Slow and Steady Burn, THE BACHELOR Season 23 Week 6 Recap

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February 4, 2019
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February 19, 2019
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Slow and Steady Burn, THE BACHELOR Season 23 Week 6 Recap

This week of ABC’s “The Bachelor” opened where last week’s drama ended with Oneyka and Nicole’s imbecile argument over a misunderstanding. After Colton removed himself from their drama, the women gave him some space while he walked along the beach fuming with frustration and annoyance by the whole scene.

Colton was extremely upset and told ‘Bachelor host Chris Harrison that he’s not here for those women who are throwing each other under the bus. Tayshia was disappointed for not getting more time with Colton because of Oneyka and Nicole.


Colton proceeded with the rose ceremony which was supposed to end last week’s show. Upon the women’s arrival, they noticed the number of roses left would mean two women would be going home.

Before handing any roses out, Colton stated, “tonight was hard…but, if I continue to follow my heart I will find my wife.” The women who got roses were: Caelynn, Tayshia, Kirpa, Demi, Hannah G., Katie, Sydney. The women who already had roses were Hannah B., Heather, and Cassie from their dates last week. No surprise that Onyeka and Nicole went home.

Women who went home: Onyeka, Nicole. Elyse went home earlier in last week’s episode.

Bachelor 2019 week 6, Elyse, Onyeka, Nicole

Pictured (l-r): Elyse, Onyeka, Nicole / ABC Television Copyright.

Nicole was actually balling her eyes out as Colton was giving his last rose out. She said “I wish I didn’t have to go down this way.” She felt Oneyka was her downfall and she had no way to rebound after that. “Finding the love of my life is hard,” stated Nicole. Onyeka said her and Colton were connecting and she wanted to see where it was going. Both women were happy that the other one was also going home.

Colton said his greatest fear is choosing someone who is not ready to fall in love. During his selfie video the next morning on the beach Colton stated that there’s a lot of moments where he’s been feeling over-anxious and wants to get clarity.

Meanwhile, the women were also getting anxious themselves with the fact that they were in the “make or break week” because some of them have not had one-on-one dates yet and hometown dates would be coming up soon.

The Bachelor 2019 week 6, ten women

Pictured: Ten women remain on The Bachelor week 6 / ABC Television Copyright.


Hannah G.’s name was on the one-on-one date card which read “we really need this date.” She immediately got up to get ready for her date. Sydney was disappointed because she hasn’t had a lot of time with Colton, let alone a one-on-one date.

Colton said he’s had his eye on Hannah G. since night one and called her “absolutely stunning.” He said each time he sees her he gets “a little smitten…. I can’t think of a better week to start off Vietnam than with Hannah G.” Their date consisted of going to a spa were they got wrapped-up in seaweed. Colton said he’d defnitely “eat that sushi roll” when referring to Hannah in the seaweed. They have LOTS of chemistry and couldn’t stop making-out. It continued in the mud bath, and the shower. Hannah G. said if she gets an overnight with him, she’ll “take advantage of it.” Hmmm…..does she mean what we think she means? Sort of like when Colton said he’d eat that sushi roll!

Back at the house: Cassie and Caelynn expressed feeling threatened by Hannah G. because of her natural connection with Colton and she got the first impression rose on the first night.

Back to Colton & Hannah G.: During dinner, Hannah G. explained that there’s a lot of things she’s blocked-out from her life like when her parents told her they were getting a divorce. “I just remember the moment of my mom driving through the yard to pack all of our stuff up.” She said she’ll never forget when she saw her dad’s face, his reaction.

Colton could relate because his parents are also divorced and said he understands why she doesn’t talk about it. But, it’s healthy to talk about it, he said. After their conversation, Colton said it made them closer and shows that Hannah G. “came to trust,” and makes him excited. Colton gave her the date rose and stated that there’s something about her that draws him to her since the first night and told her she’ll always have a shoulder to cry on. Hannah G. said Colton has so many qualities that she wants in a husband and she can fall in love with him.

