Returning Contestant Gets Simon Cowell Upset on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: ALL-STARS Week 6 Recap

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Returning Contestant Gets Simon Cowell Upset on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: ALL-STARS Week 6 Recap

Pictured (l-r): Kodie Lee, Sethward -- Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC

It’s a very mixed bag for the first season of “America’s Got Talent: All-Stars.”  A talent show that is typically heavy with singers in the finale, this week the show is heading into the Finals with only one singer in the group and that’s Tom Ball.  There’s a total of three gymnast acts, one dance group, one comedian, one choir, two ventriloquists, one singer and one musician. 

In this last of the auditions episode, only one act made it through to the Finals.  It was completely up to the Super Fans for that one and final spot for the Finals.  There were no more Golden Buzzers left.  Howie said it’s harder now than it’s ever been because they (the judges) can’t send people through.  Only the Super Fans can.

However, after Super Fans submitted their votes in this episode, week 6, one more singer was added…SPOILER ALERT!  That was Kodi Lee.  

At the end of the show, it was also revealed that another comedian almost made it to the Finals which was Josh Blue.  It was his second time coming so close, yet so far away.  He finished in third place on All-Stars just as he had in season 16 when he last competed on the show.

The most puzzling part of All-Stars is how was Sethward allowed on the show?  The producers filmed a quirky intro to his appearance which showed the scenario of Sethward sneaking onto the lot.  

In all seriousness, fans should be a little upset that a spot on All-Stars was given away to this nonsense act.  Simon Cowell wasn’t having it, and was visibly upset to see Sethward onstage and demanded that he leave.  The first act of the episode started off with a singer.


Daneliya is 16-years-old now,  She was on AGT season 15.  From Kazakhstan, she moved to the US without her parents.  When she was seven, she won her first show.  After that, she decided to audition for AGT.  She made it to the Finals that season.  Daneliya was beat out by Cristina Rae.  After AGT, she moved to the United States.  She has over 1 million followers on YouTube, and is back on AGT to build on that. 

Heidi said it was “stunning all the way around,” and wishes she could hear her voice without the music.  Simon asked to confirm her age. And she’s living here without her parents. He said she has “real talent” and loved her song choice.  He said hearing her voice crack just made her more human.  Howie said she’s thousands of miles away from her country and family and to deliver what she delivered is “amazing.” 

ERIC CHIN (Magician)

Eric is a magician who does close-up magic and he competed on AGT season 14.  He said being the only Asian in school made him get bullied a lot and magic was his only coping mechanism.  He decided to try out for AGT.   Eric said Simon was a tough judge and he advised Eric to do something “big” during the Live Shows,  He didn’t take Simon’s advice and was eliminated in the Semi-Finals before the Finals. 

Eric went on to perform in 10 different countries and was on Broadway.  He said he is living his best life performing close-up magic. He said, but he didn’t win AGT which is why he’s back.

Eric invited Heidi to join him onstage to participate in his act.  He managed to arrange blank squares of papers into the AGT logo,and worked some sleight of hand to make a photo card of all the judges and a vase appear.  He then handed the rose in vase to Heidi.  

Howie said he thought it was performed with elegance and he’s competing with All-Stars and thought he rose to that level tonight.   Heidi said she was right there and it was “absolutely insane” to see it up close.  Simon reacted that he likes big magic, they (Heidi & Howie) like little magic.  He said “it was very cute.”  But, for him, it didn’t have that “wow factor.”  Eric responded that he still enjoys close-up magic and he stayed true to himself.  Simon said on the positive side, the judges aren’t voting.


Pictured: Voices of Hope Choir — Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC

There are 72 members in their choir from Orange County, CA.  Simon said someone on the judges’ panel wasn’t positive towards them the last time they were there.  That was Howie Mandel!  He didn’t love them.  The Choir director said before AGT, they didn’t have that many big opportunities.  Originally, Howie told them he didn’t love their act for AGT. So, the kids got motivated to perform better in the next round, and got the Golden Buzzer.

Howie chose Duo Transcend over Voices of Hope in the Finals. The choir got a lot of opportunities after AGT season 13 like performing with Josh Groban, and Pentatonix.

