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Shockingly Powerful on THE VOICE Season 17 Live Playoffs Week 2 Recap

Posted on November 18 2019 by Editor

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Shockingly Powerful on THE VOICE Season 17 Live Playoffs Week 2 Recap

NBC’s “The Voice” season 17 Top 13 artists performed on Monday night for America’s votes where eleven will continue in the competition next week. Each artist performed a dedication song to a person close to them.

Team Gwen opened the show with 15-year-old Joana Martinez, and also closed Monday’s performance show with Rose Short.


Joana Martinez is 15 years old.  She said she’s only one on show that’s #TeamWake. Joana chose Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine “Get on Your Feet” song because it represents Miami so well.  Gwen said she’s trying to hype the audience.  Gwen called it the equivalent to her Holla back song.”Its an anthem,” and not a song you can stand in one place. Thus, Joana had to sing AND dance in her performance.

Pictured: Joana Martinez — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Former coach Blake said he knows that her talent combined with her determination and the “right coach” for her.  He said, she’s in “the right lane” for her and predicts good things for her.  Gwen was shocked. She really pulled this off and it’s a really hard song to do.  People don’t understand how hard that is to do – sing and dance. She was “shocked.”


Blake took his Team to Nashville.  Blake moved to Nashville in 1994, and now put in his own venue named “Ole Red”.  His Team played there.  Blake said Ricky has a “rock flare” and is bluesy.  Ricky dedicated his song to someone close to him who had a stroke. 

Pictured: Ricky Duran — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

John said he loved Ricky from the beginning and always thought he carried himself like as artist and performs like he was born to be there.  “It was a great song choice and very impressive.” Blake said he did a lot of traveling and everywhere he went, everyone loves Ricky.  “You always deliver a solid performance and that’s why you’re going to be here for a very long time,” Blake added.


Max is a new member to Team Kelly. He was previously on Team Legend.  Kelly stole Max because she was “blown away” by him.  He chose “Unaware” song because it’s one of his family’s favorite songs.  Kelly suggested for Max to pick-out a few spots in the song that are “big.”  

John said what a challenge because it’s tough with that falsetto and he nailed those notes.  Kelly said her favorite part about his voice is he has so much in there, including intimacy, and it’s such a gift. She added that, “no one should cover that song except for people like you.”


Gwen used her Save on Myracle to keep her on her Team. Gwen told her she has the range and is stunningly beautiful. She said its rare to have someone like Myracle who is “honest” and emotions come out in her performance. Myracle was raised by her Grandmother, nicknamed “Candy” because he was so sweet.  Gwen told Myracle about her run-in with Whitney Houston.  Myracle chose Whitney Houston song dedicated to her Grandmother who’s passed now.

After Myracle’s performance, Kelly exclaimed that “that’s a really hard song to sing!” and stated “you are a champion!”  Gwen said Myracle freaked-out over the song in her rehearsal.  But, her performance was “incredible” and “every moment was perfect.”


John used his last Save on Will.  He said Will does a unique twist on every song he does.  Will dedicated his song to his mom “I Won’t Give Up” song.  His mom didn’t give-up on him. He was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome.  He called her “the most solid rock.”  Legend said he wants America to feel a little bit more vulnerability from him and to show that he’s capable of winning the show.

Blake said he’s amazed at how well connected to the song Will is every time he gets on stage and doesn’t see him being in the bottom. Legend said Will showed more sides, and showed emotion in the song. Will was vulnerable.  The energy exuding from Will “was so powerful,” John added.

Blake Shelton was still on cloud 9 after winning Single of the Year at the CMA’s this year.  He took his whole team to Nashville.


Indie pop singer Kat Hammock.  Kat chose “Danny Boy” song by Traditional.  She lost all four of her grandparents in a period of three years.  Blake said Kat is able to sing and connect with a song in a way that he’s never seen.  He said her Grandpa is smiling down on her.  
Gwen said they are all huge fans of Kat.  She said something is wrong if she doesn’t get a record deal and called her “mesmerizing.”  Blake said as a friend and a fan he couldn’t be more proud of her.  As a coach he is scared because he called her one of the “most important artists” he has ever worked with.


Katie chose the song “I’m Going Down” song by Mary J. Blige.  She said the song is about heartache and Katie said she’s had her ups and downs in dating.  “I wanted to dedicate this song to them…to all the single ladies” who’ve had their hearts broken.  Legend called Mary J. Blige fire combined with vulnerability.  

Pictured: Katie Kadan– Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Kadan received a standing ovation from all the coaches.  Host Carson Daly reacted to Katie’s performance calling it a “finale-like” performance.  Kelly called Katie’s performance “fire.”  John stated that it was the best performance of the season.