Colton said Hannah G. makes him feel special and wants to make her feel special. He said after tonight he can see himself falling in love with her.

Back at the house: The girls were talking about wanting to get a one-on-one date. Then, the group date card arrived with the names: Cassie, Heather, Tayshia, Caelynn, Katie, Hannah B., Sydney, and Demi. That meant Kirpa would get the next one-on-one date.

The group date card read: “Are you ready to fight for love? – Colton.” Sydney was crying because she knew that her time there had probably ran-out since she didn’t get a one-on-one date. Demi was also upset and crying. She felt that their time in Singapore was a game-changer for her and Colton and expected a one-on-one. “I can’t keep doing this,” stated Demi.


Bachelor 2019 week 6, martial arts group date

Pictured: Colton on the group date, week 6 / ABC Television Copyright.

The group of women arived to Colton where he was fighting with two karate masters.
He said the date would consist of them learning the ancient art of martial arts. Hannah B. continued to call herself “Hannah Beast.” The women were paired to spare-off against each other. Then, host Chris Harrison showed-up with the host of “The Bachelor Vietnam,” Khoi Tran to judge the compeition.

Sydney was paired against Heather; Hannah B. vs. Cassie; Demi vs. Katie. In the match against Demi and Katie, Demi decided to take-out her frustrations with Colton on Katie who was hitting her face. Everyone was shocked by the seriousness of Demi fighting Katie, and Katie apologized for hitting her in the face. Colton was taken-back by Demi’s agressions. They went to the afterparty next.

Tayshia was the first to get alone time with Colton at the afterparty and told him because she’s been “burned before” she’s been keeping herself on guard. But, at the same time would like for him to have that curiosity about her as well. Colton said every time he’s around her, he wants to know her more and feels a calmness with her. He reasurred her that their one-on-one times are the kind he’d “kill for every single day.” They had a long kiss afterwards. It definitely seems that Colton is leading Tayshia on to thinking she might be one of the final women at the end. In fact, at the very end of this episode, Tayshia is shown telling Kirpa that she thinks it will be her and Kirpa as the last two standing.

Pictured: Tayshia talking to Colton / ABC Television Copyright.

Pictured: Tayshia talking to Colton / ABC Television Copyright.

Katie felt confused and said it’s been nerve-wrecking. She told Colton her biggest fear in all this is being misunderstood. She told Colton that she feared him not being able to read where she’s at. She was afraid that he might think she’s holding back and not trying. Colton reacted that he knows it’s not the truth and this is what he likes to see – her being totally herself and throwing all her cards on the table and stating this is where she’s at.

Hannah B. warned Colton that she’s weird and wants him to know what he’s in for and it’s not always cute and sexy. Hannah B. showed-off her hunting moves to colton.

Sydney was worried because Colton isn’t really looking at her like he’s looking at some of the other women. During her alone time with Colton she told him she would have liked the one-on-one and asked him why he’s closed-off to her. Colton responded that every relationship is different. She asked him if he can “get there” with her. He said he’s trying. Sydney’s attempt failed and she still got “a wall” from him.

Next Demi explained that she’s not a fighter and wants to be there for Colton. She invited Colton in on a phone call to her Mom, Tina who just got out of Federal prison. Colton told her she’s raised a “fabulous daughter.” At the end of the phone call Demi told her mom that she wants to make sure she can get Colton to come visit her. This was a bold move on Demi’s part which was obvious she was making a play for Colton’s heart to get a hometown date from him.

Sydney confronted Colton again stating that she doesn’t think that they can get there and told him she’s going home. Colton proceeded to walk her out. Sydney said in her confessional that Colton just didn’t want to let her in. Colton told her that he knows she gave up a lot to be there and thanked her. She wished him luck and advised him not to be distracted to “shiney things” referencing to some of the women left.

Colton told the women that he said goodbye to Sydney because she wasn’t being challenged enough and he wasn’t opening-up to what she needs in a relationship. He said he also applies that to the women left. With that, Tayshia got the group date rose because he said she challenges him each time. Hannah B. was disappointed because she was sure of getting that rose.

