Robots Unveiled, and Don’t Talk to Chris Jericho! – ROBOT COMBAT LEAGUE

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Robots Unveiled, and Don’t Talk to Chris Jericho! – ROBOT COMBAT LEAGUE

Sharp, metal objects surround the audience during filming of Syfy’s new physical competition show where contestants don’t use their actual bodies, but that of life-size robots. It’s called “Robot Combat League”, and it’s hosted by former professional wrestler Chris Jericho.

Those sharp, metal objects in the abandoned warehouse where the show was filmed was the cause for audience members signing their lives away! Yes, literally! A twenty-something page wavier had to be signed by every audience participate in which the first page mentioned if the onlooker is maimed, injured or pretty much killed during filming, it’s the price they paid to watch it! Therefore, releasing the production company of any responsibility. A show in which a producer was very sure of himself future observers will be paying $1000 per ticket to witness the robot battles.

Oh yeah, aside from signing away their lives, audience members were also told very sternly – “Do NOT talk to Chris Jericho!” If seen trying to say “hi” or talk to Jericho, this would result in being ejected from the show. We aren’t sure why this was such an issue. When we tweeted it to Chris Jericho @IAmJericho, we got no response.

Syfy has released new images of each of the robots in which contestants were in charge of operating. More details from our EXCLUSIVE set visit here:

Pictured: Chris Jericho hosts ROBOT COMBAT LEAGUE

Pictured: (l-r) Dave Shinsel and Amber Shinsel partner-up for robot fighting.

Pictured (l-r): Devonric Johnson and Russell Tait pair-up for battle

Pictured (l-r): Crash, SteelCyclone fight “Fight Night 1”.

Pictured: Amber and Dave take a closer look at Crash robot.

Pictured: The team behind “Crash” robot – Amber and Dave Shinsel

Pictured (l-r): The team behind “SteelCyclone”- Devonric Johnson and Russell Tait.



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  1. lessthan12parsecs says:

    Dont talk to Jericho? Sounds more like a WWE Diva than a Superstar.

    That aside, these robots look absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to see what the next match up is going to be. Loved the first fight between Steel Cyclone and Crash. My favorite one is definitely Brimstone, with Steampunk and Drone Strike as very close runner ups.

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