Shocked Coaches on THE VOICE Season 16 Battles Week 3 Recap

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April 4, 2019
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April 16, 2019
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Shocked Coaches on THE VOICE Season 16 Battles Week 3 Recap

NBC’s “The Voice” season 16 entered the third week of Battle rounds with coaches John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, and Adam Levine as the only coaches with any Steals left. John had the first Battle of the night.

Lisa Ramey vs. Betsy Ade

John called the two fierce, and dynamic ladies.  He called Lisa’s voice more soul while Betsy is more Pop/Rock. He said they both can deliver raw, “hear me roar” energy.  The song he chose, “The Joke” by Brandi Carlile, was a Grammy nominee of the year, an underground song.  Lisa said she can relate to the song because it’s her second time on “The Voice.”   Khalid said Lisa’s voice captures you and her style is “super unique.”   John thought it was cool to hear their different vocal stamps that they put on the song.  John said Betsy has a truly powerful voice.  Khalid advised for Lisa to start low, then “take it high” to blow people away.   They knocked it out of the park on their Battle performance!

Adam said it was completely different and he loved the power.  Blake said their Battle performance couldn’t have been more magical and Lisa in the verses had the edge.  But, then Betsy, the power and the amount of herself poured into her singing is undeniable.  Kelly said everything they do is exuded. She thought it was an even Battle.  However, Kelly liked the tare in her high note.  John thanked Adam and Blake for not helping him at all. 
Battle Winner: Lisa.  John said Lisa impressed him a hair more.  

STEAL: Kelly stole Betsy

TEAM ADAM (Charlie Puth)
Mari vs. Anthony Ortiz

Mari works at her mom’s salon as a makeup artist and sings at church.  She said Adam was her number one choice.  Anthony was pumping concrete in construction and baking before “The Voice.”  The song Adam gave them was “I Like Me Better.”   Charlie said the secret is capturing the intimacy of the song.  He said Anthony’s voice reminded him of himself at age 20.   He said Mari’s voice reminds him of jazz singer Esperanza Spalding.  Adam advised Mari to sing more powerful because the song is better suited for Anthony’s voice. 

Blake called it a high energy, fun performance.  He told Anthony he has a cool sound and Mari’s stage presence “is so fun” and incredible singing.  Kelly said she loves that song and it’s a jam.  She thought Mark “killed it.”  John said Mari took ownership of the song and made him remember why he wanted her on his team.  Adam said the chemistry and energy was there.  He said a little tiny bit of Anthony wasn’t there and nerves got to him. He added that Mari is amazing and was better in certain areas in this Battle.  He went with the one that “deserves to move forward.”  Adam chose Mari

Battle Winner: Mari.  Adam said her voice is powerful and you don’t expect it because she’s petite.

TEAM BLAKE (Brooks & Dunn)
Hanna Kay vs. Andrew Sevener

Hannah graduated from high school a year ago and has been giging.  She’s been wanting to be on “The Voice” since age 14.  Andrew comes from a family of musicians.   Blake gave them “Tequila” by Dan & Shay.  He said the song is NOT in their wheelhouse.  Andrew said he’s more ’90s country, and Hannah is old country – Loretta Lynn, Johnny Cash. Blake noted Andrew’s strong presence where he almost doesn’t need a microphone.   Brooks & Dunn called it a great challenge for both of them and they’ve got their plates full.  Blake said it’s not what they do musically because it forces them to either step-up to the plate or not. 

Battle Winner: Andrew.  Blake said he loved the most about Andrew’s voice is that he owns the song.

TEAM KELLY (Kelsea Ballerini)
Abby Kasch vs. Jackson Marlow

Kelly gave them one of her favorite songs in Country “Bring on the Rain.”  Jackson said he was struggling with harmony.  Kelly told them to keep it simple.  Jackson said Kelly helped him with his confidence.  Abby said she was working in Nashville and can’t believe she got on “The Voice.”

Blake was perplexed that the Battle was County and it’s NOT his team.  Kelly said she loved the richness of Jackson’s voice, and loved that Abby’s voice was unbridale.  She picked Abby.

Battle Winner:  Abby.  Kelly said Abby has a passion for music and a love of the stage.

Jacob Maxwell vs. Talon Cardon

John said they’re both very young and they’re both Pop, uptempo.  Their fathers are both cops, and they’re both waiters at restaurants.  John said they both sing slower vibes in the Blinds and has the versatility to nail this song – John gave them “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” by The Police.  John wanted to push them slightly out of their comfort zone by giving them this uptempo song.  Khalid noticed a purity in Talon’s voice.  Khalid advised Jacob to be comfortable wtih the song, and John wanted them to have fun.