Heidi said they exude positivity and feel that they are a part of the AGT family.  Howie said what they do is wonderful.  On a show called AGT: All-Stars, it doesn’t rise above a high school assembly.  The choir director asked him when was the last time he was at a high school assembly.  Simon answered for him “100 years ago!”  Simon told them that they fall under the category that they made him “feel really good” and they were better this time than five years ago.

BRANDON LEAKE (Spoken Word Artist)

Pictured: Brandon Leake — Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC

Brandon won AGT in 2020, season 15  He grew up in Stockton, CA in poverty.  He lost his sister and didn’t have a father.  This is why Brandon started writing poetry to sort out his emotions.  In season 15, Howie gave Brandon the Golden Buzzer.  Brandon said when he won that season, people chalked it up to that there wasn’t an audience.  He’s back to give the audience a taste of what he does in-person.

Howie pointed-out that all of Brandon’s performances were without an audience.  Howie asked if his life changed after AGT. Brandon said for sure, and it provides doors that he never had before.  Now he’s helping 12 schools in his city and publishing 6000 kids this year.  His dream is to elevate spoken word to the point where people see it as a regular art form.

Brandon’s performance told of an encounter with a suspecting bum.  Simon began to give his critique, then Brandon’s daughter started talking out.  He invited her up on stage with Brandon.  Simon said he never thought in his wildest dreams that an act like Brandon Leake would have won.  But, he said it’s the way he delivers it…he’s “brilliant.” Heidi told Brandon that he’s special. Howie said Brandon moves people and his words are so poetic and the message is so clear.


When this dog act was on AGT season 14 , Howie didn’t like the act.  Lukas taught Falco how to give the red “X” to Howie.  After AGT, everyone knew Falco and they started doing more shows.  But, with Falco getting older, he can’t perform as much as before.  Lukas added Falco’s relatives, who are younger, to the act.  This ended up being a bit confusing. 

Lukas wants to show that Falco can perform better than before.  They are from Austria.  Howie said Lukas was doing more tricks than last time and said the Super Fans will like it.  Heidi said she has the utmost respect for training the dogs.  Simon said for him, he was better when he first came on with Falco. The other dogs are cute, but not as talented as Falco.  

KODI LEE (Singer)

Kodi competed on AGT in 2019 season 14.  He’s from Irvine, CA.  His mom is always by his side to guide Kodi onto the stage. Kodi is blind and autistic and his parents discovered that he loved music early on.  

His mom said when Kodi won, it popped in her mind that the whole world won.   She got to see him live a life just like anyone else.  When Kodi came out onto the AGT: All-Stars stage, everyone yelled Kodi’s name.  

Simon said it took him back to “one of those magical, magical moments on AGT.”  Simon said Kodi’s audition is always in his top 10 auditions.  Kodi said he came back to “win again!”  

Howie told Kodi that he is “amazing” and a true All;Star. He got everyone at home to feel him. Heidi said she feels him too and her heart doubles in size when she hears him.  AGT is what it is because of Kodi Lee.  Simon agreed and told Kodi that he’s one of these artists who’s always amazing and his performances are always mesmerizing.  Kodi said to the Super fans “help me change the world!”  


Pictured: (l-r) Brett Loudermilk, Heidi Klum — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

When he was a kid, he discovered danger acts and was hooked.  He learned how to eat fire, sword swallow and walk on broken glass barefoot.  When he was 17, Brett moved to New York City to become a street performer.  He said Sofia on AGT was the “worst assistant in history” and it made for such a good act.  He said it was so much fun and it got him through to the Finals.  

After being on AGT season 15, he moved to Las Vegas and got his own Halloween show.  Brett said he wants what other AGT alumni have, which is their own Las Vegas shows.  So, he’s back on AGT: All-Stars to get some of the pie.  

Brett invited Heidi on stage to help with his act.  She failed at blowing up a balloon, so Brett did it.  He swallowed a blown up long balloon and managed to write the name of the animal that Terry Crew called-out, Aardvark. onto the balloon after swallowing a large marker.

Simon said it was like being at a “very weird children’s party.”  He said it took a very long time to get there and in the end it wasn’t very impressive. Simon added, it’s called All-Stars and they expect people to come back and “wow us.”   Howie and Heidi didn’t agree with Simon.  Howie called Brett a great magician.  It’s a combination of amazing and disgusting, Howie said.

