Simon Loves Simon on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 17 Week 2 Recap

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Simon Loves Simon on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 17 Week 2 Recap

Pictured: MetaPhysic Synthetic Media -- Screenshot copyright NBC

The second episode of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” (AGT) season 17 served-up more amazing acts consisting of: an animal act, a comedian, dance acts, and signature stunt acts.  Host Terry Crews started-off the show by playing his flute, leading the crowd into the auditorium in Pasadena, California where the AGT auditions take place.

After being prompted by the audience, Howie Mandel gave his Golden Buzzer to an exceptional young singer with a heartbreaking back story.  Heidi and Sofia got involved in one grotesque act which ended-up getting all four of the judges vote to move on to the next round.  The night ended with younger version of Simon Cowell singing on the AGT stage via a sophisticated “hyper real content” artificial technology!  Definitely a first for “America’s Got Talent.”  And, then there were a lot of “no’s” in between.

This season the winner will get $1 million prize as well as headline in Las Vegas at the Luxor hotel!


Pictured: The Bock and Roll Band — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Zoey, who is 11-years-old, is from Agua Dulce, California who brought her chicken, Halo “to do some chicken training.”  Zoey said she started training chickens when she was seven years old, and it’s her dream to win AGT.

Zoey opened her act with the one chicken, “Halo” but finished with a band of chickens who were playing small instruments, the “Bock and Roll Band.”  Howie’s mind was blown and he’d never seen anything like that.  Sofia said it was “fascinating” to see what these chickens can do and it was unexpected.  Simon reacted that they’ve had animal acts on the show who did “absolutely nothing.” And she and her chickens are “amazing.”  Simon gave her the first “yes” vote, followed by “yes” votes from the other three judges.


They explained that the name defines a “fusion.” A funk from their funky style, and they do geometric moves. Jackson (19) and Carlo (20).  Their goal is to “give a lot of smiles to the world.”   They said their positivity could bring them a win on AGT.  Their dancing was indeed funky and very entertaining with a clear TikTok vibe.  By the end, the crowd went crazy and gave them a standing ovation.  Funkanometry indeed put smiles on everyone’s faces.

Heidi said she was worried it wouldn’t work on this gigantic stage vs. the tiny screen on TikTok.  She said it worked and she really liked it.  Simon loved their audition and his only issue was that it wasn’t long enough.  Sofia said “it was fun, it was young, it was modern,” and fantastic.  Howie liked the acting they did with their faces and their choice of music.  They got all “yes” votes.


Anthony is from New York city.  He sang a comedy song about his comedy song while playing his electric guitar.  Unfortunately, he got three “X’s” quickly.  Simon said “you kind of critiqued your own audition.”  Heidi asked if he had any other talent.  Simon yelled “no!”

He was followed by another comedy singer Walen Napadog, who played a keyboard who performed an original song about ordering food in a restaurant.  Simon reacted that he thinks their being “punked.”  Heidi said she was missing the “Parmesan” song.  Then the crowd started chanting “Parmesan, Parmesan!”

DRAKE MILLIGAN (Singer with Band)

Pictured: Drake Milligan — Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC

The next singer was a 23-year-old Country singer named Drake Milligan from Fortworth, Texas.  When Drake saw an Elvis impersonator when he was seven-years-old at a restaurant he was obsessed and decided he wanted to be like Elvis.  Not until he got on stage and sang some of his own songs, he knew he could pave his own way.  Drake has his own band and he dreamed as a kid about being on the AGT stage.

Drake sang a Country song with a deep voice and they blew the roof off!  He got a standing ovation from all the judges and the crowd.  Howie said he thinks the song is a hit and Drake is a hit.  He predicted that he’ll break out with that song and performance.  Heidi said they don’t have a lot of bands this season and their performance for AGT.  Sofia called them amazing and the girls are going crazy!  Simon said whenever they have bands on the show, they sound like a mess,  but this performance should make a difference to what they’re doing.  He liked that they were authentic.  He joked that he knows Country music. But, “a good song is a good song.”  Drake and his band got four “yes” votes.  Heidi predicted that they’ll go to the finale.

