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Reaching Dreams! AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 9 Finale Recap

Posted on September 17 2014 by Editor

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Reaching Dreams! AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 9 Finale Recap

Only six acts remain in the season 0 of “America’s Got Talent” finals. The acts include four singers (Emily West, Miguel Dakota, Quintavious Johnson, Sons of Serendip), an acrobat/dance act (AcroArmy), and one magician (Mat Franco). Each act performed twice to determine which one will receive the most of America’s votes and go one to win the $1 million dollar prize and opening act at Axis in Las Vegas.

Howard Stern said it will take the acts strategizing. “There’s four singing acts, then we have AcroArmy in a category of their own, then one magician,” he said and that it will be hard for America to decide. The Top 6 acts each re-created their first performances at Radio City Music Hall, then followed by their Final performance.

There’s Nothing Else!

He repeated his first AGT performance by singing Etta James song “I’d Rather Go Blind”. Mel B said Quintavious opening-up AGT with his name in lights is exactly how it should be! Howie said his voice “fills his heart”. Howard said “I’m feeling Quintavious all over this place” and noticed that he owns the stage. Heidi said Quintavious responded to her question of why he wants to be a singer as “because there’s nothing else for me”.

Second To None!

Howie couldn’t resist by commenting of the balls in Mat’s trick and said he’s the “full package” and that he has balls! Howie also told Mat “the only one magician in the finals, you deserve to be here.” Howard said his close-up magic is second to none. Howard said there was no mistakes in his act and also said he deserves to be here. Heidi commented, “You dazzled us and everything about you is magic.” Mel B called him “sleek” and “seamless.”

Life Got Bigger

Emily said “life got bigger” after the “Chandelier” song she sang for the first time on the AGT stage. She sang it again, this time, in a larger-than-life red gown! “Some acts you fast-forward through. No one fast-forwards you,” Howard told her. He said she has a “unique ability”. Heidi said “it was really beautiful.” Mel B said she preferred it the first time Emily sang it, and half way into it, “you nailed it.” Howie said they are being held-up to a higher standard and called it a “winning performance.” He also called her a “beautiful talent.”

Not Going Home!

Heidi commented last week that Miguel’s voice was lost. But, this week, she said, “you found your way back. Welcome back.” Mel B noted his nerves and said “that performance was a little bit nerve-wrecking for you. You’ve got something and current in the market place.” Howie commented, America is going to vote who has the look, the voice and the talent and joked that he can relate to Miguel by being a former “heart throb. Howard busted Miguel’s bubble and said it’s not enough! To win, America is going to vote for “the most talented singer”, and told him “the dancing was good.”

Going All The Way!

The singers of Sons of Serendip said they never imagined that they’d make it to the finals and that it’s just further validation that they belong together. They said they plan to go all the way. Mel B was standing. She said “America loves you guys” and followed it with – the singing acts tonight “are nailing it!” Howie said “if you are voting strictly on talent” he said it’s them! But, don’t know if America will vote based on that. Howard said “if you don’t win, I think it’s an image problem.” He said they are old-fashioned. But, they always win them over because they “have superior talent.” Heidi said there is such sincerity in their performance and that they are ‘always great!”

The Immortals

They said the first week they performed “the immortals” and it was really challenging for them. All four judges gave them a standing ovation. Howie said AcroArmy described themselves as being “athletes!” Howie said “this should be in the Olympics. I give you a gold metal for that performance”. Howard said the obvious “you really deserve to win this thing.” Heidi said she thinks they will win it and they deserve a show in Vegas. Your technique and skill is “priceless” and they have a show she’d pay to see right now!

MAT FRANCO – Final Act
Over 20 Years In The Making!

His grand mother got to attend his AGT finale performance. At 12 years old, Mat was dreaming about performing at Radio City Music Hall. For his final performance, he performed with the world’s “first human deck of cards” which were large cards with audience members holding them. Howard said he’s an imbecile because he’s also going to tell Mat that HE deserves to win and would be nice to see a magician win. Mel B said Mat shocks her every time. Heidi called him “versatile” and he’s also great a large-scale tricks. Howie said he identifies with his grand mother and told Mat he’s worth a million dollars.

