden to Rachel.  He told her about what Hayden said about her and Gabby.  James told Rachel that Hayden said he “doesn’t trust these bitches” referring to her and Gabby.   Rachel decided to have a conversation with Hayden about the accusations.<

When Rachel pulled Hayden to the side in private he thought that she wanted to address his dog, Rambo.  When Rachel confronted Hayden on whether he compared her to his ex-girlfriend, he denied it.  Rachel said she was at the end of her rope and walked Hayden out.  She knew he was lying and felt taken advantage of.  In Hayden’s exit interview, he said he wanted it to work with Rachel, but he wants Rambo more.

Jesse told the men that the rest of the Cocktail Party was cancelled.  Logan was frustrated that he didn’t get a chance to tell Gabby his feelings.  He didn’t think he should keep accepting roses from Rachel.


Two people were going home per side.

GABBY’S ROSES:  Nate, Erich, Johnny, Michael, Mario

RACHEL’S ROSES:  Aven, James, Zach, Ethan, Logan

Men who went home:  Jordan, Quincey, Kirk

Men who already had roses:  Spencer, Jason, Tyler

Logan said he’d be a fool to not accept the rose if it meant he gets the chance to talk to Gabby.

Pictured: RACHEL, LOGAN / Photo: ABC/Gizelle Hernandez; Ricky Middlesworth

NEXT WEEK:  Logan joins Gabby’s side.  Their next stop is Bruges, Belgium. Stronger connections are made between Rachel and her men that include Ethan, Aven, and Tino.  Logan finally reveals to Rachel and Gabby that he wants to switch to Team Gabby.  It appears that he talks to Rachel first because Rachel gets upset and tells Gabby that it’s “humiliating.”  Logan makes the switch and joins Team Gabby.  Rachel seems to be ready to quit the show.  Yet, we have seen this scene with her before numerous times already this season when she says she wants to quit.  On week 5 group date, it appears to be Teams against each other.  In the sneak-peek photo, Team Rachel cheers on Logan mud wrestling possibly Michael(?) or Aven.  If it’s before Logan switches Teams, then it’s a Team Gabby vs. Team Rachel scenario.

Pictured: GABBY WINDEY wrestling date / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin


THE BACHELORETTE Team Rachel watches Team Gabby mud wrestle.



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