Relationship Zone on THE BACHELORETTE Season 18 Week 3 Recap

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Relationship Zone on THE BACHELORETTE Season 18 Week 3 Recap

Pictured (l-r): GLEN POWELL, JAY ELLIS, MICHELLE YOUNG. Photo by: ABC/Craig Sjodin

At the beginning of week three of “The Bachelorette” season 18, the men were still in bewilderment over the rumor that Michelle Young had addressed to the men during the last Cocktail Party.

“As a group, we kind of messed-up last night” Casey said in regards to when Michelle asked the men if they had any questions for her when she addressed them with the rumor that Jamie had started. The rumor was that Michelle and Joe knew each other before the show. Casey openly wondered who spoke to Michelle and if that information will come to light.  Jamie said he was in “a best position” since he already had a one-on-one date with Michelle.

Co-host Kaitlyn Bristowe stopped-by the men’s place to announce that this week there would be two group dates and “an intimate one-on-one date.”  Kaitlyn then left them with the date card which had the following names:  “Martin, LT, Olu Spencer, Clayton, Nayte, Joe, Rick, Will, Peter. – I want a man that isn’t afraid of the danger zone.”  – Love Michelle.



The guys met Michelle at an air force museum.  They arrived to a nice surprise.  Actors Jay Ellis and Glen Powell were there.  They’re two stars in the new movie “Top Gun: Maverick.”  Glen and Jay said they’re there to help Michelle find love.  “Michelle can only pick one Maverick.”   They explained to the men on the group date that “call signs” are given to pilots that are nicknames.  So, the men on the date had to come up with their own call signs.  Martin was “frosted tip.”  Peter was “dough boy.”

Pictured (l-r): GLEN POWELL, JAY ELLIS, MICHELLE YOUNG. Photo by: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Next, training began.   Martin pulled Michelle to the side to see how she was doing.  The other guys looked-on suspiciously.  The men had to get into a G4 simulator while telling Michelle how they felt about her.  This was an apparatus that for sure could make someone who suffers from motion sickness, very sick.  Will was one such person and was getting nervous about the whole situation.

When Peter got into the G4 Simulator he talked to Michelle in Italian.  Then Will got in and, according to Peter, said the exact same thing but in Spanish. Peter was very upset.  The next challenge had the men matching-up to fight each other on a padded platform with padded sticks.  Of course, one matchup was Will vs. Peter which got pretty agressive.  Will kept pushing Peter off of the platform.  The winner of that Group Date was Will.  He won a  bomber jacket.  Another prize was a ride in the vintage car from “Top Gun: Maverick.”   Michelle drove.

Pictured: MICHELLE YOUNG. Photo by: ABC/Craig Sjodin


Clayton got a kiss from Michelle during his alone time with her.  Same with Nayte.  Michelle said “relationships are progressing and we’re getting back on the same page.”  Michele told Joe that he has a quiet confidence about him that she really likes.  She said she’s glad that she has a “mature group of men.” Meantime, Will and Peter were arguing nonstop. Lol.

Back at the house:  The next date card arrived.  It read: “Rodney. Love is about letting go. – Love Michelle.”  Mollique said he doesn’t see Rodney as a threat and thinks Michelle is going to friend zone him.

Back to the Group Date:  Martin got some alone time with Michelle who told him she liked that he asked how she was doing earlier.  Michelle told Martin that he has so many “different layers and depth.”  Michelle said she’s confident that Martin is there for her.

Next, Peter took off with the bomber jacket that Will won earlier on the date and threw the jacket in the pool.  Rick’s reaction was “I’m tired of going on dates with Peter.”  When Will found out, he stayed calm and excused himself.  In his confessional, Will said he was “hurt beyond words.”

Michelle rejoined the group of men.  She gave the Group Date rose to Martin.  Will decided not to tell Michelle about what happened between him and Peter so as to not ruin the night.  Michelle said goodnight to the group of men except for Martin.  She and Martin danced to an orchestrated version of “Take My Breath Away.”


Rodney and Michelle met in a kitchen and it was Rodney’s turn to give Michelle a blind fold taste test of various foods in a game of Truth or Dare. Their next challenge was to handcuff themselves together then unwrap and unbox various boxes to find the key.  Rodney said he can see Michelle as his life partner and best friend in his confessional.  The challenge after that was for one of them to strip-down and run through the lobby.  Rodney decided to do it while covering his private parts with a large pillow.  The rest of the men came out of their rooms to see what was going on!

They ended that challenge by relaxing in a bed in a room.  Rodney said his biggest fear is passing away before becoming a husband and father.  Michelle’s biggest fear is “being complacent.”  She said she focuses on the next thing and not what’s happening now.  “That’s where life is,” she said.  Michelle said Rodney kept chipping-away at that friend zone and was able to make it to the other side, to the relationship zone.

Back at the house:  The last date card arrived.  It read:  “Jamie, Leroy, Chris G., Casey, Mollique, Chris S.,Brandon, Romeo.  I want a man who can express himself.  Love Michelle.”

Back to Rodney & Michelle:  They had dinner by the water.  Michelle told Rodney how she loves his vulnerable side and his playfulness.  Rodney said he can’t hide who he is.  He was raised by a single mom.  He said he grew-up watching her struggle.  She showed that with hard work, you can get through anything in life and he wants to make her proud.

Rodney asked Michelle in her last relationship, what went wrong.  She explained that when she was in a relationship and while at a store, a woman used the “n” word.  When she got home and told her boyfriend, she had to justify her emotions.  Michelle said “if I have to explain that.  I also have to explain that the relationship isn’t working.”

