Shocking Voting Results on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: ALL-STARS Premiere Recap

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December 24, 2022
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Shocking Voting Results on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: ALL-STARS Premiere Recap

AGT: ALL-STARS - Bello Sisters, Terry Fator

The stage of “America’s Got Talent” has gotten bigger by bringing the heavyweight acts (and lighter ones as well) from all around the world and morphing the huge talent show into “America’s Got Talent: All-Stars.”  The judges panel shrunk from four to three with – Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel who each have their own Golden Buzzer per episode, along with the host Terry Crews.

The format of “All-Stars” is ten acts compete per episode for two spots in the Finals.  One of those spots is decided by a team of voters called “Super Fans” who are at work behind-the-scenes.   The other spot is up to one judge per episode who has the power of the Golden Buzzer.   In the premiere episode, Howie was the ONLY judge to have the use of the Golden Buzzer.  Howie said “it is a lot of pressure!”

Simon said they “Invited everyone from all over the world who have either won the show or almost won the show.  It’s about bragging rights…the best of the best,” said Simon.  Viewers will notice that a running theme throughout the series will be the return of acts who may have not gotten a fair shot during the 2020 season where a lot of the acts had to compete virtually from home.  But, who can now be physically present on the stage in person.

The good part about “AGT: All-Stars” is that instead of watching through weeks of episodes over a span of months to witness who’ll be voted to the Finals to ultimately win, this is a much more condensed version where viewers will get to see at the end of each episode which acts will be going on to the show’s Finals and not have to wait until the next night to see the voting results.


What the show doesn’t explain is that in reality, the voting didn’t actually occur in the same episode.  The acts had to return at the end of the tapings to see who made the cut.  Some acts, viewers will see, won’t physically be there on stage.  So, maybe this will make viewers feel better that the Super-Fans had more time than just one episode to get their voting in.



Pictured: Bello Sisters — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

The last time acrobatic/ balancing act Bello Sisters, from Verona, Italy,  were on AGT they couldn’t come to America for the Finals because of Covid.  They wondered if they could have made it if they had been physically present.  They lost out to Alan Silva last time, who is returning again this time.  Simon asked what they have done to be better?  Bello sisters answered that in this performance they’re doing something that they’ve never done before.

Bello Sisters made a human triangle, balanced themselves using their own body weight to support each other. They finished their act off by one of the sisters extending her leg behind her ear while one sister balanced on top with only one hand. 

Heidi said they have beauty and strength and she loves them.  Howie thought it was dangerous, and exciting.  He joked this is the epitome of “women supporting women.”   After Simon stopped admiring himself on the large stage monitors, he told Bello sisters “that was about as close to perfection as I’ve seen” and said if he was a Super Fan, he would be voting them through to the Finals.  


Aneshwa is a seven-year-old wildlife conservationist from Warrington, U.K  He started making conservation videos.  He made it to the Finals on “Britain’s Got Talent” season 15.  Aneeshwar’s act was similar to a Ted Talk that was backed by images on a large screen backdrop.  
Howie called Aneeshwa one of the most inspirational young men he’s ever seen. He said what he does is “adorable” and important. Heidi said everything that he said was “so moving” and he’s beautiful inside and out.   Simon said it’s interesting watching the interaction here in America.  Siimon reminded the judges that everything that Anesshwar said, he wrote it all. Simon said it was incredible. 


Pictured: Caly Bevier — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Caly first competed on AGT season 11 and got Simon’s Golden Buzzer.  She is now 23-years-old competing on “All-Stars.”  Simon said her audition on season 11 was one of those auditions that “you just remember.”  She said she was 15 years old diagnosed with a rare form of stage three ovarian cancer.  She overcame it and decided she wanted to change her life and do something bigger.   Caly said having cancer opens up a new mindset. She made it to the Finals on season 11, then got voted off. 

After AGT, Caly moved to Los Angeles and has been performing with a band and working on being a recording artist. She auditioned with an original song.  Her main goal is to be a touring artist.   After her “All-Stars” performance, Caly got a standing ovation from the judges and audience.  She said it felt amazing and she’s never performed her own song on this scale.