A former president George W. Bush impersonator came out onto the AGT stage to crack some jokes. Howie reacted “you’re really good but the material didn’t hit.”

AIKO TANAKA (Comedian)

Aiko, who is from Japan, said her day job is as a translator.  She said she likes it because when she screws-up she’s the only one who knows.  She moonlights as a stand-up comedian.  Her act on AGT was a comedy routine that mocked her life as a new American citizen and the American culture in general.

Sofia thought it was “so funny” and “everyone was enjoying it.”  Aiko said she struggles with insecurity because English isn’t her first language and people say she can’t do it.  The one person who really believed in her was her mother who passed away during the pandemic.

Aiko said she’s been doing standup comedy for a few years and performs in prisons.  After Howie joked that prisoners are a “captivated audience,” Howie predicted that her career is about to skyrocket.  Heidi also thought that she was hilarious.  Simon reacted “so funny, so naughty.”  He said from the minute she walked out, she got them. He also said the best sign of a comedian doing well is the audience (reaction).  Simon said he could see how much this means to her and he gave her the first “yes” vote.  She got all four “yes” votes.


The producers planted Maddison, who’s a young singer, in the audience to see if the judges would notice her when she sang.  The audience warm-up guy got her to sing.  She sang “Amazing Grace.”  Maddison was so good, that Simon stopped and took notice while returning to his seat after the break.  Simon pulled her up on the AGT stage.  Maddison is 11-years-old from Yorba Linda, California.  She said she’s been to many tapings since the age of four and it’s always been her dream to be on the show.  Simon said “why not have you audition?”  He said she doesn’t need a track and asked her to do what she just did in the audience.  Maddison repeated the song on the microphone.  People were tearing-up the audience.  Maddison got emotional after delivering her performance.

Simon reacted in all the years we’ve ever done this, this hasn’t happened before. “I usually leave during the break because people do things.”  He said this was the opposite, “this actually brought me back into the room.”  Howie said “everybody’s going to know your name now.”  He asked her what she would do with $1 million.  She said she would help her dad with cancer research because he has stage four colon cancer.   Before voting Simon said “I think I know where this is going to go.”

Pictured: (l-r) Maddie, Howie Mandel, Terry Crews — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Then the audience started chanting “Golden Buzzer, Golden Buzzer!”  Howie got up and hit the Golden Buzzer.  Howie went on stage to hug Maddie and asked her dad to come up on state.  Her dad, Chris, said he’s been battling cancer for nine years and it’s how Maddie learned to sing because she would sing to him in the hospital during his surgery recoveries and chemotherapy.

After that Simon opened-up to the audience.  “Who’s next?  There must be someone else!”

FUSION JAPAN (Dance Crew/Acrobatics)

Rivaling dance groups from Japan joined forces and performed on AGT.  Their dance included impressive stunts and acrobats.

Sofia reacted that she’s never seen anyone fall on their own face like that and it’s spectacular and “so powerful.”  Heidi called it “one of the best dance groups” she’s ever seen on AGT.  Howie said it’s a Las Vegas show and it’s an act that people are going to talk about.   Simon called it unique and something that they’ve never seen before.  They got all four “yes” votes.

Simon mentioned to Sofia that they should have a Japan’s Got Talent.  “We have to sort that out!”


Before performing his act on stage, Marvin repeatedly stated that he is a chemical engineer and is on AGT because wants everyone to see his experiment.  Marvin is from Houston, Texas and said AGT is the first one he’s ever shown this experiment.  It turned out that Marvin’s act was not a chemical experiment, but a strip tease.  All the women were going crazy.  Sofia and Heidi gave him “yes” votes.


Pictured: Viviana Rossi — Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC

Viviana is from Spain.  She explained that it’s the fifth time since her accident.  She’s currently performing in France and it’s her dream to perform in America.  She did a lot of impressive stunts in the air as an aerialist.  Last season aerialist was Aidan Bryant, a favorite of Simon’s.