Pictured: (l-r) Talon Cardon, Jacob Maxwell — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Adam commented that it’s one of his favorite songs and crazy how much Jacob looks like Jake Gyllenhaal and model Cara Delevingne.  Jacob responded that he gets that ALL the time! Adam thought Jacob was a bit more in control during the Battle.  Blake thought Jacob had a better grasp on the song.  Kelly said Talon was more Pop vibe and the song was something he’d do more in concert.  John told them he was proud of them, and they performed with “excellence.”  John said Jacob has a rounder voice, that’s luscious.  John based the winner on the kind of tone that he likes, which was Jacob.

Battle Winner:  Jacob.  

TEAM KELLY (Kelsea Ballerini)
Rebecca Howell vs David Owens

Rebbeca is Country and David is soulful.  Kelly chose to give them a Country song that can be a different genre.  Rebecca, 18-years-old, just graduated from high school.  She’s a super-huge Blake fan, but was drawn to Kelly’s fun side in the Blinds.  David, who’s 25-years-old, said he’s had a stressful year, married, got a new job and had a premature baby.   Kelly gave them “Unchained Melody” by LeAnn Rimes.  Kelly compared David’s voice to smokey butter.  Kelly compared Rebecca to Linda Ronstadt, Crystal Gayle vibes.   Kelly called them the most “fluid” pairing.

John called it a “beautiful pairing” and it’s’ tough, comparing apples and oranges with very different ranges.  Adam said David will continue to get better and gave it to Rebecca.  Blake said he strongly disagrees with Adam.  He thought Rebecca was incredible.  But David brings a Joe Cocker rattle that’s so unique and went with David.  Kelly said they both executed the song so well.  Rebecca “never screws-up, ever.”  She loves big, powerful females in music.  Kelly chose Rebecca.

Battle Winner:  Rebecca.  Kelly said Rebecca added a couple of things that she didn’t do in rehearsal (it showed on David’s face by the way during their performance) and shows her she’s a fighter.  Blake said he didn’t steal David because he has artists on his team in David’s lane.

COMEBACK STAGE: David was the third eliminated artist to join the Comeback Stage.  Fifth coach Bebe Rexha loved the grit in David’s voice.

TEAM ADAM (Charlie Puth)
Jimmy Mowry vs. Kalvin Jarvis

Jimmy has a high end voice and Kalvin has a big round tone.  Kalvin works in a breakfast restaurant.   Jimmy told Charlie that he sung Charlie’s “Attention” song in the Blinds.  Charlie told him the vocals to that song were recorded in the back of a tour bus and he had to wait for the generator to turn off.  Jimmy liked that Adam started coaching him on the spot during the Blinds.   Adam gave them the song “U Got it Bad” by Usher.  Adam said Kalvin’s voice is powerful but needs to be concious of keeping it under control.  Jimmy’s voice is beautiful and has emotion.  Charlie advised to “lean back” on the beat a little bit.   Adam noticed that they sing better when they harmonize and advised them to always do that.  Adam advised them to NOT get in their heads.

Blake called it “complicated” because there was overlapping but they made it work great.  Kelly said Jimmy shocked her, and LOVED Kalvin’s tone.  She picked him in the Blinds.  She thought Kalvin owned the song.  John said it was great chemistry between the two and their tones are different.  Kalvin’s had more “heft” to it.  He said to choose the one with the most amount of range.  Adam said they worked hard and it all translated.  

Battle Winner:  Kalvin.  Adam said Kalvin was a little bit more consistent.  

STEAL: John stole Jimmy.  John said he has a great voice and great chops.  John also turned for Jimmy in the Blinds.  


Tuesday’s Battles was the last day of “The Voice” season 16 Battles. Adam said a lot of amazing singers really step it up at the last moment to deliver “amazing performances.”  Kelly said she wants to go with that person who can handle the pressure, “because with these Cross Battles, anything can happen.”  Blake is the only coach with a Steal left and is looking for someoe who “will pour their heart out on stage,” and wants to bring the strongest team he can into the Cross Battles.  John said he wants each and every one of his artists to be the best.”

TEAM ADAM (Charlie Puth)
Andrew Jannakos vs. Patrick McAloon

Twenty-five-year-old Andrew went up against 40-year-old Patrick.  Andrew told Adam and Charlie that “The Voice” Blinds was the first time he performed on stage.  They were shocked.  Patrick has been singing backup and playing guitar on tour around the world.  Adam said it’s a tricky song – “Free Fallin'” by Tom Petty.  Andrew stated that he has to “work for this” because he doesn’t have the falsetto that Patrick has.  Adam advised them to harmonize on the chrouses.  Charlie said it’s a tough song because if they mess-up “everyone is going to hear it.” 

Blake said he remembered Patrick saying “no” to him on national television on the Blinds. But, the discovery, Blake said was Andrew who soared on the chrous and has a big voice.  Kelly said Andrew was “good” on the Blinds, “great” here on the Battles.  She said because he shocked everyone, Andrew won her over.  But, she’d totally buy Patrick’s record. John said he’s jealous because he has the bottom part, but not the high.  He loved Patrick’s character and individuality. Adam joked, “when it comes down to a moment like this!” Lol.  Kelly told him, “I know you listen to it every day.”  He said Patrick is “seasoned.”  But,  Andrew was a “revelation” because his baritone was astonishing to hear him nail those high notes.  He said they both stepped it up and impressed him. Adam chose Andrew and said Andrew shocked the entire panel of coaches.

