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Posted on April 14 2010 by Set News

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RuPaul is workin’ it again for Logo by bringing the Viacom-owned network another original reality series called “RuPaul’s Drag University”.

This version of a make-over show has a fun twist. Popular drag queens from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” take ordinary tomboy women under their angelic wings to mentor them and transform them into sensational, show-stopping glamorous divas!

The core of the show, according to RuPaul is taking “women from the middle of America who have basically given up on themselves and give them a makeover from the inside out”.

Drag racer, Raven from season two provides mentor-ship to much needed makeovers for “middle America” women in “Drag University”.

Filming of the show started last month in Culver City. Our on-set reporter described the set much like a fashion show runway. During each episode, three women are re-styled and must take the stage to showcase what they have learned from their drag queen professors. Cyndi Lauper’s “Girl’s Just Want To Have Fun” was the song on the night for one group of women who had to lip sync it. As they are on stage, the women are being judged by a panel of three judges on their looks, choreography (which they are coached on) , and how well they present themselves.

The panel of judges consist of Mia Tyler (plus size model and daughter to Steven Tyler of “Aerosmith”), a choreographer and a drag queen.

Another surprise twist, RuPaul, was wearing a suit on this particular shoot-day in his self-proclaimed role as “President” of the Drag University. His instructors include previous cast members from ‘Drag Race”. They are: Raven and Jujubee, both from season two, and Ongina from season one.

No air date has been announced yet.


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  1. Staci Says:

    I love this show….I am a straight married 38 yr old woman with 3 beautiful children, but this show is one of my guilty pleasures. I just love Rupaul and all the ladies of Drag Race. You are all very talented and brave young women who have more style in one of ya’s fingernails then most women put together. My only peeve is Season One: NINA FLOWERS doninated that competetion all the way through and should have won…but she was the classic LADY we grew to love and adore and was sincerely happy for the winner. Love you all and keep the Drag Race coming~~~~~

  2. Debi Says:

    I agree with Staci about how Nina Flowers should have won the first season title from Rupaul ‘s Drag Show. Nina was class all the way and showed sincere happiness for BeBe the winner for the first season.. Even though Nina did not win Bebe was also wonderful and was classy and had a nice sprit about her. I feel the second season’s winner lacked any class or dignity that the contestants had on the first show. I think there were a few queens from the second season who should have won JuJu, Pandora, and Jessica Wild would have carried the title and the reputation of drag queen in a positive light. I hope that Rupaul chooses a better quality of queens for the third season. As a straight women I was happy to see the drag queens bought into the main stream. I just don’t want them to be looked at in a negative way, and Tyra the winner of the second season certainly brings negativity to the drag world she is rude, classless, and ignorant. RuPaul you have a great talent and have crossed into the main bringing drag and the entertainment to everyone not just the gay world. I would love to see your drag show be on for years to come so make sure you have queens for the third season that bring talent, class, and dignity to the world of Drag. I am looking forward to Drag U this July.

  3. Marie Libby Says:

    I love the show and i which a lot of RuPaul Drag U!!!!!!!

  4. donna franklin Says:

    I teach cosmetology in the state of Oklahoma and my students will be soon going into compition and i love the make up every one wears and I see the name if the products all the time and i went blank you can only imagian after 38- 16,17,18year old from 8a.m. till 4p.m. whoooo. my minde is blown by 4 p.m. so could someone be so kind as to e-mail me the name of the products.Everyone is sooo Beautiful and you know RuePaul with or with out hair and dress or with it always a special treat to see love Rue any kool suggestions will be a blessing also i find my self a first year cosmetology teacher as in the fact the whole school every thing iam the only one inthe books, floor, office, class room so any ideas please. man oh man a blessing from the one above. Thank you and every one up there this is my second time to compete and the first we took home some nails awards but i want makeup awards and i have to girls who could run with it if i had the right tools for them to use and both of the young ladys has had a hard time as of late and i wont to see them rise above and do what there great at and get all that weight holding them down removed. DonnaFranklin a truley carrering teacher in Oklahoma. Who loves Drag U

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