Demi and Hannah B. doubted that Kirpa would return from her one-on-one date with Colton because of her lack of having a connection with him.


Kirpa was sad about Sydney leaving because she can relate to her for not having a strong connection with Colton. He stated that there are some relationships that he’s struggling with (hint…to Kirpa). She told Colton that she’s not holding-back on him. Colton said he’s very attracted to her and feels a connection even though their relationship has progressed slower. He’s hoping that they can push their relationship and see where it can go. Their date consisted of sail-boating and diving for urchin.

Colton called him and Kirpa a “slow and steady burn” where they continue to take things in the “right direction.” During their dinner, Colton asked Kirpa about her past engagement. Kirpa stated that they were together for eight years. She said he was saving himself for marriage. What was wrong was that they were “staying stagnant” and not growing. She called it the right decsion and doesn’t want to be engaged again unless it’s the right person. Colton said being engaged is something that he really wants and asked her if she could see herself being engaged again, to him. Her reaction was that if things progess between them, then “yes.” Colton was happy and said it’s easy for him to open-up to her and gave her the date rose.

Colton said the date was exactly what they needed and learning more about each other. He knows she’s ready to make a life-long committment which is what he’s looking for

Back at the house: Demi was getting herself ready to go see Colton in private. “I want him to see my passion,” said Demi. She stated she’s not leaving Vietnam without making a big move on Colton and stated “hopefully, after tonight Colton won’t be a virgin anymore.”

After Demi got inside to talk to Colton, she told him she’s falling in love with him. This gave Colton reason to pause and responded that he doesn’t think he can get there with her and can NOT put her through the rose ceremony after hearing that. So, he sent Demi home. Before leaving, Demi told Colton that there’s a lot of girls that are “safe” choices, but he’s not going to end-up happy in the long run. Demi’s overall reaction was that she never gets love back and had been afraid to be vunerable.


Colton said he was nervous about making a mistake at the rose ceremony by sending someone home that he shouldn’t. Eight women remained, and Chris Harrison arrived to tell the women that there would be no cocktail party because Colton had already made his decision. Katie was nervous because her last conversation with colton she said “wasn’t the greatest.”

Before handing-out the roses, Colton said to the women that he has to continue to follow his heart and hope it leads to his wife at the end. Women who got roses: Hannah B., Caelynn, Cassie, Heather. Kirpa, Hannah G. and Tayshia already had roses from their dates. That meant Katie was the one who went home.

Katie reacted that there was a lot that she had to say to him, and knew there was a disconnect by his body launguage. Colton said she was someone that he was so excited about but there was more to get out of her that he just didn’t get. She also told him that there were some women in there who are ready and some that are not. “Just be smart about those girls” is what Katie left him with.

Colton was in a panic because everyone who’s left has told him the same thing. He asked a producer if there’s something he’s missing. So he confronted the remaining women when he returned inside.

The Bachelor 2019 week 6, eliminated Demi, Sydney Katie

Pictured (l-r): Demi, Sydney, Katie / ABC Television Copyright.

Next week: Colton has a mental breakdown and states that he’s more confused than ever. “I don’t deserve to be somebody’s backup plan,” states Colton. He then jumps over a fence. Some serious drama happens with Cassie.

The women who are shown after that are Caelynn, Hannah B, Heather, Hannah G
Tayshia. He tells Caelynn that he knows he’s falling in love with her! This is big because contestants NEVER say that. Like NEVER!

Colton also says in this sneak-peek that when he has sex he wants to be in love with the woman, wants it to be tender and the greatest thing she’s ever felt.

The two women we didn’t see at the end were Kirpa, and Cassie. Maybe it’s Cassie who’s not there for the right reasons. We know that she has popped-up recently on an an internet show.

“The Bachelor” airs every Monday night at 8 pm PT on ABC.

Bachelor 2019 week 6, women left

Women remaining (clockwise l-r): Hannah G., Hannah B., Heather, Tayshia, Caelynn, Kirpa, Cassie./ ABC Television Copyright.



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