Sofia loved her act and called it “sensational.” She said it needs to be in a James Bond movie.  Howie compared her act to laundry because she dipped herself in a bath tub on stage, then spun around really fast, like a spin cycle.  Heidi was happy that “everything” was perfect and “stunning.”  Simon said they say if they’ve seen a similar act in a past season that’s better, then they say “no.”  However, Viviana was “so much better.”  He also called it “sensational.”  It was a “yes” vote from all the judges for Viviana!

JOJO & BRI (Singers)

Pictured: Jojo and Bri — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Jojo from “Resound” was on AGT season 15 returned with his niece Bri.  It’s their first time performing in front of a live audience.  Simon asked Jojo what he took away from being on AGT.  Jojo answered that he learned not to give up.  Then Simon asked “what’s the dream” and what would she do with the $1 million.  Bri said she’d like to make the world a better place and would like to give to charity.  The duo sang “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye.

Sofia loved their energy and they sound like they’ve been doing that forever.  Heidi agreed.  Simon said “that to me was the definition of joy and magic.”  He called it one of his favorite auditions of the year so far.  Howie said he loved it and the people in the room loved it.  He thanked them for making the show big.


A singular woman came out onto the stage to introduce her act.  Once it started, a group of dancers who were dressed-up as zombies snuck-up behind the judges then ascended to the stage.  Simon said the act reminded him of when he joined Heidi and Sofia once in the morning at 3 am.  They looked like that.  The judges said “no.”


Followed by the zombie dance act, a mystery man entered the stage without speaking.  He presented his whole act, which was running a curly rod up his nose and out of his mouth all without speaking.  He motioned Sofia and Heidi to join him on stage.  They did so reluctantly.  He had them sit on top of a wagon and he proceeded to pull them to the other end of the stage with the rod in his nose. Howie yelled “It’s like a horrible parade.”  Heidi waved like she was on a float.  Everyone was unnerved.

Simon wanted to know if there’s another part of his body that he hooks to when he pulls things.  There was no response. Simon said, “I like disgusting, originality.  So, Simon said ‘yes”.   Sofia said it was very exciting and she was very confused, and said “yes.”  Heidi also gave him a yes.  Howie said he was “disgusted and entertained.”  It was a fourth “yes.”

Host Terry Crews asked Simon what he looks for in a contestant.  Simon answered, “we like energy, personality, originality, and you have to be good.”

METAPHYSIC (A.I. Technology)

Metaphysic is a company made-up of Tom Graham who is from Australia, and Chris Umay who is from Belgium.  Due to the company being created during the pandemic, the two men explained to the judges that they just met in person two days ago.  They also explained that they use artificial intelligence to create hyper real content.  A former AGT contestant joined them on stage.  His name is Daniel Emmet who’s a singer.  “We’re going to show the audience something amazing.”
Daniel was on AGT four years ago.  When asked how they all met, Daniel said he’s a fan of what Metaphysic does online and they’re fans of AGT.  Daniel added that when they asked him to be part “of this unique thing,” he couldn’t say no.   Tom and Chris went backstage while Daniel remained as a camera entered the stage to face him.  He began to sing “You’re The Inspiration.”

Pictured: MetaPhysic Synthetic Media — Screenshot copyright NBC

A large monitor on stage showed what the camera was filming and displayed the image on the large screen above the stage.  Immediately, the camera showed Daniel’s face had transformed into Simon Cowell’s as he sang.  Everyone was in awe and laughing at this unique act.  Simon was beside himself and ultimately flattered to no end.

Simon’s reaction was “is it inappropriate to fall in love with a contestant.'”  He loved Daniel.  Heidi said it’s the best thing they’ve seen all day.  Sofia said she can’t imagine how hard that was to build.  Howie gave a “yes” vote, followed by the other judges’ “yes” votes.



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