Save the World on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 15 Finale Recap

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September 15, 2020
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Save the World on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 15 Finale Recap

Heidi said it seems that the Beatles wrote that song for him and he's "soaring." Crews asked "what's next?" Archie replied that he wants to save the world with his...MORE

“America’s Got Talent” season 15 didn’t waste any time kicking off the first part of it’s finale show.  Soon after host Terry Crews welcomed back judges Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Sofia Vergara, they got down to business.   Crews announced that the winner of AGT will headline a show at the Luxor in Las Vegas and win $1 million.  The Top 10 each had one final performance each.   First-up was Sofia’s Golden Buzzer, singer Roberta Battagia.

Pictured: (l-r) Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara — Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC


Her dad said he was singing at an Italian restaurant when she was just 2 years old, and she grabbed the mic.  “She’s the star of the show.  I’m just in the background.”  He added that Roberta “works hard.  She is determined.  She’s an old soul.”  He and his wife are so happy that Roberta is in the Finale.  Roberta stated that her dad is responsible for her singing because he’s always brought her with him on his singing gigs.  Roberta sang “Scars to Your Beautiful” by Alessia Cara.

Sofia said the first time she saw Roberta, (10 years old at her audition) she surprised her and every time she sees her, she keeps surprising her.  “You have a special place in my heart,” said Sofia.   Heidi said this is only the beginning for Roberta.  “You are incredible at 11-years-old,” said Heidi.  Howie said he can see the pride and love in her video package.  “You are a baby on our show, and we watched you blossom.”  He called her a fan favorite in America and Canada.  Roberta is from Canada, and sang a song by a Canadian for her finale performance.  Roberta thanked America and everyone around the world. 

BAD SALSA (Dance Duo)

Bad Salsa said they have worked hard and sometimes “it’s like climbing the highest mountain.”  When the judge voted for them last week, they cried with emotion.  She said they want to give their families a better life.  “Not everyone gets a chance like this.”  Their country of India is so proud of them.   They don’t want to let them down and being in the AGT Finals is a dream come true. The judges gave them a standing ovation at the end.

Heidi stated, “you really have changed the game” and that they brought so much creativity to this type of dance.  Heidi added that  she’d fly anywhere to see them dance.  Howie said they are the best dancers he’s seen this season.  He was impressed with her being able to spin and then jump on her partner’s shoulders.  Sofia reacted that she can’t wait to watch the show again later with her family and see them react.  “It’s one of my favorite acts I’ve seen in my life.”  Crews asked them about arriving in America via plane earlier that morning.  Bad Salsa said she’s so excited and so proud that they are standing there performing and representing India.   


Pictured: Kenadi Dodds — Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC

She’s 15-years-old from Utah.  Kenadi said music is the most important thing in her life because it’s how she expresses herself.  Kenadi  said when she sings, she’s taking her family on a journey with her through imagination.  “Music is magic.”   Sofia congratulated her.  She told Kenadi that she stepped it up a lot.  Heidi said she sees a bright future for Kenadi and thinks of her like a Taylor Swift type with her guitar.  Howie said only one act is going to win the $1 million and the acts really have to step it up. He said it’s when she threw the guitar to the side and belted out, she really stepped up to the plate.   He told her she’s worth it.   Kenadi advised others to never give up on your dreams.  

Howie’s Golden Buzzer, Brandon Leake was up next. 

BRANDON LEAKE (Spoken Word Poet)

 Pictured: Brandon Leake — Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC

Brandon was the first poet to be on AGT.  Brandon said “it scared the living daylights” out of him.  Bradon was streamed a bunch of messages from fans and supporters of the show.  People who have been inspired by him sent video messages.   Brandon’s message in his Finale performance was about parenting.  A personal message to his daughter Alyah.   Brandon performed his piece outside on the lot with the sentence “I will never forget how I was already in love with you before I could ever hold you” projected on a building.  A photo of him with his daughter replaced the words at the end of his spoken word routine.

Howie said Brandon leaves him speechless “You move people, you move the world.”  He said Brandon takes them on a journey. ‘”We found out what it’s like to be a black man through the eyes of your mother.  In 2018, Brandon tried out for the show.  They said “no”  He’s glad Brandon’ s on now because now is his time.  Sofia said every time he’s on the stage,  it’s so meaningful.  He liked for the first time he was outside of the stage.  Heidi called it a beautiful gift for his daughter and they deserve more artists like Brandon.  She thanked him for being there. 

BROKEN ROOTS (Singing Duo)

 Pictured: Broken Roots — Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC

The duo discussed the moments they knew that they wanted to perform for a living.   They said “it’s awesome that they get to share their footprint.”   Broken Roots performed “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins.  