Battle Winner: Andrew.  Adam said his team is “astounding” because he has a lot of everything.  Blake said he is cautious of using his only Steal too soon and was holding-out until the end of Battles.

TEAM BLAKE (Brooks & Dunn)
Cecily Hennigan  vs Selki

Blake said they’re both powerhouse singers. They have singer/songwriter vibes. Blake noted that Cecliy sings like someone twice her age.   Cecily is from South Carolina.  She started singing while working in her dad’s fudge shop where he also sang.  Her YouTube video of her singing a fast-food order went viral.   Her Blind Auditions were a dream come true.  Blake was the only one that turned for Cecily.  Selki is from South Africa and was working on a cruise as a lounge act.  She said the Blinds were a bit of a blur.  Blake gave them “Head Above Water” by Avirl Lavigne.  Brooks & Dunn was “freaked-out” that Cecliy is only 16-years-old and with Selki, “it’s crazy how well she sings.”  Brooks & Dunn advised them to collaborate, and told Cecily to “pull-out” the angst when she wants it in the song and she can “make people tear-up.”  Cecily said the song is about the hard times in her life she’s been through and having her parents to keep her head above water.  Selki said she relates to the song by recently moving to the U.S. and making it her new home.   Blake said the Battle will come down to whoever is the most believeable. 

Pictured: (l-r) Cecily Hennigan, Selkii — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Kelly stated that Selki has a rocker vibe and Cecily’s voice was very clear and more polished.  She couldn’t believe that Cecily is only 16.   John said it’s a question of what kind of artist Blake wants to work with.  Adam told Selki that she broke his heart when she didn’t choose him.  He thought the advantage was Selki’s.  He said they were both fantasitc.  Blake was torn because they both surprised him.   He went with experience and picked Selki.

Battle Winner: Selki. 
Blake said Selki definitely knows who she is as an artist and is someone who will be around for a really long time.


TEAM BLAKE – Carter Lloyd Horne vs. Lili Joy.   They sang “I Got You Babe” by Sonny and Cher. Winner: Carter. 

TEAM KELLY – Alena D’Amico  vs Karen Galera.  They sang “Imagine.”  Winner: Karen – Kelly thought she’d handle the nerves better. 

Kayslin Victoria vs. Oliv Blu

Kayslin, 16-years-old, was one of the last people to audition on “The Voice” this season.  She said she was singing for fun and her dad is a DeeJay.  She said her Blind Audition was the biggest thing she’s ever done.   Oliv sang one of John’s favorite songs in her audition. Oliv has a twin who sings backup for her on her shows.   They got “Location” song by Khalid. John joked “no pressure” singing his song!   John wanted to do one of Khalid’s songs and thought Kayslin and Oliv would be perfect.  Khalid explained that he wrote this song in his Senior year in high school with prom coming up.  He wrote the song in the shower. “I was so naive, everything about life in general.”  He said it was more of a vibe and wants to hear Kayslin and Oliv with their own take on the song.   Khalid advised them to “feel” the song, be free and not tied to the microphone.  Then Khalid sang with them to vibe with them.  He said he could see Kayslin on the radio now.  But, what will she sound like at 25, 30?  He can hear the jazz in Oliv which is “the best thing about her.”  John advised that learning the song and being super-confident, allows them to have fun and the chemistry will be more natural.  Khalid approved of them and thanked them for doing justice to his song.  John said it will be interesting to see who’s more compelling. Olive have a Neo-soul voice vs Kayslin’s Pop voice.

Pictured: (l-r) Oliv Blu, Kayslin Victoria — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Adam said it was a close Battle and he loved the Jazzy runs from Oliv and noted their stylisitic diffrerences.  Blake said it’s enticing to see how Kayslin will develop and Oliv has a kinship musically.  He said it was a “team call.”  Kelly said she thought the style was there with Oliv and Kayslin has a giganic voice and thinks she could nail any song.  John said Oliv owned every moment, but Kayslin is a fantastic singer at only age 16.  He was conflicted.

Battle Winner: Kayslin.  John said he doesn’t have any girl Pop singers like Kayslin and she has a lot of confidence and hits these notes like nothing. He added that she’s “really polished.”  Kelly predicted that Kayslin wil be shocking with her huge voice.  John said his team is “the most formidable.”

STEAL: Blake stole Oliv because he said there’s no one else in the competition that fills her lane which is “very jazzy.” Blake said his Team is “extremely diverse” and has a lot of dark horses.

NEXT WEEK: Two artists face off and won’t know who they’re Battling in the Live Cross Battles until they walk onto the stage. MORE on Live Cross Battles HERE!



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