Howie told her that she is a star and compared her to Halsey.  He added that there’s some depth to what you’re doing.  Heidi said she seemed really comfortable up there.  Simon told her that he wished that he could have shown this film to her at age 15 when she was first on AGT, to show her that she’s going to be a star and be healthy.

Simon said he’s always interested in people when they come back…if they’re going to be better.

LIOZ (Magician)

Pictured: Lioz — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Lioz, from Tel Aviv, Israel, competed on AGT in 2018.  After that,  he went to “Australia’s Got Talent,”  Then, “Britain’s Got Talent,” then went back to “Australia’s Got Talent.”  Simon asked “why are you here?”  He answered “because you asked me.” LOL

Lioz said this performance is for “redemption.”  Simon told the other judges that he already has his own show in Las Vegas.   Heidi didn’t like his act the first time.  So, Lioz said he wants to show Heidi that he’s the greatest magician of all time.  

His act was a comedy routine of what a really bad magician would be like.  He told the judges he took something from them which was their watches which were really plastic toy watches.  He had something extra of Howie’s, his wig!

At the very end of his act, Simon gave him his red buzzer.  He told him last time he was “good stupid.”  This time he was “bad stupid.”  Howie said he disagreed and made a plea to the Super Fans – “I think stupid is funny.  I think silly is funny.”  Heidi said she “didn’t love it.”  Howie said it’s not up to them, “it’s up to the Super Fans.” 


Pictured: Jeanick Fournier — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Heidi was the only judge who didn’t know Jeanick was.  Jeanick is the winner of “Canada’s Got Talent.”  She’s from Quebec, Canada.  Her dream as a child was to be a singer.  She said she went to school and was taking care of people at the end of their lives. She sings for them. One of her patients encouraged her to try-out for “Canada’s Got Talent.”  So, she went at age 50.  Howie told her that she is an angel and she “sings like an angel.”  She said her life changed and is now a signed artist with fans.   She said she’s there to give the best performance of her life and win.

Heidi’s reaction was that she’s one of those people who is meant to be on stage.  She told her congratulations and “maybe you’re going to win this one too.” Simon said he has so much respect for someone who has already won and come back and competes for bigger ambitions.  Howie said she makes him proud that he’s from Canada.  

LIGHT BALANCE KIDS (Dance Act / Howie’s Golden Buzzer) 

“Light Balance Kids” are from the Ukraine.  They explained how they woke up and the war was happening.   They are Finalists from season 14.  One of their fathers is still in Ukraine fighting.  One of them told the story of how there were bombs and rockets going off everywhere.  When they had the chance to come back to AGT, they wanted to do it to remember what it’s like to live peacefully and perform again.l  They won a Golden Buzzer. 

They said the last time they danced together was before the war.  They want to tell the world what is going on in Ukraine.  Theywant to show the world “that light always wins.”  Simon said they are unbelievably brave.  

After their performance, Howie was the first to stand in their standing ovation from the judges and audience.  When Howie noticed that there were some older performers in their routine, Light Balance Kids said initially there were 14 members, but because some of them couldn’t come, they asked for the help from “Light Balance,” which they did.  

Heidi said it was such a fun party, and “it needs to be longer.”  Simon thought it was their best performance that they’ve ever done, “by a mile.”  He thought it was brilliant and them telling their story made it more poignant and if anything defines an All-Star, it was that performance.  Howiei said it was such an amazing message.  Howie said he’d like to bring them more light than they brought them,  and hit his Golden Buzzer for them.

BERYWAM (Beatbox, A capella)

They are the world beatbox champions.  They are very famous in France.  When they were on AGT, they made it to the Quarter Finals.  They are back to be the world champions.  Season 14 was their first time in America.  They said when they lost in the Quarterfinals, they left their dream there.  However, Berywam had the most watched video in AGT history.  The video went viral and also through TikTok, they were able to capitalize on it.  Berywam said they have more of their own original tracks, and it’s a big risk but want to prove that they came to win.