Sofia reacted that “this must have been an amazing ride for you,” and “every time she sees them she likes them more.  Heidi said they had to fight a little harder to get there because “the judges sent you home at one point” and they proved them wrong.  Howie said that’s his favorite song that they’ve sung.  The singers this season have the hardest job tonight because there’s a lot of them.  Broken Roots thanked all the voters and “we hope we make you proud and we love you” was their message.  

BELLO SISTERS (Contortionists)

 Pictured in this screen grab: Bello Sisters — Photo by: NBC

The Bello sisters performed from Germany.  They said it would mean the world to them to win.  They had “a special person” perform with them because it’s “a performance of a lifetime.”  That special person was their dad who shot an object from his daughter’s mouth during their Finale routine.   The sister who is 14-years-old had to be in bed because by German law, a minor can not stay up that late.   After their performance, Heidi said Howie was drooling.  Howie commented that it was the slowest performance and “shaky.” The audience booed Howie.  Sofia said she was drooling and didn’t think it was shaky.  “I hope people keep voting for you.” 


Archie read a letter from someone who was serving time in prison for a crime they did not commit, recently released.  They wrote that Archie has touched his spirit and gave him hope.  There were countless other notes.  “I know that I gave people hope.  That is the most amazing thing in my life,”  said Archie.    He added, “this journey has been the best thing that has ever happened to me”  He said he didn’t imagine making it this far.  Archie said everything he had gone through he felt was fate that led him “this way.”  Archie sang “Blackbird” song for his Finale performance.

Howie said “only one act is going to win,  But I feel like you’re already a winner.”  He said the songs that he picks, he knows but they’re so much more poignant sung by Archie.  Sofia said he made the song his song and it’s his best performance.  She added that his sutis keep getting better and better.  Heidi said it seems that the Beatles wrote that song for him and he’s “soaring.”  Crews asked “what’s next?”  Archie replied that he wants to save the world with his ministries.   

Special performances on the AGT Finale Wednesday’s show will include: Blake Shelton, One Republic, Julia Michaels, Usher, Eva Max, and more!


Singer Daneliya is a 14-year-old girl from Kamistan.   Daneliya said upon arriving in Hollywood, she was scared that she wasn’t good enough.  Being on the AGT stage makes her feel like a movie star.  “Winning AGT would totally change my life forever,” said Daneliya.   She wishes that one day her name will be up in lights.  Daneliya sang “Alive” by Sia.  The judges gave her a standing ovation.  Sofia said she is amazing and glad that they don’t have to vote, and called her “flawless.”   Heidi called Daneliya a “class act,” and “you held your own and hit every note.”  Howie said for her being so young, she seems like the most seasoned, and comfortable.    Daneliya said she never thought that she’d have the chance to be on stage and never thought being on AGT stage would be possible for her.  She said she’s really happy and thanked America. 

ALAN SILVA (Aerialist) 

Alan said he felt rejected his entire life and never thought he’d get married.  “I gave up on love.  I was okay being alone forever.”  He said when he met his life, everything changed.  She painted a different life than what he envisioned.  He said he can’t imagine his life without his family, and misses them so much.  Alan was reunited with his wife unexpectedly.  He said being in the AGT Finals is the best dream come true.  Alan performed with streams of water pouring on him as he spun around and around in the air.

Pictured: Alan Silva — Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC

Heidi said people really underestimated him and bullied him.  She hoped that they were watching him right now because he has a gorgeous wife and life.  Sofia stated that his acts “get better and better.” He looked amazing and so happy that his wife was there.  Sofia added that it will be a very hard competition going on tomorrow.  Howie said it seemed like the most dangerous one of his routines because of the soaking wet and having to hold on without slipping.   Crews asked him about being in the Finale.  Alan stated that It really feels like a dream come true and being on the greatest stage in the world.  He wants to help people realize their dreams and inspire people.  

Heidi’s Golden Buzzer, singer Cristina Rae, finished the night off.


Cristina said for a long time she had been looking for a home and through the AGT experience, she found one.  Cristina said she’s showing her son Jerimiah that everything that your heart desires, desires you as well.  She said she’ll never forget that moment that Heidi gave her the Golden Buzzer.  She wants her son to have the life that she didn’t have.  “I owe him everything,” said Cristina, and “all the hard work, all the struggles has led me here.”  She sang “Demons” by Imagine Dragons with her personal spin on it.

Pictured: Cristina Rae — Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC

Heidi said she loves Cristina and saved the “best for last.”  She called her “the most amazing.”  Heidi finished with, “you sparkle, you shine.  I wish nothing more for you than to get $1 million.”  Sofia said they have seen her become a star, and she looks amazing in that outfit.  “Those notes, it was perfection.”  Howie said she sang about her kingdom, and “this is your kingdom.  You are the one to beat.”  Crews asked her about winning.  Cristina responded that it means her home, her son’s future, and just more of herself.  



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