By the end of their date, Michelle said she feels that she can trust Rodney.  Michelle gave Rodney the date rose.


Pictured: MICHELLE YOUNG, RUDY FRANCISCO. Photo by: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Jamie, who started a rumor last week,  was on the group date.  Michelle told the men that thier group date will have to do with expressing themselves.  The date had the men join up with famous poet/spoken word artist Rudy Francisco.   Rudy was there to help the men with Spoken Word.  He challenged the men to write their own poems and focus on their stories.

First up was Brandon. He pulled Michelle on stage with him while he recited his poem. He ended it with “do not give up on me.  Do not give up on eternity.”  Michelle was impressed by the men’s thoughts and personal experiences.  When it was Jamie’s turn, he said he lost his book, so he’s going to tell a story.  He didn’t tell a personal story.  Casey thought that Jamie was preparing to be a motivational speaker or cult leader. Brandon called it “a weird Ted Talk.” The other guys took this as a red flag.

Michelle recited her poem next.  She talked of being the “token black girl” growing up and being invited to parties as long as she followed the “white trends.”   She said she’d be picked last for prom, but first for the basketball team.

Pictured: MICHELLE YOUNG. Photo by: ABC/Craig Sjodin


Jamie went into the afterparty feeling non threatened by the other men.  Brandon got alone time with Michelle first.  He told her that he was a late bloomer too, and was 5’2″ up until Junior year in High School.  He was told that he wasn’t white, and not black. Kids wanted him to choose a side.  Brandon told Michelle that he hasn’t felt this before with anyone.  He said in his confessional that Michelle brings out the best in him and is the best feeling in his entire life.  Then he said he’s falling in love with her!

Olu brought Michelle a thoughtful gift of an African garb to celebrate her.  Then, Jamie had alone time with Michelle next.  He told her that he saw himself in her story because he has similar experiences growing up as well.  Michelle said she liked that and gave him a kiss.  Michelle gave the group date rose to – someone she “connected with and felt safe with today.”  That guy was Brandon.

Then, Jamie pulled a producer to the side to talk to.  He was seen telling her that he’s not in the same league as Brandon. He said “where’s the nationwide search?”  In talking about the group of men he said he thought it would be a stronger group. He can’t beleive he has to wait six weeks for the end. Jamie also said what’s challenging about Michelle is that she’s “basically just in Spring Break mode.” And, “it’s a little bit of a turn off.”


>Romeo said it’s obvious that Michelle has a connection with Jamie.  Casey said “when the pot gets stirred, the rat will get exposed” noting that they still haven’t found out who spread the rumor last week about Michelle and Joe knowing each other before the show.

Michelle arrived to tell the men “when you truly dive into this, it can work.”  Nayte pulled Michelle for alone time first.  Michelle told Nayte that she feels like she can trust him.  Then they kissed.  Back to the men  – Casey brought it up about that “curve ball” thrown at them last week.  In Rick’s alone time, he told Michelle that the rumor “couldn’t be farhter from the truth and said no one ever questioned her character.”

Michelle was surprised and told Rick that it was Jamie that brought the situation to her.  He told her that the rumor was taking on a life of its own.  Rick was shocked and said “it was sick” and how did he think he was going to get away with it.   Rick told the other men about it and they called Jamie over to talk to him.


Jamie said “it wasn’t necessarily my comment to Michelle” and told the guys that there was speculation in the house about Joe and Michelle.  Nayte was shocked.  He asked, when did that speculation occur because he didn’t hear about it.  Nayte called Jamie out and Jamie couldn’t pinpoint anyone who was concerned about Joe and Michelle.  Then Jamie said “the people at home” addressing the viewers. Nayte was frustrated and told him to forget the viewers.  “I want to know what you told Michelle.”  Basically, the conclusion was that it was Jamie’s own insecurities that he created the rumor and not the house.

Michelle talked to Tayshia and Kaitlyn about the Jamie rumor revelation.  She then entered the room where the men were.  They all got quiet quick.  Jamie addressed his earlier conversation with Michelle and made it sound like he was addressing a vibe in the house which wasn’t accurate.

Michelle told him what actually happened, that he brought this character into this world. Michelle took Jamie outside to talk privately.  She told him “this drama was created around my character” and she called him out about him putting the rumor out there.  She said “I’m very hurt by you right now” and she didn’t trust him as of that moment.  Michelle walked Jamie out. To do that, apparently they had to walk up the stairs past all the other men in the house.  Lol.

Michelle said Jamie was a person that she could see a potential future with.  She was scared of people that she built relationships with and then see them as untrustworthy.  “I will not stand being manipulated in conversations.” She continued, “I’m looking for my soulmate and I built myself up for my soulmate.”  With that, Michelle cancelled the Cocktail Party again.


Pictured: MICHELLE YOUNG, Photo by: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Michelle told the men, “trust is something I truly believe makes or breaks a relationship…my soulmate is someone I will full heartedly trust.”

Brandon, Rodney, Martin – already had roses.

Men who got roses: Joe, Rick, Leroy, Nayte, Casey, Chris G., Chris S., Clayton, Olu, Romeo, Will.  That means there’s fourteen men left!

Men who went home: Peter, Mollique, Spencer, LT, (Jamie who exited earlier).

Pictured (Top l-r): Mollique, Jamie, Spencer, LT, Peter. Photos by: ABC/Craig Sjodin.

NEXT WEEK:  Michelle goes on a racing date wtih Martin.  Rick gets a kiss on a date.  Then Chris S. throws the guys under the bus.  Nayte is seen confronting Chris S. which looks like it may turn physical.



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