Heidi reacted to their performance that it was really a real treat.  All the instrumental sounds coming out of their bodies “was so good!”  Howie loved it too.   He said they are musicians, singers, and rappers all in one.  Simon’s reaction was that they are better now than when they first saw them.  He said “this is why we wanted to make All-Stars because it brings out the best in people.

ALAN SILVA (Acrobat/ Aerial)

Pictured: Alan Silva — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Alan said AGT has given him so many opp. He was able to perform in one of the greatest venues in all his life and was able to buy a house for his family/ He competed in AGT season 15.  He said every time he competed, he was upping the stakes.  “I had to push myself to be better and better.”  He made the Finals.  Alan said it was really heart-breaking when he was eliminated.  Last time, he was pushing the danger side.  This time he wants to be vulnerable. “I want this title. I want the All-Star title.  This is my season,” said Alan.

Alan ended his act by hurling himself over the judges table.  At the end, he cried. Simon asked him why. Alan answered that he’s “just emotional.”  Howie said it was a step-up from anything they’ve ever seen before from him.  Howie asked why he was emotional.  Alan answered it was because he did everything that they talked about, getting better and he’s risking everything that he’s got. 

Heidi said he’s so graceful and beautiful but there are moments like “is he going to fall.” Simon said “yes,” he’s gotten better.  It was unbelievable and said he thought that the Superfans would put him through.  Simon asked about his kids, and then brought them onto the stage.  


Jimmie said he had an amazing opportunity to be on AGT season 16 that changed everything.  Simon said Jimmie turned it around for him by singing his “worst” song.  Jimmie sang “Tomorrow” from Annie, and got Sofia Vergara’s Golden Buzzer.  When he didn’t make it to the Top 5, it was a hard moment, Jimmie said.  It was frustrating because he did his best.  Jimmie said he came back to win.

Simon reacted “Jimmie, that’s how you do it.  It was brilliant.”  Heidi said he’s always been one of her favorites. His voice is like butter and he’s fantastic.”  Howie called him the best male vocalist in the history of AGT.  Jimmie told the Superfans to “please love me!”  Simon said “that’s written on my mirror.”  
The next performance was from a true AGT All Star, the second winner of the series, Terry Fator.

TERRY FATOR (Ventriloquist)

Simon reminded everyone that Terry won season 2 then signed one of Vegas’ biggest contracts three times!  Simon said Terry has inspired more contestants than any other show around the world.  Why did he come back?  Terry said 15 years ago, he inspired people.  Now he has a whole new audience to inspire.

He’d been a ventriloquist since the age 10.  He was performing at County Fairs and elementary schools, and living from paycheck to paycheck and wondered if he should quit.  When he went on AGT, he was 42 years old, and knew it was probably his last shot.  
He said his story is like Willy Wonka, got everything he always wanted and lived happily ever after.  He signed the biggest deal in Las Vegas up to that point which was five years for a hundred million dollars.  

Terry brought out two puppets that were Elton John and a turtle.  He dazzled the audience with a stunning singing impression of Elton John’s “Rocket Man.”   This resulted in a standing ovation from everyone!

Howie said “it’s not a fluke that you won AGT,” and it’s also not a fluke that Terry is in the number one show in Las Vegas.  For him to be back on AGT is a dream come true.  Heidi called him a legend and the O.G. of ventriloquism.  Simon shared that in order for them to do All-Stars was that the only way they would do it was if Terry came back.  Because you can’t do “All-Stars” without having the best of the best.


The first act in the Top 3 was Bello Sisters.  The next act was Caly Bevier, and the third act to make the Top 3 was Terry Fator.  Simon looked gutted!  The rest of the acts exited the stage.  Simon said he was a bit surprised. We just saw 2-3 people leave the stage that normally would have made the Finals. 
Only one of the three acts would move on to the Finals. The act that finished in third place, and also leaving the competition was Caly.  The top two were Bello Sisters and Terry Fator.  The act that was voted into the Finals by Superfans was Bello Sisters.

You bet there were a lot of shocked people!  Howie said he would have never guessed that.  Simon told the Bello Sisters “you’ve just beaten the best of the best.”  

AGT: ALL-STARS – Bello Sisters, Terry Fator



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