Rehab Used to Avoid Jail – Lindsay Lohan Interview On ELLEN!

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Rehab Used to Avoid Jail – Lindsay Lohan Interview On ELLEN!

Child actress turned reality star, or “docu-series” star Lindsay Lohan has a candid sit-down talk with Ellen DeGeneres on her life since her last “stint” in rehab where she had a moment of clarity. Lohan also tells Ellen how she became sober and her breakup with Wilmer Valderrama, as well as her relationship with Oprah on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” which airs on Monday, March 31st.

Ellen said Lindsay is doing a new self-titled docu-series”, Lindsay, on the Oprah Network, “we aren’t calling it a ‘reality show’…what’s the difference between a ‘reality show and a docu-series’? Lohan responded, “It’s not scripted or anything like that . It’s raw, it’s pretty honest.”

Pictured (l-r): Lindsay Lohan talks with Ellen DeGeneres.

Pictured (l-r): Lindsay Lohan talks with Ellen DeGeneres.

Filming Her Life Was ‘Overwhelming and Strange’:
The docu-series started shooting just days after Lohan’s last visit to re-hab. Ellen asked her if she was more emotional towards the beginning than towards the end. Lohan said ‘yes.’ She said it was emotional at first because she threw herself into the filming of the show and “it was really scary at first because I didn’t expect for it to be what it became,” referring to the cameras being there all of the time. Lohan said she just wanted to be back into anything that felt like “work mode” and be back on a schedule and routine. But she admitted that it got overwhelming and “strange”. She said it was one of the best thing that she’s allowed herself to do.

Difficult Staying Sober:
Lohan told Ellen that it was difficult for her to transition her living situation back to an apartment and candidly stated that it was difficult staying sober, and having the cameras there for all of it. “People don’t know that people go through all of this in real life, and I’m a human being.” She said that her docu-series is something that people could relate to.

Rehab Used to Avoid Jail Time:
Ellen asked her that after being in rehab “like six times” and by having the cameras following her if that is what helped her live a healthy lifestyle and if that was added pressure on her. Lohan responded that “I think that this was the fist time…when I went to treatment this time, when I went to Cliffside I wanted a moment to myself. I learned a lot of tools that I didn’t in the past. I went to rehab to avoid them putting me in jail. It wasn’t something that I wanted or was ready for. I was just going through the motions.” She said her growing up along with meditation and learning different things help her to get back on the straight and narrow.

Actresses Living Her Dream:
Lohan said that what got her motivated was seeing other girls her age that are working and she’s been acting her whole life and she wanted to regain her status. She said it inspired her to make a comeback and start doing what she loves.

Getting Grounded in New York:
Ellen asked her about her tremendous success as a child actor, and “having access to anything in the world” and stated that “it’s a recipe for disaster.” Lohan said she regrets not listening to her Mother when she used to tell her to go back to New York where her family was. She said making the move back home with her family has made a big difference for her. Lohan said she can walk down the street “like a normal person” and not have paparazzi following her. She said the same has been true for her two week visit in Los Angeles.

More Peace in Her Life:
Although Lohan say she regularly works out in a class that includes palliates, yoga and pole dancing, she doesn’t box anymore because she doesn’t have as much “anger” anymore, and has “released” all of it and there’s more peace in her life with less “stress”.

Lohan has a movie in the works with Lionsgate set to start shooting in May 2014.



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