They Just Killed It!

They are an instrumental and vocal group that whose jobs vary from lawyer to grocery store clerk. They finished their final act to a standing ovation from the judges. Heidi said she gives props to the rest of the band and called them “awesome”. Mel B said “week in and week out” they just “killed it” and she wants to buy their album right now. Howie said they are so grateful to witness their opportunity. Howard said we can sit back and be “cheerleaders for you” and the AGT race this season is just too close to call. Son of Serendip said they wanted to pick a song that they could all relate to is how they chose the Evanescence song.

A True Super-Star!

Quintaviuos said in his final performance, he’s taking it to “a higher level” and taking his final act back to the basics, back to church! Mel B told him he’s “a joy to watch” and called him “a true super-star”. Howie said another star performance and another winning performance. “You’re a wonderful person, you’re good to your family,” he followed-up. Howard said there are many performers that couldn’t match his coolness and stage confidence. Heidi said he is a “true phenomenon” and said she loves him very much. Nick asked where does all of his emotion come from. Quintavious answered that it comes from his family.

Selling Charisma!

He sang “Billie Jean” Michael Jackson song with a very different spin. Heidi said he ends with just him again without the back-up singers and band and hopes America votes. Mel B said it was a risk performing that song like that and thinks he’s a great performer and musician. Howard said he thinks it was Miguel’s best performance, and he enjoyed it. Howie said what he has to sell is charisma, and he hit 100% on the charisma. Miguel thanked his fans and asked them to vote again.

ACROARMY – Final Act
One Step Away

They said they are one step away from winning “America’s Got Talent”. The leader of AcroArmy said they’ve been working for years for it, and it shows. Heidi said “jaw dropping and amazing performance.” Howard said “there’s a reason you are here – you are un-believeable… and you hit the peek at the right moment!” Howie said just when you think there is no more, there is more.” Howie said the judges need flashlights to get to the stage, and AcroArmy is flying over them. AcroArmy said it’s been an amazing journey and that dreams do happen.

EMILY WEST – Final Act
Taking a risk

She said this is the night that she’s dreamed of as a little girl and hopes to win. Emily performed “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.” Heidi said “I’m so happy that you didn’t give up” after having ups and down in the music industry” and wished her good-luck! Mel B gave her, her “off the chain!” vote. She said she’ll walk out if Emily doesn’t win. Howie said this was a risk worth taking. “You are amazing” and “it’s a million dollar song.” Howard said “we have other people that can sing in the competition, but she has charisma and original style and “can sing her butt off”. He said she finished the show with a bang and called her “the greatest”.











The first contestant to go home tonight was Miguel Dakota, coming in at 6th place, followed by 5th place taken by Quintavious Johnson.

The next act announced to be leaving the AGT competition and finishing in 4th place was Sons of Serendip.


AGT season 9, Top 3 - AcroArmy, Emily West, Mat Franco

Pictured (l-r) Top 3 – AcroArmy, Emily West, Mat Franco

AcroArmy, Emily West, James Franco. Host, Nick Cannon announced that finishing in 3rd place was AcroArmy. Then, it was down to the top 2 acts – singer Emily West, and magician Mat Franco.

AGT season 9, op 2 Acts - Emily West, Mat Franco, Nick Cannon.

Pictured: Top 2 Acts – Emily West, Mat Franco with Nick Cannon.

After a commercial break, it was revealed that the act receiving the most of America’s votes, making them the season 9 winner of “America’s Got Talent” was Mat Franco. Mat Franco is also the first magician to have ever won the competition in AGT history!

AGT season 9 finale, Emily West, Mat Franco

Pictured: Emily West, Mat Franco’s winning moment!

Emily West thanked Mat Franco for winning and said the show changed her life!







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