FLAU’JAE (Rapper)

Pictured: Flau’jae — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Flau’jae is 18-years-old from Savannah, Georgia.  She was 14-years-old the last time she was on AGT. She said pressure either breaks pipes or makes diamonds. She said “I like diamonds.” Her father, who was a rapper, died before she was born.  He was murdered when her mom was pregnant with her.

She said when she listens to her father’s music, that’s how she has a connection with him.  She didn’t make it after the Semi-Finals.  After AGT Flau’jae got a key to her city.  She started a career in basketball and got ranked in the top 25.  Flau’jae said that last time she was on AGT, it was to tell her father’s story.  This time, she’s on AGT to tell her story.

Howie told her she’s “a beast to be reckoned with.” She’s incredibly talented, a songstress, and entertainer and she is his MVP.  Heidi said she is talented and wise beyond her years.  Simon reacted that he felt very emotional during that.  She came back so much better than she was before.  “You’re already a star, and you’re an All-Star.”  He predicted that she’ll be a bigger star.

Afterwards, Flau’jae told Terry Crews it means a lot to her to hear that feedback from the judges especially when she’s so serious about her craft. 

JOSH BLUE (Comedian)

Pictured: Josh Blue — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Josh got a standing ovation from Howie Mandel and the audience when he came out onto the stage.  Josh got third place when he was on AGT last time on season 16.  He siad he wanted to come back to the scene of the crime because he was “robbed!”  

Josh joked with the judges and said he’s making handicap signs for a living  since he has them.  He offered one to Simon for his bike rides!  Simon told Josh that he’s “very naughty.”  

Josh was on the same season as magician Dustin Tavella who won.  Josh has been touring since his time on AGT.  Josh’s All-Stars comedy act included jokes about him raising his kids.  The judges reaction to Josh’s standup routine – Heidi said she loves him because he has a sweet nature.  Simon said the audience reaction says it all. If they’re laughing you’re great, if they’re not laughing you’re terrible.  Howie said Josh is the cure, the medicine and he gave them what they need.  He called Josh “amazing.”   Simon said he thought the Super Fans would put him through. 

SETHWARD (Variety Act)

Sethward said he’s been a contestant on AGT more than anyone in the history and no one has received more red “X’s” than himself.  He said having the gumption to come back again, and again makes him an All-Star.  Sethward said no matter what the judges say, he thinks he deserves to be there.  He said he’s there to show he’s really the greatest of all time!

So, Sethward came onto the All-Stars stage dressed as a G.O.A.T.  Simon asked him, who invited him on the show?  Sethward responded “who didn’t invite me?”  Simon raised his hand.  

Sethward went to the judge’s panel and tried to eat Simon’s mic.  He then fell over.  Heidi asked if he was going to sing.  Sethward started yelling.  Then Heidi started yelling.  Simon told him to leave.  Then Sethward just got worse and worse, falling over on the stage.  As Sethward crawled up a mock mountain on the stage, Simon pushed Heidi and Howie’s red “X’s”.  Sethward had his own fake Golden Buzzer drop confetti over him for the end of his ridiculous act.

Pictured (l-r): Kodie Lee, Sethward — Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC


The first act in the Top 3 was Brandon Leake.  The second act in the Top 3 was Kodi Lee.  The next act who was voted into the Top 3 was Josh Blue. 
Howie told them that they are ALL stars!  The act finishing in third place was Josh Blue.  It was the second time that Josh Blue got third place.  

THE TOP 2: It was between Brandon Leake and Kodi Lee.  The act voted into the Finals by the Super Fans was Kodi Lee!  

The judges gave him a standing ovation. Brandon ran over and hugged Kodi before leaving the stage.  Simon said they could see that Kodi is more excited than the last time. He said that’s what they love about him, he’s a real competitor and a true star.

Here are the acts who are going to the AGT: ALL-STARS Finals:

Bello Sisters

Light Balance Kids

Detroit Youth Choir

Aidan Bryant

Avery Dixon

Mike E. Winfield

Aidan McCann

Power Duo

Tom Ball

Ana-Maria Margean

Kodi Lee



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