Cali chose to sing “Butterflies” by Kacey Musgraves.  Cali dedicated her performance to her girlfriend whom she met in Nashville. Blake said he saved Cali because she has potential and a lot of what America hasn’t seen yet.  

Gwen stood up for Cali.  She said “that’s the kind of record I want to listen to.”  And “it’s so beautiful.”  Blake said that seems to be her lane and she can play with the falsetto and let her full voice come through which is “shockingly powerful.”


Kelly called Shane Q the most talented vocalist this season, but he’s so in his head  She told him that she wants him to connect.  He dedicated his song to his mother.  

Pictured: Shane Q — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Blake said he was shocked that Shane had to be Saved last week because he views Shane as a front-runner. Blake asked joked what is Shane doing in the Country lane.  Blake said that performance will get him back to the top.  Kelly said he did so great and connected!  She called him incredibly talented.  “You literally are an incredible vocalist.” Said she wants him to know that he’s “incredibly talented” by the time they part with him on the show.


“Hello Sunday” is the first ever Top 13 Wild Card artists.  They dedicated their song to their Mom with the song “Mama Knows Best” by Jessie Jay. The girls also created another group called “Goodbye Tuesday.”  Kelly said it’s harder singing as a duo because each one needs their own blueprints.  Kelly said Jessie Jay in an incredible vocalist and this song will be challenging for them. She called Hello Sunday inspiring.

Pictured: Hello Sunday — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

John said it was incredible and they’re also so impressive and fun to watch. He said something being on the brink last week pushed them because this was far and away their best performance. He said they are so fun and incredible…perfect and so much joy to watch.   Kelly said she’s their coach and still doesn’t understand it and would love to sing with them.  She said they’re so talented and “so young!”


Marybeth lost her grandpa the day before she flew out to be on “The Voice.”  She dedicated her song “Go Rest High on That Mountain” by Vince Gil, to him.  She said she wouldn’t be on “The Voice” if it weren’t for him and they used to sing that song together all the time. She said he was her light, which has now gone out, and that’s challenging.  Marybeth was very emotional in rehearsal. John said because Marybeth is so connected to that song, it will make her performance more powerful.   John said Marybeth is very poised and “she’s not afraid of this moment.”  She said she can’t think of a better way to honor her grandpa then by dedicating this performance to him.

Pictured: Marybeth Byrd — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Blake said he was just talking about that particular song and what it meant to him regarding his father.  He said he’s a big fan, and he remembered that he got “Blocked”from Marybeth.  John said they talked about how hard it was going to be to  do that song.  “You can share your grief with america” and they can see all parts that make her a musician and as a person, said John.  He added that it was “really beautiful and “what a wonderful performance.”


Jake dedicated his song to his daughter Macy.  He said the message of the song is “really important” to his daughter.  No matter what hard times they’ve been through, it’s going to be okay because they have each other.  Jake recently went through a divorce. Kelly said Jake has a 90s Country voice and now he’s the only Country singer on “The Voice.”

Gwen said she’s a fan and loves that song so much and loves that song for him. She called it “really magical” and “amazing.” Kelly said he had her “balling” and said he’s so magical.  She said he sounds like the music that she grew-up on. Kelly was still crying her eyes out as she wiped her eyes with tissue.


Rose said she’s still blown away that America thinks she should be there.  Rose chose Christina Aguilera song “I Turn To You.”  She dedicated her song to Gwen because she told her to be herself.  Blake made the comment last week about seeing Gwen’s influence on Rose.  Rose said her Gwen and Gwen are different, but music brings them together. She said Gwen is  very artistic, free and open.  “To have someone I looked up to my whole life make it okay to be me,” stated Rose.  Gwen said Rose doeskin see herself as “street R&B” and has her own lane.  

Gwen reacted that dedicating the song to her is a role reversal. Rose is so cool and talented. The fact that she said that about her, means everything to her.


On “The Voice” Tuesday’s Results show, Team Kelly and Team Gwen both performed with their Teams for the first time of the season.  Fans were able to Save one of the artists in the Bottom Three via the Twitter Instant Save vote, that ultimately gave us the Top 11. Two artists were eliminated. 

Host Carson Daly asked coach Blake Shelton what he hoped his Team learned from their trip to Nashville.  Blake answered, “I hope they learned to be awesome.”  he added that he hoped  they learned to build relationships with the people they work with.  

‘Voice coach John Legend said his Team saw a lot of emotion in their dedication performances on Monday’s show.  He stated, “you felt the power that the emotions brought to their songs.” Gwen said she wants people to know about her team that they are so talented, and they “really inspire me today,” she said.

Kelly said the advice she’d give her Team from her experience of being on “American Idol,”  is “you have to pretend that it’s your final show.”  Like it’s the last time on TV, and “perform like it’s your last time to do it.”

Carson Daly asked Hello Sunday what do they want their parents to know  They said they are so thankful and grateful and they sacrificed so much.  Also thanked her parents for being by her side. Katie said something she wants people to know is that her group of friends love her unconditionally and let her know that she’s great “without a man.”

Pictured: Rose Short — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

In no particular order, Carson announced the first round of artists Saved.  The first was Team Legend’s Marybeth Byrd, Hello Sunday (Team Kelly), and Rose Short (Team Gwen).  

Team Gwen’s Joana, Myracle, Rose and Gwen Stefani performed.  

Next, the remaining ten artists came back out onto the stage to hear their fate from host Carson Daly who asked Ricky about his dedication.  Ricky said his girlfriend, who was in the audience, was rushed into surgery on the night of his ‘Voice Blind Audition. But, she wanted him to be on the show anyway.   

The next Saves were Kat Hammock from Team Blake, and Katie Kadan (Team Legend). Will said he wanted to tell his mom that this wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for his mom and he wanted to tell the world how much he loves her. 

Team Legend (l-r): Katie Kadan, Marybeth Byrd, Will Breman — Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC

Daly asked Jake what does he want his daughter Macy to learn by him being on the show. Jake answered that he has confidence in himself and wants to show her that she “can get out there and chase her dream when she gets older.”

The next artists Saved were: Jake Hoot (Team Kelly), Myracel Holloway (Team Gwen), Ricky Duran (Team Blake).  Five artists were left.

Team Blake (l-r): Ricky Duran, Kat Hammock — Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC

Then coach Kelly Clarkson performed with her Team of artists – Hello Sunday, Max Boyle, Shane Q, and Jake Hoot.  They performed “Linger” song by the Cranberries.  

The five remaining artist came out onto “The Voice” stage.  Daly asked Joana about her friends and family.  She said her school has sent her numerous letters and videos to her to show their support.  “I can’t be more thankful for them,” she said.  Daly asked Max about his nieces and nephews.  He said he wants them to believe in themselves and to step out of their comfort zones.  

Two artist Saved were Will Breman (Team Legend), and Shane Q (Team Kelly).  That meant the bottom three were: Joana Martinez, Max Boyle, and Cali Wilson.

Team Kelly (l-r): Jake Hoot, Hello Sunday, Shane Q. — Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC

Cali Wilson performed Fleetwood Mac’s “Chain” for her Save song.  John said he loved that song for her.  She showed fire, a great performance and “really well-done.”  Blake said every decision he made moving Cali forward shows that he was right and she deserves to be there.  He said she gives it everything she has on stage.

Max Boyle sang “Thinking Out Loud” for his Instant Save song.  John said he’s a little biased because Max was on his Team. He said Max showed all the parts to his voice and it was “a joy to watch tonight.”  Kelly was “super shocked” and didn’t think Max would be there.  “You did your best,” and “you’re so talented,” then Kelly begged viewers to vote. 

Joana Martinez sang “Superwoman” song by Karyn White.   John said what he loves about Joana is how much poise she has for being one of the youngest on the show and her range is so big and powerful “impressive young lady you are.”  Gwen told her “you got this” before the performance.  But, she said that was “mind-blowing” and called her “fearless” at her age.  Gwen told Joana that she’s honored to be her coach.

All three rejoined Carson Daly on stage to hear the results of the Instant Save, announced after the commercial break.  The voting stats revealed Cali with 25% of votes, Joana with 41%, and Max with 34% votes.

Cali told Blake the her confidence has gone sky-high because of Blake and he’s an incredible coach.  Max told Kelly that she’s so cool.  Kelly yelled, “you’re not leaving!!” at him.  He also thanked Legend.  Joana thanked Gwen for bringing her out of her shell.  She also thanked Blake.   

Blake responded to Cali.  He said “this business is so weird…especially on this show.”  He said she has to keep moving forward no matter what happens tonight.  “I promise you, you are doing what you were born to do.”  Then Kelly told Max that she’s surprised to see Max there.  She said Max is one of the vocalists that she’s dying to do a duo with and invited him to her Vegas residency.

Gwen said it was her dream to work with someone like Joana.  She said “I almost feel like I should be getting your autograph.”  Gwen loved that both Blake and her got to work with Joana and called her “their talented little girl.”

TWITTER INSTANT SAVE VOTE: America Saved Joana Martinez (Team Gwen).

Team Gwen (l-r): Rose Short, Myracle Holloway, Joana Martinez — Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC

NEXT WEEK: Fan week on “The Voice,” airs Mondays, and Tuesdays 8 pm on NBC.  


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